Monday, July 8, 2019


Your bride walked into the honeymoon suite where you and your new mother-in-law were waiting for her, took one look at you, turned to her mother, eyes flashing in anger. "Mother, what...what the hell is he wearing?" your wife demanded.

"Bridal lingerie," your mother-in-law said evenly, as if every groom spent his wedding night dressed like a blushing bride.

"I don't mean that, Mother," your bride glared at her mother, "I mean that." She was pointing to your crotch.

"Show her," your mother-in-law ordered you.

"Y...yes, Ma'am." Gloved hands trembling, you reached for the hem the bridal neglige, pulled it up over your stocking tops, up to your waist.

Your wife took one look at the plastic surrounding your limp penis, turned to her mother. "Mother, you didn't," your hissed.

"Did you honestly think I was sending you two off unprotected?"

"Where's the key," your wife asked.

"In the mail," her mother smiled, "I sent it to myself first class mail. Assuming the postal service doesn't lose it, I should have it when you get back."

"Mother, it's our honeymoon."

"So?" her mother asked. "Again, did you honestly think I was sending you off unprotected? It's called an inviolable rule because it's inviolable. Sissies do not have intercourse with women."


"I don't care if it's your honeymoon, Angela, it's a matter of setting expectations. And I do not expect that little thing to go inside regardless of the circumstances. God, I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourselves; you're welcome to use her mouth as much as you want. Hell, you're welcome to fuck her as much as you want...I packed several dildos...but she's not going inside you."

"I wouldn't have," your wife said defensively.

"I know. So it doesn't matter, does it?" she asked.

"I suppose not," your wife bit her lip. "It's god, we're going to be gone for three weeks."

"A good starting interval," her mother smiled. "Perfect, really, a good work up to standard."

"S...standard?" you asked nervously.

"We'll see," she smiled. "We'll see."

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