Wednesday, May 18, 2022



As he pushed the head of his cock into your wife's wet pussy, you saw the look on her face, a combination of fear, excitement, hesitation, nervousness, and need.

"Careful," she gasped as the head of his thick, hard, black cock pressed into her.

He paused, held the head of his cock in her, smiled. "Just relax," he told her, "I know it's more than you're used to, but tensing up is going to make it worse."

"I know," your wife said, pulling her leg back, giving him room, "I...honey." She held her hand out, beckoning you over. "Hold...hold my leg," she said.

You swallowed, walked over. Naked, you were keenly aware of the differences between you and your wife's new lover. 

"There," she pointed, "sit there."

You sat on the end of the couch, took her stocking covered foot in your hands. She adjusted herself so her foot pressed against your small but erect penis. You gasped silently in your head, the sensation mixed with the visual almost too much.

"Ready?" he asked.

"I...I think so," she said, reaching over, taking your hand in hers.

"It's going to hurt at first," he warned her, "and once I start, I'm not going to stop no matter what."

"I...I'm ready, "she said, squeezing your hand.

"Ask," he smiled at her, his strong, confident, masculine smile.

"Please...please fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee," she growled the last word as he pushed his cock into her, inch after inch, spreading her open more and more. As he entered her, she squeezed your hand harder, pressed her foot into your erection harder.

Watching him fuck her, hearing her moaning, panting, was at once the most erotic thing you'd ever seen and the most humiliating.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Remote Control


That feeling when your wife's out of town with her boyfriend but still can control you from afar and, having been locked in chastity without release for weeks and weeks and weeks, can tease you when you least expect it and make you leak at any time she wants with her iPhone.

Friday, May 13, 2022



"What's this," I texted her after she sent me a random, erotic picture.

"The look a married woman gives her boyfriend when she's ached for his cock for a couple of months."

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

When your wife's bull brings a friend, she does the only thing a 
woman like her can do, she lies back and takes them both.




Your hand wrapped around the shaft of the fraternity president's hard, thick cock, you press your lips to the tip, taste the salty pre-cum leaking from him, hardly able to believe what your doing, still wondering how you went from aspiring pledge to this, feminized, a man's cock in your hand, on your lips.

"Go on, just like we practiced," his girlfriend sitting next to you says, putting her hand on the back of your head, ever so gently pressing down.

You open your mouth, lick the head of his cock, then take it between your lips, swirling your tongue as you do so. You're hesitant, of course, sucking your first real cock, but he takes it for teasing and it drives him wild. "Fuck, Sarah, this is amazing," he moans to his girlfriend.

"I told you, didn't I," Sarah chuckles. "I told you sissies give the best blowjobs, way better than I could."

You're all but oblivious to their whispers now, so focused are you on your first blowjob.

"Sarah, slow down, I'm going to..."

"That's the point, love," his girlfriend says. "Sissies aren't like real girls. We hate it when you do it in our mouth, but sissies, as much as they protest, secretly crave cum."

"Sarah, I'm going to...." he yells, convulsing as cum erupts from his cock.

The thought horrifies you, but without thinking, you're swallowing as fast as you can, sucking as hard as you can, compelled, somehow, to keep every drop of his cum in your mouth, fighting not to lose a drop.

"Jesus, Sarah," he says as you continue to suck him, "I mean, jesus!"

"Such a good girl," Sarah whispers in your ear, "such a good sissy cocksucker."



As your wife gets dressed in her pretty lingerie, gets ready for the big evening, you're doing the same, making sure everything is set up, romantic; you have snacks, drinks, candles, music, everything for a special date. 

You open her lingerie drawer to get the one last thing, are shocked to find an empty box. "We...we don't have any condoms," you say.

"Honey," she says, sits on the edge of the bed.

"I...I swore we had two left," you stammer, look at your watch, wonder if the drug store is still open. "Dammit."

"Honey," she says again.

"I was sure we had some, I...I knew I should have checked."

