Monday, January 28, 2019


Anonymous asked, in a recent post, if I was missing those days or if the post was a sign that I've started to enjoy them again?

Right now, in the middle of her pregnancy, those days are still behind us. But I miss them. I miss them terribly. And so does she.

I miss watching her get dressed for a date with a man.

I miss seeing her all dolled up, knowing it's to tease me but please him.

I miss her sucking a man's cock, the sheer and utter joy she has taking a man in her mouth.

I miss hearing her fucked, knowing she has a man's cock inside her, taking her possessing her.

And I miss her sitting on my face and telling me all about it while I lick her clean.

Friday, January 25, 2019


He insisted on it, early, almost from the beginning.

"But he's not into men," she protested, "I don't see why..."

"To teach him his place," her lover said, "and to reinforce that to you as well."

She didn't understand but went along as she generally did. If her bull insisted on something, she'd do it, if possible.

But seeing it, watching it, guiding his mouth onto her lover's cock, she got it. She fully got it.

Gay or straight, it didn't matter, a cuckold must learn to please his wife's lover, must learn to kneel, to submit.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Life Choices

Face down, a big, black cock pounding into their ass pussy might cause some boys might ponder their life choices, to wonder how they got here.

And as they question those choices, as the shock turns to pleasure, many instead grab onto the man on top of them as the words 'no, no' turn into 'yes, yes' followed by 'don't stop' and 'harder, harder.'

Watching her husband's limits melt away.

"I didn't think he'd ever do it," she says, watching her husband take a man's hard cock in his mouth, "I mean...he said...he always said no."

"It takes the right kind of motivation," he bull said confidently. "I told you, didn't I, the power of chastity."

"I...I just never promised to unlock him?"

"Promise? One doesn't promise a cuckold anything. I merely explained my rule."

"Which is?"

"I won't even let him ask to be unlocked until he's given a hundred blows jobs."

"Alex!" she exclaimed.

"Rules are rules," he said, "rules are rules. Now let's leave these two alone; he might be able to knock out his first two or three tonight."

Monthly Try

Seems generous, doesn't it, letting her husband try to squirt once a month. Of course, from experience she knows it's about half the time he needs, so her generosity is really more a torment. But he can't complain she won't let him try.