Monday, January 28, 2019


Anonymous asked, in a recent post, if I was missing those days or if the post was a sign that I've started to enjoy them again?

Right now, in the middle of her pregnancy, those days are still behind us. But I miss them. I miss them terribly. And so does she.

I miss watching her get dressed for a date with a man.

I miss seeing her all dolled up, knowing it's to tease me but please him.

I miss her sucking a man's cock, the sheer and utter joy she has taking a man in her mouth.

I miss hearing her fucked, knowing she has a man's cock inside her, taking her possessing her.

And I miss her sitting on my face and telling me all about it while I lick her clean.


  1. Thank you Sara for your prompt and full response. Sorry that you're each missing that part of your relationship but you have a new one about to emerge that will be so rewarding for both of you. And who knows if or when the "old days" may be back in full swing (no pun intended) again.

    Lots of love and appreciation to all 3 of you.

  2. I understand the drought since I am dealing with the same thing due to my wife's health issues. I hope she will be able to continue eventually so she can read her bucket list goal of 500 men.
    But with the both of your situation, there is a expiration date for the time she is out of commission. Just think how much more fun you will have when she is out with a man and you are left at home to babysit, feeding, diapering and putting the baby to bed.