"Honey," she says, catches your attention. "We did, we had two, but I threw them out."

"Threw them out?" you say, "were they expired? You should have let me know, I would have went to the store."

"They weren't expired, we don't need them."

"Don't need them, what do you mean, how..."

"Sweetie, I've been seeing him for almost three months now, we're exclusive, he's, well, he's my boyfriend now, I think it's time we did away with things like that."

"Things like that?" you ask.

"Condoms. Using the guest room. Leaving in the middle of the night."

"What...what are you saying?" you ask her.

"I'm saying he's my boyfriend now. A woman doesn't need condoms with her boyfriend, she can have him naturally. A woman doesn't have to keep her boyfriend in the guest room, he can be in here. A woman doesn't make her boyfriend leave in the middle of the night, he can sleep over, have breakfast."

"Naturally? Like..."

"Like bare, like he can cum inside me like a boyfriend should."

"In...inside you."

"He's my boyfriend, yes inside me."

" our bed?"

"He's my boyfriend, yes, here in our bed."

"Spend...spend the night?"

"He's my boyfriend, so yes, spend the night, love, enjoy some of the great breakfast you make."

"He's your boyfriend?"

"He's my boyfriend."

"I...I mean..."

"I made up the guest room for you."

"The...the guest room?"

"To hang out in, to sleep in, when he's here, so we can have some privacy, some boyfriend/girlfriend time."

"The guest room."

"That's all okay, isn't it? It seems reasonable, doesn't it?"

"I...I suppose," you answer.

"I mean, he's my boyfriend now, it's okay if he cums inside me, isn't it?"

"I...I suppose," you swallow, immensely aroused your beautiful wife asked you permission to let another man cum inside her.

"He's my boyfriend now, it's okay if he's in here, isn't it?"

"I suppose," you say again.

"He's my boyfriend now, it's okay if he spends the night and you make us brunch, isn't it?"

"I...I suppose."

"You're the best," she says, jumping up, kissing you gently on the cheek. "I knew you wouldn't mind, I told him it would be fine. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait."



"Well?" your wife asks, cupping her boyfriend's cock as you sit, staring at them, "doesn't it look magnificent?"

"I...I suppose," you answer, squirming in your chair, self-conscious as the small, pink chastity cage that keeps your penis small, soft, unusable.

"Come over here," she says softly, "offer it to him."

"H...honey," you swallow.

"Come kneel," she says, shaking with anticipation, "come offer him your mouth, fluff him for me."

Her boyfriend smiles at her, kisses her neck. "Good girl," he tells her, pleased to hear her tell you what to do, pleased how excited she is.


"You heard her," he looks at you, stares with his hard eyes. "Offer your mouth, fluff me for her."

You kneel, stay by the chair. "But I...I mean..."

"He's afraid," he sals to your wife, reaching around her, cupping her ass, "afraid what you'll think of him once you see his lips on it, once you see him kiss it, afraid what you'll think when you see him suck cock for the first time."

"Oh, god," your wife moans when his hand slips between her legs, is fingers into her wet, swollen pussy.

"What do you want him to do?" he asks her.

You see her shudder as an orgasm approaches, as he so easily makes her cum with just his fingers. "Go ahead," she moans, "go ahead, suck his cock for me."

You look at her, see her breathing. You look to her boyfriend, see his smile. You look down at his sock, still in her soft, tender hand. As humiliated as you are, the fact that she asked you helps, helps you accept it was your place to serve, to fluff him for her, to play a small part in his sexual dominance of her, of you.

An inch from his erection, you see your wife take his shaft in her hand, point the head of it towards you, bring it to your lips. "You know what she's thinking," he says as your wife feeds the thick, bulbous head of his cock to you, "she's thinking no wonder he can't please me in bed," he says as her moans grow louder and as you open wider, let her feed half his cock to you. 

"She's thinking and wondering how long you've been fantasizing about this, how many nights you've dreamed about sucking cock, she's thinking, how did she not realize you're gay."

