Friday, December 7, 2018

The Male Orgasm

Ahhh, the male orgasm.

Simple enough, isn't it? A series of steps - arousal, plateau, orgasm, and refraction - resulting in the ejaculation of fluid and sperm and a cooling off period.

For a man, especially an alpha man, it is simple, a primary biological drive to spread his seed far and wide. A woman with such a man in her life may try to tame the beast, but rarely will, for if he isn't fucking her, he'll be fucking someone else. A man's orgasm will be frequent, powerful, plentiful, enjoyable.

For other males, though, taming is not only realistic, but desired, even required. Weak males, beta males, sissy males, cuckolded males - their orgasms should be few and far between and happen not when the male wants it, but when his owner desires it.

It's a fundamental dividing line - real men cum when they want, all other males cum when permitted. If at all.

It sounds cruel at first, harnessing and controlling the male's primary sexual drive, but in reality, weak males are happiest, are most content, when that drive is at the mercy of someone else.

It matters not if it is mother, girlfriend, wife, mother-in-law. It not even need be a woman, it can be a daddy figure, the boyfriend or bull of a wife or girlfriend, whatever.

What matters is that someone, anyone, take control of a weak male's urges.


  1. And for us sissies who are lucky enough to no longer have testicles, the only time we ever think about orgasm is when someone else brings it up. After being castrated for three years, I watch alpha males with my wife and wonder why would you want to expend all that energy.

    1. As mine shut down with age (and estrogen use) I am starting to view it that way as well.

  2. One of my favorite places to be! I love making a man cum...

  3. I wish I had somebody to control mine.

  4. At first it was a matter of control, someone else control, then it became a matter of acceptance. I am a sissy and i cannot have a traditional male orgasm. And now that i have accepted i feel even better, more submissive, more sissier then ever.

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