Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's Garter Belt

This is the Coquette garter belt from Secrets in Lace. Very pretty, very feminine. It comes in white, black, red and pink and costs $36. I'm wearing it with my regular, every day, Cervin stockings.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stockings Addict: sale alert!

Stockings Addict: sale alert!

From the Stockings Addict Blog
Figleaves is having a 20% off sale!

To the left is the Mimi Holliday Stardust set for $88.47

Hobbes becomes a sissy!



Today is an open bottom girdle day, specifically this Rago zippered OBG I bought at Secrets in Lace.

Remember sizing for your stockings is a bit different with an OBG. With a regular garter belt, the garter belt holds up your stockings. With an OBG, the reverse is true, as the job of the stocking is to pull the girdle down, not the other way around. The tension is critical. Thus, I usually wear stockings one size smaller for an OBG. For example, with a garter belt, I'd wear a size six in Cervin 15 denier non-stretch stockings. With today's OBG, I'm wearing a size five.

Proper Foundation Garments


I want these shoes. I mean, I really, really want these shoes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What's the difference between a man and a sissy, you ask? Well, how about an example. Men, what would you think seeing a woman dressed as such? Would comes to mind seeing this picture? What would you want to do, walking into your bedroom, seeing a woman like this?
Oh, don't be coy, go ahead, say it outl loud. Fuck her. FUCK HER! That is your only thought. Oh my, how you want to fuck her!
Now, what about a sissy, you ask? What does a sissy think? So easy, so different. Sissy thinks, "Oh my goodness, where is that lingerei from?" Sissy wants something, but it isn't to fuck. Sissy wants that adorable lingerie on her body! Sissy is jealous, or perhaps, sissy thinks about the pretty lingerie she has just like that. Sissy thinks, wait, wait one minute, wait, let me go get dressed, too.
A man wants to fuck this woman. A sissy wants to borrow her lingerie.


What do I think when I see this lovely basque? Hmmm, I want it, I want it, I want it!

And look at that thong? Think how well that lovely pair of panties would hold a sissy clit in place and give a "girl" a nice smooth look.

Department of Peace

Apparently a Department of Peace would weaken the nation.

"Left-of-the-left U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has allied himself with The Peace Alliance and a group of old Vietnam-era war protestors to propose a ridiculous bill to establish a Department of Peace. First, this is the role of our State Department, and the last thing we need is another federal bureaucracy to meddle and muddy the responsibilities of the secretary of state.

Even scarier is that this group, no matter how well intentioned, plans to "provide support for the armed forces: information, education and technology. The department will teach conflict resolution skills and train civilian peacekeepers." That's all code for further feminization of the military. No one hates war worse than those who fight in them, but the military must maintain a warrior ethos. This includes training to fight, killing the enemy with overwhelming force and achieving victory in combat - not "conflict resolution." The latter is for diplomats, not the military."

I don't have an opinion about the feminization of the military. I did not serve. All I can think about, though, is if the military is feminized, I want those uniforms!!!!!!!

A Lovely Gift

Today's Lingerie

I'm wearing this garter belt today, the Romance Garter Belt, from Secrets in Lace. It was actually my first garter belt from SIL. I have it in white (two of them) and in black. Interestingly, they must have changed suppliers, for the second one is slightly different than the first. The worst change...and I'm not sure what they did, is that the front garters on the newer one tend to pop off during the day, meaning I have to discretely "adjust" things. Women, and sissies who dress as they should, know that feeling..."Damn, have to fix a garter strap." Men, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.

Oh...as for the stockings...my daily favorite, Cervin Capri 15 denier non-stretch RHT from StockingsHQ. These are what I generally wear on a daily basis. There are softer stockings, of course, but for day to day business wear, these cannot be beat. Oh, color-Gazelle. They come in very long sizes for "tall girls" like me. If you are going to wear them with a girdle, go one size smaller than with a garter belt. I'll post on that next time I wear a girdle.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes, I like captioned pics. I'll post some from time to time. Like this blushing "bride."

Garter Belts For Men!

Garter Belts For Men?

Now, you ask, what's the big deal? From a day to day standpoint, not much for me, as I much prefer garter belts for made for women. I'm a sissy, not a man in mantyhose.

I mean, seriously, sissy, get yourself a good six strap garter belt, a pair of 100% nylon RHT stockings, silk, satin or nylon panties, a bra...be a sissy!

But, maybe, just maybe, if this catches on, sissies can be a little more out, a little more open about dressing. Of course, what's the fun in dressing if our mistress or master isn't teasing us for being such sissy fags???

Time will tell.

While I could wear this....

I'd much rather wear this...

Stocking Moves

Peaches Geldof flaunts her body again. All I can say is, any time...oh, and I'm jealous! I want to flaunt, too!!!

The Feminization of Men's Tennis

Is Men's tennis for sissies now? Yes, yes

Sissy vs. Crossdresser

Is there a difference? I think so. I think one can be a sissy, a crossdresser, or both.

First, a crossdresser:

I see a crossdresser as the typical, male-bodied, male-identified, heterosexual male, that dresses as a woman. Usually totally, often conservatively, often to pass, often to fit in, often for reasons having nothing to do with a fetish. The crossdresser may be gender confused, but often is one or the other. Male, and fully male, female, and fully female.

But what about a sissy?

Sissies do not want to be women. They may dress as women, they may even pass, but it is more than just being a woman. A sissy may wear male clothing, but how many are wearing panties underneath? Half? Most? All? How many sissies start the day with a swollen organ thinking about the prettiest lingerie they are going to wear that day?

How many sissies dream not of the woman above, but the woman to the left? Prancing, dancing?

How many sissies are submissive? All of them!

They LOVE being a submissive little sissy, forced down on their knees to do nasty, naughty things.

Which are you? One or the other? Both?

I'm a sissy, through and through.

Lingerie Review

Today I'm wearing this allure garter belt from Secrets in Lace, with a these Clio stockings from Stockings HQ.

First, the garter belt. It is very pretty and does a fairly good job of holding up my stockings.

The good...full coverage, six straps, metal garters, incredibly sexy, very feminine.

The bad...the rear garters have a tendency to migrate from the rear of the leg towards the front and it needs more adjustment throughout the day than it should.

Now, the stockings. 100% non-stretch nylon (of course...girls, your stockings should NEVER be anything but). RHT (reinforced heel and toe). Obviously a garter belt is required. For everyday stockings, at the price (about $4 to $5 per pair), they can't be beat. I usually go for Cervin stockings, but tried these because they were on sale. Wonderful, ladies, just wonderful.

My grandmother created me

Yes, that sounds strange. It is strange even to me. She did this, she made me, she created me. And she doesn't even know it. How can she, it was so long ago. I hardly remember it. Does she? Maybe?

What's my earliest memory of dressing? Why, my earliest memory. What could I have been? Three? Four?

Why? Why would she have done that? I remember it, but never again. It wasn't a theme, a constant, through childhood. And I spent so much time there. But the memory is there. Burned. Deep.

Three or four. Dressed in nylons. Why? Did I find them? Was I playing with them? Did I try them on? Did she put them on me? If so, why? Why would she have done that? But she did. I'll never forget it.

Sitting in the bedroom with her. Wearing nylons. Watching her. Watching my heavyset grandmother in a girdle, stockings. A woman and a girl. Her and me. A woman and a sissy.

And thus, I was created. Whatever genetics made, life altered. Nature, whatever it was, was altered by nurture. Did I always have it? The "sissy" gene? Was it always there? Was it always to be a part of me?

I don't know. I can't know. But, at age three, it was turned on. No matter what was to happen, to follow, I'd never be without that feminine part of me.