His words stung, humiliated you, but you took more of his cock in your mouth, started bobbing your head up and down.

"She's thinking, god, he likes sucking cock as much as I do."

Monday, May 9, 2022



"What?" his wife asked him when she saw him giving her furtive glances.

"N...nothing," he said, an obvious lie.  

"What?" she asked again, "you can't just look at me like that, we promised to be honest about this."

He frowned, started to speak, stopped, took a breath. "'re not wearing your wedding rings."

She looked at her hand, looked back to her husband. "I didn't think you'd notice," she said. 

"I noticed," he answered.

She frowned. "He...he asked me not to," she said.

"Asked you or told you?"

"Asked, actually. He said it's awkward when we're out. I'm wearing rings and he's not. People stare at us like I'm a married woman cheating on her husband."

" opposed to a married woman with a boyfriend," he said, speaking slowly to keep any tone out of his voice.

"Exactly," she smiled.

"'re okay with that?" he asked, self-conscious that this, of all things bothered him. Not that his wife had a boyfriend, not that she saved "normal" sex for him, but this...the rings.

"Actually, I am," she said, "and I kind of see his point. When I'm out with him, I'm his girlfriend, I'm not cheating, I'm not having an affair, I'm a woman out with her boyfriend, I should be wearing wedding rings."

"But...what's that?" he asked when she reached behind her.

"My wedding rings," she said, holding up a dainty, feminine necklace with her wedding rings dangling from it."

"You're going to wear them on a necklace?"

"No," she smiled, "that defeats the purpose, you're going to wear them while I'm gone." She held the necklace up towards you. "A reminder, even when I'm out with my boyfriend, I'm still your wife."

"Oh god," he moaned softly.

"You'll take good care of them till morning?"


"He's my boyfriend, sweetie; if I'm going to be a good girlfriend, I should stay the night."



"What is it?" your wife asked without looking up when she heard you walk into her home office.

"I...I brought your coffee, Ma'am," you answer quietly, not meaning to disturb her.

"Thank you," she answers, focusing on her work, "just set it here."

As you walk to her desk, she uncrosses and recrosses her legs, causing her skirt to ride up, exposing the tops or her stockings. You feel your penis swell instantly, two months since she last unlocked you, anything, her scent, her voice, anything makes you swell. Without meaning to, you make the smallest of gasps, she hears you, finally looks over at you.

"How long has it been?" she asks staring at the pink cage, something she can easily do since your shaven body is otherwise naked.

"Two...two months, Ma'am," you say, hoping your voice stays even, afraid to betray how desperate you are to squirt.

Without setting her pen down, she reaches over with her left hand, takes your swollen balls in her hand, her perfectly manicured fingernails lightly squeezing. "It's probably time," she says, "don't you think?"

You wait a beat, knowing the wrong answer would anger her. "What...whatever you think best, Ma'am," you finally say.

She looks at you, hand massaging your balls as you strain at the cage. "That's an acceptable answer, diplomatic, submissive, thoughtful. But I asked what you think, not what you think I want to hear. So, I'll ask you again, is it time?"

You swallow, afraid you gave the wrong answer, but ponder for a moment, realize you gave the honest answer. "I...I know it sounds trite, Ma'am, but that was an honest answer."

She looks at you, smiles. "Fair enough, pet, fair enough. I think it's unfair at this point letting you swell like this everyday. I'll unlock it tonight."

You hear yourself exhale, sensing an orgasm is within reach. 

"I'll unlock it tonight," she continues, "so I can replace this with a smaller cage, one that you fill flaccid."

"Of...of course, Ma'am," you say, realizing an orgasm is not in the immediate future.

"What?" she looks at you, giving you a gentle squeeze.

"N...nothing, Ma'am," you swallow.

"Were you being honest or not?"


"Were you being honest answering what I think is best."

"H...honest, Ma'am."

"Smaller cage it is, then," she said, "because what I think is best is this remain small, limp, controlled."

