Friday, May 14, 2021


"Hon, he didn't say we can't have sex anymore, he just said we can't do it like, you know, a husband and wife would."

"What's that mean, exactly? I mean, am I allowed to kiss you? Touch you?"

"Of course, all of that. You just can't, you know, put it inside me."


"Ever," she nodded.


"You knew his thoughts on this when we first met him," she said, seeing your face. "He all but told you then he didn't think a cuckold should do that."

"I...I didn't think...I didn't think he meant it."

"More like you hoped he didn't mean it. But he did, hon, he meant it."

"'s been awhile anyway, can't we...just one more time."

"No," she said, "no we can't."


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  2. Yea sissy it's no big deal. I haven't been inside my wife for over 10 years no because her boy friend won't allow it but I do love cleaning her after he fucked her.

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