Wednesday, December 5, 2018


"Wait...wait...are you serious? You want to have this conversation again? Now?" she asked glaring at her husband.

"Just...just hear me out," he said, mouth suddenly dry.

"Here you out? Now? God, what's the matter with you, he's going to be here any minute, we are so not doing this now."

"But...but Amy," he begged, "please,'s been months."

"What is your sudden preoccupation with sticking your penis inside me?" she asked, her frustration evident in her tone.

"'re my wife!"

"And?" she asked.

"That...that's what married couples do," he blurted out.

"That's what some married couples do," she corrected him, "but that's got nothing to do what we do."

"I just...I mean..."

"How many times?"

"How many times what?" he asked.

"How many times have you told me you get pleasure just from my pleasure? Dozens? Hundreds?"


"How many times did you tell me we didn't have to worry about you? How many times did you tell me you just wanted to make me happy? How many times wasn't I in the mood and you begged just to be allowed to lick me? That's all you wanted?"


"Were you lying?"


"No, I want to know, were you lying when you said intimacy wasn't just about that...sticking that in me."

"Amy, please..."

"Were you lying when you said you didn't have to cum to feel intimate with me?"

"Amy, I...I only meant..."

"Were you lying?"

"Amy, I..."

"I just want to make you happy, Amy," she said mimicking him.

"Amy..." he said, shaking.

"Were. You. Lying?"


"Were you lying trying to get me to touch you?"

"No, you know I wasn't."

"Were you lying when you licked me and after just cuddled me, letting me hold your erection without you cumming?"

"No, dammit, that's not what..."

"Were you lying when you said you got excited...when you said you got sexual satisfaction...from making me happy? From my pleasure?"

" wasn't."

"So intimacy doesn't have to mean you sticking your penis in me, right?"

"," he swallowed.

"And intimacy doesn't even mean you cumming, right?"

"Not...not always."

"So why are you so fucking fixated on sticking that thing in me? You know that's not what gives me pleasure."

"Be...because he...he gets to."

She crossed her legs, exposing the top of one of her stockings, her bare thigh, twirled her hair. "Oh, so that's what this is about, isn't it. You're jealous, aren't you?"

"Amy,'re my wife!"

"And that means you get to stick your little penis inside me? That's it, is it? I have to be honest, that's the most selfish thing I've ever heard."


"You know I don't like that. You know it does nothing for me."

"But he..."

"He's a man, for god's sake, I like it when a man fucks me, that's different."

"I...a...a husband is supposed to pleasure his wife," he said weakly.

"You do pleasure me, you know that, in your own way."

"But...but not like..."

"Is this about you or me?"

"," he whispered.

"If you mean that," she said, "you're giving me everything I want. Everything. Everything you can give."

"But he..."

"Has his place. And you have yours."


  1. If you don't have him dressing as a woman maybe you should, then he can have a lesbian relationship with you where you both use strap-on dildo's on each other.

  2. FUCK! this almost the exact conversation I had with my first wife. She used her job as a sales manager in an upscale hotel to meet her many lovers. Me? Denied. I committed to her sexual independence. Eventually willingly, but denied and denied and denied and denied and denied all for her pleasure. My current wife knows her and they are now friends. My ex calls me to keep me updated on the lessons she is teach my current wife.