Sunday, May 8, 2022



Paul was sitting on a chair in the corner, watching his wife, Caroline, carefully slide a white, lace top stocking up her leg. He was so engrossed in what she was doing, in watching her dress, so captivated by her alabaster skin, her firm breasts, her taut stomach, that he didn't hear his five-year old daughter enter the room.

"Hi Mommy." He voice startled him, he jumped, as did Caroline.

She finished with her stocking, got the lace top just so, looked over at their daughter. "Sweetie, I thought you were watching Cinderella," she said gently.

"It ended. What are you doing?" the little girl asked, sitting on the floor in the doorway. Like all little girls, she loved watching her mother get 

"I...I was just getting dressed to go out," Caroline answered her daughter with a gentle smile.

"Isn't Daddy going to get dressed, too?" the little girl asked, seeing her father in jeans and a tee shirt, observant even at her tender age. 

Paul swallowed, caught his wife's eye, unsure what to say. "No, sweetie, Mommy...Mommy's having dinner with, well, with a friend of hers," Caroline answered, avoiding, as always, lying to their daughter.

"Who?" the girl asked.

"Well...Mark...his name is Mark," Caroline said as she slipped her feet into four inch heels.

"Mark's a boy's name," her daughter said, no judgment, a five-year old does not judge such things, but merely an observation. 

"Yes," Paul's wife smiled. "Mark is a boy's name."

"He's mommy's friend?" the girl asked, looking at her father.

Caroline saw her husband blush, smiled inwardly, his discomfort at the situation making her wet, as always.

"Well, if he's Mommy's friend and if he's a boy, doesn't that make him Mommy's boyfriend?"

Paul looked at his wife, exchanged looks with her. He looked at her body, her white lingerie, the lingerie he'd bought for her to wear tonight, looked at her long, toned legs, so sexy in stockings and heels. He looked at the short, low cut dress she'd picked out, swallowed. " mean."

"Yes, sweetie," Caroline looked at her daughter, "if he's Mommy's friend and he's a boy, that would make him Mommy's boyfriend."

"Cinderella kissed her boyfriend," your daughter said. "Do you kiss your boyfriend?"

Caroline looked at Paul, saw the conflict on your face, the excitement, the jealousy, the hopelessness, the urging, the confusion, the longing. "Yes, sweetie, since he's my boyfriend, we kiss when he wants to. Listen, why don't you go clean up while I finish getting dressed, I want to talk to Daddy about something."

"Okay," the little girl said, standing, leaving the room.

"B...boyfriend," Paul stammered as soon as their daughter was gone.

"From the mouths of babes," Caroline said without irony.

"Caroline," he moaned softly, feeling the ache in his loins.

"What's a boyfriend, Paul? A regular male companion one is sexually involved with? What else describes him that she'd understand?"

"I...I don't know," Paul swallowed.

"It's been four months, Paul, we've been on a dozen dates..."


She walked towards her husband, stood in front of him. Seated the way he was, her in her heels, her panty covered pussy was in his direct line of site. "We've had sex two dozen time." She knelt down between his legs, her mouth was inches from his pants, his erection straining through them. "I've given him more blowjobs this week than I've given you in the seven years we've been together."

"Caroline," he moaned.

"He's my boyfriend, what else would I call him?"

"I...I don't know," Paul whispered.

"You'll wait up?"




"Wait up, Paul...when I get home, I want you to look at me, I want you to taste me, I want you to taste my boyfriend."

"Caroline," Paul whimpered.

"Do you want him to be my boyfriend?" she asked him, touching his leg, close to his erection, but not on it.


"Do you want him to be my boyfriend?"

"Yes," Paul said softly, "yes."

"Do you want me to be his girlfriend?"

"Yes," Paul said softly again, "yes."

"He'll be happy," she said, "when I say it, when I call him my boyfriend. Maybe in the car, maybe in the restaurant, I'll look at him, fierce, intense. He'll laugh that laugh he has, ask me what. And I'll say it, say it then. Nothing, I'll say, just thinking about how badly I want to suck my boyfriend's cock."

