Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lingerie and Photography

Some beautiful pictures from the great lingerie blog, frou frou fashionista

And then there is this totally amazing pic, too:

Girdles, from Bazaar

Daniela Freitas Etam Spring/Summer 2010

From my favorite, HQ-Models

Good Bye, 2009 and the zeros, or whatever

No time to do a "year in review" right now. Maybe later. Just happy to say that December has brought me over 18,000 page visits (that has not happened since April) and that yesterday, Dec. 30, I have over 800 visits. Wow, love you all :)

And, of course, some 159 of you follow me.

Little ol' me :)

Emily and I are getting dressed up and hitting a New Year's party this evening. Not such a huge fan of New Year's Eve. Boring, amateurish. Be lucky to still be there by 10:30.

Oh well, here's to 2010!

Source: Stolze


From, Backseam who credits Stolze

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guy's Night Out

A bunch of my guy friends have an annual tradition. The night before New Year's Eve, we have a "guys dinner" at a local restaurant. Drinks at 6:30; dinner at 7:00. Tonight's that night.

We're all professionals, so we all generally show up after leaving the office, still wearing suits (ties have become rare the week between Christmas and New Years.)

I'm fairly certain, I'm the only one in the group, who will be wearing a girdle, panties, and stockings under my more masculine attire. Or any lingerie, for that matter.

So is you see a group of guys at dinner tonight, see if you can guess which one is the of the "suits" is also a sissy. Which one will go home and strip out of his suit and into a bra that matches his pretty peach girdle.

Which one, when he gets home, will have a significant other who asks, in a slightly mocking tone, "how was the guy's night out?"

That one would be me :)


The New Cheerleader

Oh, the fantasies from high school!

Hat tip to Strapped in Silk


A Mad Men inspired caption.


My friend, the stunningly beautiful Stockings Addict asked me if I'd heard of Wundervoll lingerie, and if so, did I like.

Let's see...yes, I've heard of them, but had not checked out their web site. I did, this morning and I did like what I saw! The site is all flash, so I had to go to Cazar for some pictures. Enjoy.

And thanks for the pointer!

P.S. How do I know she's stunningly beautiful? She does not really post pictures of herself on her blog, but on her Twitter account, she linked to one of her, which led to a few more. Smile. Go find them. And follow her blog and on twitter.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Valisere Autumn/Winter 2009 collection

A few pieces from the Valisere Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. I love the lingerie, but also love the writing.

I quote from the Valisere site:

Though the temperatures outside decrease – the air is shimmering between her and him. Today they celebrate their own private festivity. Like the most precious present she wrapped herself into glamorous satin adorned with Swiss embroidery of golden Lurex threads. Her generous gift indulges his senses. Slowly she starts to unwrap the enchanting covering…
Lovely writing, lovely lingerie.

Ell & Cee Lingerie AW 2009 Collection

From: Lingerie Blog

Marya Timonina by Danil Golovkin

From: achAT


From: achAT