Friday, October 19, 2018

The Talk

"So, mom and I talked and I decided-she's right, it's best if she holds the key after the wedding."

"But Jessica," he exclaimed, "that...that's not fair!" He looked at his mother-in-law to be, knew she was harsher, much harsher than his fiancee. It had been her suggestion to try the chastity cage after she caught the two of them naked and on the verge.

"What's not fair?" the older woman asked.

" don't understand a young man's urges."

"Oh, I understand them all too well, Daniel," she narrowed her eyes. "Urges we'll see are tamed one way or another."

"Jessica," he looked at his fiancee, "please, I...can't we talk about this...alone?"

"We can talk, Daniel," Jessica said, "but...but I already gave it to her."

"W...where is it?" Daniel asked, suddenly panicking.

The older women smiled. "In a box. In a package. On its way back to the West Coast. Where it will remain for the foreseeable future."

"But...but our honeymoon."

"Will be chaste...for one of you."

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