Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Pretty Little Liar

It was a lie, a white lie, a small one of almost no consequence, a lie she told you the first time you were intimate. "I don't like doing that," she said when you tried to get her to go down on you, "and even if I did it, I'd never want to swallow."

You told her it was okay, that day, you were just so stunned to have such a beautiful woman naked in your bed, you'd have agreed to anything, even though you didn't think you were agreeing to never putting your penis in her mouth, ever.

But she did. And reminded you over the next few years of dating and marriage. Oral sex was a one-way street, something you did to her but something she never reciprocated.

Oh, if she was drinking and you managed to get into a sixty-nine, she'd maybe blow on it softly, but she never took it in her mouth. "I don't like that," she tell you.

But it was a lie. It was always a lie.

It wasn't taking a man in her mouth that she didn't like, quite the opposite, she loved sucking cock, loved kneeling before a man, taking him between her lips, sucking him, making him cum, swallowing him.

That was the little white lie part. She loved sucking a man's cock. But not her beta, not her soft, non-assertive boyfriend then husband.

You learned this on your second wedding anniversary, the day she went on her date with her first lover, the day you were first cuckolded. You learned this when sitting quietly in the hotel room corner, you watched her kiss her way around his legs, watched her take his hard cock in her mouth, and suck it like his cock was the most important thing in the world.

It was a small lie, a white lie, one you never forgot but easily forgave.


  1. Mmmm delicious! You're so good sara!

  2. So yummy!
    I for one, would never want to go down on a beta male or go to bed with one. I could never be interested in a man that was for anything other than a friend. This handsome mans cock looks so inviting!