Tuesday, June 18, 2019


"H...honey, he said...he said they were non-negotiable," she told her husband, afraid how he'd react, afraid he'd change his mind.

"But...can't you...can't you just ask him...I mean...he...he wants..."

"Does he strike you as the type that negotiates non-negotiable things?" she asked.

"No, but..."

"Isn't he the type that means what he says...the first time..."

"Yea, but," her husband tried to say, "it's just...he's so..."

"Dominant?" she suggested shyly.

"We...we haven't even agreed to anything," he pouted.

"I think that's the point," she said.

"But...but six months???"

He had three rules, he'd told the two of you, four non-negotiable rules. First, if you invited him into your marriage, for the first six months her body belonged exclusively to him. Second, for those six months, you were not permitted to orgasm unless he gave permission. Third, to enforce the first two rules, you were to wear a chastity cage to which he held the key. Fourth, and finally, while he was involved in your lives, he was the man in the relationship, the alpha, the dominant.

"I...I'm sure it will go by quickly," she said, already fantasizing about him.

"Six months in that will not go quickly," he said, eyeing the pink cage sitting on the nightstand.

"You want to tell him no?" she asked in a tone he knew so well.

"No, but...I just...I don't want to have to ask him to, you know, cum...that...that's embarrassing."

"So don't ask," he heard a deep voice behind him.

He spun around, saw him standing in the doorway, arms crossed. "I...I didn't hear you come in," her husband mumbled, eyes downcast.

"Evidently not," her potential lover said eyes boring into her husband. "It's simple, really, if it's so embarrassing, don't ask. That saves me telling you no, anyway. So, what's your decision?"

He glanced at the young woman, knew her decision, looked back at the husband, waiting for his.

"I...we...I mean...I suppose we'll try it," he said, weak in this decision as he was weak in everything.

"Go put it on then," the man ordered, nodding to the bathroom.

He picked up the cage, hands shaking, felt his wife slide up next to him. "There...there's a pair of my panties on the counter," she whispered in his ear, "he...he said you have to wear them when you're wearing that."

Her husband's eyes went wide, looked at the man who was smiling, obviously aware of the words his wife just spoke; the man nodded, ever so slightly, confirmed his wife's words.

An hour later, they were in the bedroom; husband in a chair, naked save for nylon panties and the cage; wife on the bed, in slutty lingerie, blindfolded, bound, collared; and her lover, behind her, fucking her, furiously, as she screamed in orgasm after orgasm.

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