"Uuugh," Paul moaned.

"Help me with my dress?" she said, half a request, half a command.

Saturday, May 7, 2022


I always loved this image; the husband, doing as he should, being there for his wife while her lover fucks her, content to be in the supportive role, his intimacy with his wife no longer based on having sex with her, but instead being the loving cuckold and doing everything he can to make his wife and her lover happy.

Thursday, May 5, 2022


That feeling when you watch a blindfolded woman suck a stranger's cock and you get so jealous...

Of her.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

You watched, drooling through the cock shaped gag secured in your mouth, eyes wide, as your wife and her best friend licked and shared the long, thick, hard, cock. You knew your wife's bull had another lover, but until yesterday, you had no idea it was your wife's best friend.

You sat watching as you had the last few time she was with him, naked but for the bra and panty set and lace top stockings she picked out for you. You sat tied to the straight-backed wooden chair, feet off the floor so the seat of the chair pushed hard against the thick prostate massager that filled you so your caged penis leaked a large spot of pre-cum onto the front of your panties.

You heard the moan next to you and as much as you didn't want to look over, you couldn't help it. Dressed and tied like you were was your wife's friend's husband. As your wives licked cock, he moaned and rocked like you did, whatever filled his ass, making him also leak into the panties he wore.

The two of you had also been friends for years, watching games together, golfing together. Until an hour ago, you thought him a normal guy. But now here he was, feminized like you, caged like you, plugged like you, watching his wife and your wife please their lover.

You thought of the last thing your wife told you as she tied you to the chair. "You might try not to leak," she said, "he said he's going to make you two clean each other's panties. With your mouthes."

You didn't know how you'd ever look at either of them again, your wife's friend, your friend. Looking at the huge spot on your friend's panties, knowing you'd be licking it at the end of the night, you didn't know how you'd ever face him again.

Monday, May 2, 2022


After we but our daughter to bed on Saturday night, Emily and I opened a bottle of wine, sat, talked about nothing for awhile, were just us.

When it was time for bed, I looked at her, judged her mood. “May I…may I give you a massage?” I asked, almost shy.

She smiled. “Just a massage,” she said, meaning just that, a massage, no more. I knew her tone, her look. In two weeks she’d be with her lover; she knew keeping things relatively ‘chaste’ (relative, because we were very chaste as it were) was a way to enhance our mutual excitement.

So after showering, I got out candles, put them about the room, got out the coconut massage oil we used, arranged our bed like it was a massage table. 

I was naked, wore nothing on my hairless body save for the ever-present chastity cage; the small, locked cage that denied my ability to be a male for her, denied my ability to swell, to squirt.

I stood, waiting, soft music playing over the speakers. She stepped out of the bathroom, a short robe covering her. I turned when she got to the bed, a small ritual, as a sissy does not gawk at her naked mistress. 

I heard her robe fall to the floor, heard her climb onto the bed, cover herself from lower back to mid-thigh with the sheet I’d left folded on the bed.

I turned, she was face down, facing away from me, looked like a woman at the spa, which in a way, she was.

I oiled her back and arms, squirting oil onto my hands, rubbing it onto her, gently working the lubrication into her soft skin.

For five, ten, fifteen minutes, I massaged her upper back, her arms, her neck. I was working on the side towards me when she turned her head, the cage inches from her eyes.

She snorted softly. “It’s so pretty when it’s soft and locked,” she said, reaching her hand over, gently cupping my balls.

“Emily,” I moaned softly, feeling myself swell to the very edge of the small cage.

“Sorry,” she said, pulling her hand back, “I shouldn’t tease.”

“It…it’s okay,” I said, not sure if I meant it.

“You haven’t been swollen since I got back, have you?”

“N…no, Ma’am,” I said, as but for a weekly cleaning, the cage was my constant companion and even when cleaning, I didn’t let myself grow.

I moved to her legs, wanted to get myself out of her line of sight, applied more oil, worked my way from the sole of her foot, up her calf, to her thigh.

