Thursday, October 21, 2021


At home with her beta husband, she was always a lights off, 
missionary, sex once a month kind of woman. She assumed that was how 
things were, having occasional, unsatisfying sex just because.

Then she met him, her bull. She met him and he taught her
there was so much more to sex, so much more.

With his fingers, he brought her to her first orgasm and opened her eyes.

He made her give her first blow job and taught her to crave swallowing a man's cum.

The first time he fucked her, he made her orgasm so hard, she nearly passed out.

And then there was the first time he brought his friends, when she realized what a slut she'd become. She realized it when she had a cock in each hand, one about to enter her mouth, while her bull fingered her and told her she wasn't allowed to have any of the cocks until she begged for them.

Beg your wife did and she found herself stroking two cocks, sucking a third, while a fourth fucked her. Beg your wife did as they took turns, moved in a circle, fucking her in turn, each finally filling her with cum as she orgasmed over and over and over.

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