Thursday, November 21, 2019


As he stands before her, erect cock a foot from her mouth, your wife looks over at you, seeking your approval one more time. You both know this is the moment of truth, the moment of no return. If you stop it now, things may be awkward, people may be disappointed, but you could put it behind you.

But once she leans forward, once the gap between them closes, once she takes his cock in her mouth, once the head of it slips between her lips, you'll be a cuckold and nothing will be the same.

He's been patient, knows from experience this is the time for patience. He knows the two of you have to do this willingly, that he can't push, not now. Once she leans in, once her lips touch his cock, he can be as aggressive, demanding, dominant. Once she accepts, she's his. But she has to accept first, of her own free will, just like you.

He looks at you just as you give her a subtle nod. He sees it, sees your acceptance. "Come on now," he tells her gently.

She swallows, nervously starts to lean forward, closes her eyes when she's inches from his cock, opens her mouth and moves forward until she finds the tip.

You see him smile, understand he knows he's won. "That's it, that's my good little black cock slut," he says reaching up, touching her head, pushing it forward, pushing her mouth onto his cock. "There you go, relax, just focus on it, relax and suck my cock."

"Hmmmm," she mumbles, several inches of his cock in her mouth, twice that still waiting.

He puts his other hand on her head, pulls it back, away from him, surprising you, surprising her. You see the look in her eyes, she looks at him with a hunger you've never seen before. "Who's a slut for black cock?" he asks her, his words and tone a shock to both of you.

"I...I am," she says, knowing that's what he expects.

"Say it," he orders her.

She's never said something like that before and in some ways his demand is more humiliating that what's she's doing. You know he's pushing her, not letting her go slowly like she normally would, but that he's demanding she go beyond her natural limits.

She looks at you, he sees it, laughs. "That's a good girl, look at him when you say it."

"I...I'm a slut for black cock," she says, voice shaking as she starts to lean in.

"No," his voice booms. "You ask for it, you always ask and beg for it."

Another moan escapes her lips and she does. "P...please, Sir, please may I suck your cock."

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