Thursday, August 5, 2021

"You can stop anytime," your wife's lover whispered in her ear as his friend poured wine into her mouth.

"I...I know," she said, swallowing.  When she spoke, wine escaped from her mouth, dripped down her breasts. Her lover's friend bent down, licked her breasts, her nipples. In that moment she knew she wouldn't stop, knew she'd let both of them do anything they wanted to her.

Her lover sensed her excitement, felt her shake. "He'll be rough," he said of his friend.

As if to emphasize the point, his friend bit her nipple, not hard, but hard enough, reached down, grabbed her pussy. "How does she like it?" he asked her lover.

"Bent over, from behind, like a slut." Her lover said. "Right?" he asked, looking over at you.

Sitting in the corner, hands and feet bound to the chair you sat in, your penis swollen and throbbing in the chastity cage you wore, you mumbled, unable to talk because of the penis gag in your mouth. 

"Suppose you wouldn't know," her lover said. "But we'll show you."


  1. Looks like there's some fun, excitement and pleasure in store for everyone! (smile)

    1. Oh ... is Evan coming to visit a male friend nearby? ... And suggesting a evening with Emily would be good? (wink wink)