Monday, July 15, 2019


He walked into the bedroom, saw what the dress his wife was wearing, stopped, looked stunned. "Jesus, Amy, can't wear that," he said.

"Why not, Jim?" she asked, "I thought you liked this dress."

Jim looked at his wife, her long, hose covered legs, her breasts pushing out of the top of the dress. "I...I do," he said, "it's just...god, you're going out...people...someone we know might see you."

"And?" she asked innocently.

"They'll...they'll think...they'll think you're...on a date," Jim blurted out.

"But I am," she said.

"But...but you don't have to flaunt it," Jim swallowed.

"No, you're right," she said gently, "but we talked about this, I don't have to hide it, either. He's my boyfriend, Jim, he wants to show me off, what's so bad about that?"

"I...someone might...people will think..."

"Might think I'm a red blooded woman with needs? Honey, you didn't expect him to keep me hidden forever, did you? We talked about this, you always knew he was going to take me out."

"I just...I mean..."

"I know it isn't easy, but part of dating a man is, you know, going on dates with him. It isn't just about sex, there's romance, foreplay, teasing..."

Jim looked down as his wife described the things a couple did together, things a married woman should do with her husband, not someone else. "I just...I don't know," he said.

"He told us this was important to him, Jim, and we agreed. I thought...I thought this, you know, excited you."

Jim looked down, felt his face redden. "'s just..."

"Humiliating?" she asked, knowing how excited he got at any discussion about it.

"Don't you like it, though? Sitting at home while I'm out with him?"

"Y...yes," he said, barely audible.


  1. I always love your posts. They ring so true. Any chance you are working on another book or an update on Emily and you?

  2. Working on a book; slow process.

    Emily...we want to play, both of us, but we're taking it slow post baby.

    1. Take your time Sara, on the book and on everything else. We're just glad to hear from you!