Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Simple Rules

It was a harsh but simple rule. She didn't order you to suck cock, she didn't tell you that you had to. Only that until you did, until you gave a man a glorious blowjob, until you swallowed every drop of a man's cum, she wasn't going to unlock the chastity cage.

You resisted for a month, then two, which she found amusing, as she knew eventually you'd give in. Resisting changed nothing, one day you'd suck cock for her. All resisting did was delay the inevitable.


  1. Simple, straightforward rules are all that's needed to build a simple, straightforward submissive. lol

    Thanks sara

  2. I'd sucked tgirl cock before, but it was Mistress who first got me to suck an alpha. I was cock caged and butt plugged naturally. After I'd licked, sucked, deepthroated, teabagged and rimmed him, she removed the butt plug. Then she put me to the cock. He fucked me, then she did. They alternated ends as they spit roasted me. Unforgettable.

  3. Chasity until the sissy sucks is excellent. My friend didn't want to wait and decided a paddle and strap would give me the incentive I needed. It turned out she was right about that.

  4. An excellent way to start hubby's complete acceptance and compliance however I feel one needs to plan ahead so here's a (somewhat geeky) plan for hubby's future life.

    Plan for hubby lock and release

    Service = hubby provides the stud with oral service to a full release and swallows every drop. The stud must be completely satisfied for the service requirement to have been met.

    Hubby Release = hubby is released, allowed to cum by whatever means the stud or wife decide (likely masturbation, handjob or blowjob), and is immediately re-locked

    Cum Count = CC, number of times the service requirement has been met
    Cum Count Target = CCT, target that CC must reach for Hubby Release

    Initial set CCT=1

    As time passes
    If service requirement is satisfied then CC count is increased by 1
    If CC=CCT then Hubby Release and
    if CCT<=5 then CCT is increased by 1
    otherwise CCT is increased by 2

    Hopefully this will ensure hubby's acceptance, compliance and eagerness to serve for years to cum. (smile)

  5. For non-geeks what this means is that the number of times hubby must service the stud increases each time he's released, starting a 1 time then moving to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, ...

    In practical terms, if hubby services the stud 3 times a week then in about half a year hubby will be waiting 6 weeks between releases and this time frame will just keep getting longer. (big smile)

    1. Hubby will just get ever more desperate to give blowjobs.

    2. Exactly as planned! (smile)

    3. And if the number of blowjobs gets to be more than the stud wants, he can always suggest that his friends stop by for servicing.