Thursday, June 20, 2019


At first, it was a request, a subtle ask - she wanted you to suck her lover's cock.

But when he found out about it, when she confessed to her lover her desire, it switched from her request to his demand.

To him, it wasn't so much that he was into men-he wasn't-but your hesitation.

If you wanted to do it, if you wanted to suck his cock, he'd have ignored it.

But your hesitation.

Making you do it established who was the man in your three way relationship.

Who was the dominant.

Who was the alpha.

And not just between the two of you, but in her eyes, too.

It became a ritual, you would fluff him, suck him until he was hard, getting him ready to fuck her.

The husband who was supposed to protect his wife's chastity was doing the opposite, not only sitting by, watching as a man fucked her, but actively helping in the process.

And she, every time, watched in awe as her husband was emasculated by her lover, watched in awe, her excitement building until her husband helped slide her lover's cock into her wet pussy.

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  1. That is beautiful - so powerful, the emotions so well described!