“He asked,” she said, “if we ever…you know.”

“What did you say?” I asked.

“No,” she looked back at me, “I told him the cage, while not really permanent, is effectively so.”

“He must think I’m insane,” I said.

“Word to that effect,” she said. “He asked if you missed it, you know…regular sex.”

“What did you say?”

“The truth, of course you missed it, but for us, we’re happier this way.”

I was silent for a minute, worked on her thigh, finally spoke. “Emily, what…what if I wanted to.”

“Not now,” she said, pushing herself up on her arms.

“No, not now,” I said, “in…in the future.”

“You want to?”

“I…I don’t know,” I said, not slowing the massage. “I mean…I miss it sometimes.”

“It? Like sex? Or the intimacy.”

“I don’t know…some of both, I guess. But not like…you know…not like a man would. Maybe just…just being inside you.”

She looked back, soft eyes. “I’d let you, love, you’d only have to ask.”

“I wouldn’t want to…you know…like a man does…maybe just…put…put it in you,” I said, the thought forming, “hold it there…until I…you know…”

“Squirted,” she smiled. “All you’d have to do is ask,” she said. “Just ask.”

“I…I know,” I said, not sure if I could, if I would. “I wouldn’t ask to…well…”

“Fuck me? No, I assumed not,” she said, “that would be too…confusing.”

“Yes,” I swallowed.

“That’s for him…”

“For him,” I said.

“He’s kind of ideal, isn’t he.”


“As a boyfriend. I mean…there’s this history, and…”

“Boyfriend,” I said.

“I haven’t really had one since Matthew…a boyfriend…Brian didn’t really count.”

“You…you think he’s…boyfriend material?”

She pushed herself up on her elbows, looked at me. “Yes,” she said. “He, well, he knows his role, I mean, I like him, I always have, but not like this. He knows that, always accepted that. All the time I’ve known him, once it was obvious we were never going to be like, marriage material, he’s just accepted, even embraced it.”

“Boyfriend,” I said.

“Like Matthew. Just better. I don’t think Matthew ever fully accepted there was a boundary; Evan does. He knows I’m yours and we have our own thing.”

“He must think I’m crazy.”

She laughed. “He doesn’t have to totally get it to accept it,” she said. “But you can’t expect a man to get it, can you?”

“I…I suppose not.”

“So he can be my boyfriend, you can be my girlfriend. That’s how I told him to think of it.”

“And if you girlfriend wanted to…you know…”

“Well she’d have to be very, very good before I’d say yes, but I wouldn’t say no.”

“Just to feel it,” I said, clarifying for myself as much as her.

“Just to feel it,” Emily agreed, “anything else is well…boyfriend territory.”

I finished the massage thinking about that, about being inside her, ‘just to feel it’ and the characterization of Evan as a ‘boyfriend.’ It wasn’t new territory, neither one. 

Maybe I should be more hesitant to think of Evan as her ‘boyfriend’ but then, we’ve been here before and when things were too much…the boyfriend went away. 

She always comes back to her her girlfriend, always. She said that when we were going to sleep, that her girlfriend was more important to her than anything else.

“But you like having a boyfriend,” I asked.

“Yes, I do,” said, “I like it. But I need my girlfriend.”

As she takes his cock in her hand, you stare, watch your beautiful wife slowly stroke him, see the bracelet you gave her for your first anniversary. "Come here," she whispers to you, pointing the head of his cock towards you. "Come over here."

"A...Amy," you croak, immediately realizing what's she's doing, what's she asking, years of whispered fantasy suddenly so much more.

"Come here," she says again, pointing to the ground.

You see him look at you, smile, obviously pleased with your wife's words. You know he isn't the least bit 'gay' but pleased with the wife's decision for what it means for the three of you, the final test of how well the two of you accept your roles as subservient to him.

He's the man.

She's his slut.

You're at the bottom.

As she kneels before him, as your wife reaches for her lover's pants, she glances over at you, pauses for a moment, waiting to see how you'll react to his obvious display of dominance over her; over you.

How? As she expected. You say nothing, you do nothing, quite the opposite, you simply stand there, their drinks in your hand, waiting, watching, not making a sound.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022


"Can you feel it?" your wife whispered as she slid onto your penis for the first time in almost a year. "Can you feel is cum inside me?"

"Oh god," you moaned, tried to push inside her faster and harder, but she matched your movements, making it so you couldn't quite get a rhythm. 

"No, love, no, remember, we agreed to his rules, only he get to cum inside me now."

"Please," you begged her, pulling at the ties that bound you to the bed, "please,'s been so long..."

She knew she was getting you to the edge, so she slowed, stopped, let your penis slip from her. She looked down, saw how wet and sticky it was, covered with her juices, his cum, smiled. "Such a pretty sight," she said as she moved next to you.

"What...what are you doing?" you asked, your penis throbbing, needing to cum so badly.

"Waiting for the swelling to go down," she said, kissing you.


"So I can put the cage back on," she said.

"The...the cage?' you yelped, "but...but I haven't...what?"

"He said...he said if I let you inside me, I wasn't allowed to let you cum and...and had to lock it back up."


"His rules," she said, kissing you again, "his rules."


Tuesday, April 26, 2022


"You know," she said, touching her husband's shoulder, toying with the satin strap of the cream chemise he wore, "I don't know why you get so embarrassed by it, it's just a picture of a cock. It's okay to admit it turns you on."

"But...but it doesn't," he said in his soft, feminine voice.

"You say it doesn't, but every time you look at it, every time we talk about it, you swell so much," she said, reaching for his chastity cage. "Feel're almost ready to burst."

"Amy, please, I...I'm...I'm know..."

"Gay, I know, I know. Gay is being romantically attracted to men, wanting to kiss them, date them, be with them. I'm not saying that's what you want, it's not a man, it's this."


"Go on, love, say know how much it turns me on when you admit it."

"Amy," he squirmed.

"Please," she touched his stocking covered leg, "it's just us, you can say it. I like..."

"Cock," he said, voice a whisper.

"That's it, baby, again, louder...I like..."

"Cock" he said, voice louder but shaking.

"I want to suck..."

"Cock," he finished. "I...I want...I want to suck cock."

"See," she purred in his ear, "see how easy it is. Who do you think about when you think about sucking cock?"


"A random guy...or him?"

"Amy, stop!"

"He wants you to."

"He does not!"

"He does," she insisted, "both of us...together."

"He said that?"

"He did," she smiled. "I mean, I told him you had a thing for cock. He was cool about it; it's like, if he gets the wife, why not the sissy, too."

Monday, April 25, 2022



Breaking In


Blindfolded, he knelt in silence as one of Mistress Victoria's Golden Rules was a slave did not speak unless spoken to, listened to the unmistakable sound of her gently tapping her riding crop on her hand. 

He was familiar with the crop, familiar with how she could use it, barely touch his penis or balls, how it could be painful and pleasurable at the same time. 

He waited, unable to move, the collar he wore for her attached by a chain to the ball. His legs were spread his penis vulnerable, and he wondered when the sound of the slap of the crop would come not from her hand but his body.

"Remove your blindfold, slave," Mistress Victoria's voice instructed him.

"Yes, Mistress," he answered, assuming he was seconds from feeling the sting of the crop. He reached behind his head, undid the blindfold, set it down. As his eyes adjusted to the lights, he saw what was in front of him first, his Mistress's long, perfect legs. It took a good thirty seconds until he could see beyond them and that's when he gasped. "Mistress!"

Across the room, bent over, wearing nothing but stockings, hands bound to ankles, ankles spread apart, a hook in her ass, was his loving, very vanilla wife.

"Slave?" was all she said.

"M...Mistress...that...that's...that's my..."

"My new slave," Mistress Victoria purred. 


"Seems someone started to wonder where you went every Wednesday...apparently one of your 'golfing buddies' mentioned he hadn't seen you on the links in a year. She followed you, learned where you were spending your time. Actually confronted me, like I was the kind of woman who was trying to steal her husband. Well that won't do, of course."

"But she...she's not....into can' can't do this to her."

"Do you think I'm a monster, slave? Those who serve me do so willingly." The woman stood, walked to the bound woman, slapped her between the legs with her riding crop. "Isn't that the case, pet?"

"Y...yes, Mistress," he heard his wife whimper.

Mistress Victoria walked back to her throne, sat.

"What...what are you going to do to her, Mistress?" he asked timidly.

"Me? Not a thing. Alex, on the other hand."

He followed Mistress Victoria's eyes, saw a large, black man walk into the room. He was tall and muscular, easily 6-3, 220 lbs. He was naked, he was erect, his cock, long, hard, and thick, pointing towards his wife. 


"Alex," Mistress Victoria said to the man, "that's the new slave that needs breaking in."

The man grinned. "She's a pretty one."

"Inexperienced, though. She's only been with this thing," she pointed to her husband. "Virgin wedding."

Alex looked at the naked husband, looked between his legs, chuckled. "Poor woman," he said, walked up to her, reached between her legs. "She's soaked."

"I told her I don't accept a woman as my slave until she's taken her first black cock. She's been tied there all day thinking about it."

"You know once I start I can't be gentle," the man said to the woman's groan.

"I'm counting on it, Alex," Mistress Victoria said. 

Alex grinned at the slack jawed male slave, took his massive cock in his hand and rubbed the head against the bound woman's pussy. The husband just watched for even across the room he could see how wet the head got from just touching his wife's pussy. 

"This will hurt at first," Alex warned the woman, "but trust me, when I'm done, you'll never want him inside you again."



What do the angelic sissy and the devilish sissy have in common?

Neither one is permitted an erection, much less a male orgasm.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Affirmations Followup

Someone asked me if I had any more followup from Emily's recent visit with Evan.

Of course, but work and life (the normal stuff, making a living, raising a child) have been, well...very busy. 

A few friends asked me if she was going to see him over Memorial Day. Sadly, no, for mundane reasons.

But...but...she is going to see him in May all the same, just earlier, a Friday to Sunday visit the second weekend in May.

Yes, in just over three weeks :)



That feeling when a male realize he makes a much better sissy maid to her than he ever did as a husband.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022



A young couple, an old college boyfriend of the bride, a few drinks. One thing led to another, and somehow, the husband found himself sitting in a chair, watching her old boyfriend flirt with her, toy with her, and when he didn't stop it, seduce her. 

She was embarrassed at first, ashamed she found herself turned on by her former boyfriend, yet fascinated her husband sat there, watching, doing nothing to stop what her ex was doing.

Her husband didn't stop it when he touched her leg.

He didn't stop it when he kissed her.

He didn't stop it when her ex started undoing her blouse.

He didn't stop it when he undressed.

So she let it happen, let her ex seduce her, let him strip, let him strip her.

And when she was on her knees, she was fascinated to see her husband, now naked, next to her, rubbing her shoulders as she sucked her ex-lover's cock,

When she sensed her ex-lover was about to cum, when she felt that twitching of his cock, she was ready to swallow, something she always did for him but never did for her husband.

But at the last second, he pulled his cock from her mouth and shot his thick load of cum all over her stomach and her pussy.

"Lick it," her ex growled. She looked up at him, confused, saw he wasn't addressing her but was looking at her husband.

For a moment she was disgusted at her ex, disgusted at what he demanded of her husband. She expected him to pull back, yell, object, even fight, anything to protect her honor.

But she said nothing, fascinated to see how her husband would react. What he did shocked her. Without a word, he leaned forward, closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and began to lick the cum from her.

What disgusted her ten seconds earlier suddenly turned her on more than anything ever had. She realized what disgusted her ten seconds earlier was going to become the foundation of her marital sex life.