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I'm a total bitch

Because I'm giving you a scent, a hint, a preview, of the story flowing uncontrollably out of me. I'm a bitch, because I don't know when it will be done and you're going to be forced to wait.

Catherine lay back on her bed, her soft nightie gathering gently around her, the room lit by scented candles, unthinking, let her fingers start to drift over parts of her body. She felt a slight twinge of guilt at her thoughts, after all, while technically an adult, Jess was barley so, a year removed from being a child. And though his father was fully a man all those years ago, Jess was younger, almost innocent, if not for his unforgivable treatment of his mother.

Her guilt was overcome by her own emotions, though, the powerful flood of erotic feelings, the endorphins that flooded her brain when she thought of a man, any man, even as young as Jess, kneeling at her feet, surrendering to her feminine power.

“Ahhhh,” she gasped, her fingers finding the moist skin between her legs, the thought of dominating any man enough to excite her, the memories of her first, abortive attempts to dominate Mark enough to make her close her eyes, sexual energy flowing over her, the anticipation of the surrender of the son pushing her quickly to the edge.
It was not going to be a fair fight, she knew, seeing how he looked at her, how he responded to her power, her femininity, her sexuality. The question was simply how long, a measure of days, not even weeks, how long before he gave in, before he went over the edge? How long? His surrender was inevitable, it was simply a question of when.
How long until he was on his knees before her?
How long until he gave into the leash?
How long until he felt the sting of her crop?
How long until he begged for her panties.
"Ohhhh," Catherine opened up, mind drifting, almost unconnected from her fingers as they pushed inside her. "Sleep well, Jess," she thought of her nephew in bed across the hall, knowing he belonged to her now.

What Did I Forget?

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The Muse

She arrived on Thursday. I'm working on a new story.

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Louis Vuitton

Call me old fashioned. Call me hopelessly romantic. Call me whatever.

I don't care, I love every one of these dresses!

Excuse me while I catch my breath


I don't know where Nikki found this picture, but I LOVE it.

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"It's just for three nights, it's just for three nights, it's just for three nights."

That's what Eric(a) and Jess(ica) kept telling themselves over and over.

They only had to do this for three nights then the casino they were caught in counting cards would forgive their crime.

"You 'girls' look great," the pit boss told them coming into the dressing room. "You'll do quick on-stage lip sync this week before you work the floor, we can work on the dance number for next week."

"Next week," Eric(a) asked alarmed.

"We...we thought we only had to do this for three nights," Jess(ica) finished.

"Three nights A WEEK FOR THE NEXT YEAR," the pit boss laughed. "You know, the year you'd get in jail if we prosecute."

The "girls" looked at him in shock.

"But, but..."

"Now, remember, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas proper, so guys can touch, but no sex is technically allowed, so you'll have to do your extra's in the private rooms."


"Grind jobs, hand jobs, blow jobs. No fucking, the real girls take care of guys that want that, but the rest we let the sissies do, it's more productive that way."

It dawned on the two that fucking around in Vegas was a serious, serious mistake.

"Now, it's $150 to grind a guy to orgasm, $250 for a hand job, $500 for a blow job. New girls have a $5,000 a night cover, so you work as little or as long as it takes, but I suggest you up-sell as much as you can."

Miranda Kerr

Numero #114 Miranda Kerr from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

From: Per la Moda


From: Per la Moda


One of the many, many reasons I love Dior


Ellen von Unwerth for Tank Magazine

Questions from MJ

who are your favorite forced femm authors and artists and biggest influences on your work?

Alamo Preacher and Vickie Tern are my favorite femm authors and both had huge influences on my work. Artistically, Bill Ward and Eric Stanton. As a child/young adult, Variations Magazine most influenced my fetishes.

do you have favorite catwalk collection or designer of all time?

I do not have a favorite collection, per se, though I tend to be drawn to classical lines. Fav designers? Dior, by far, Karl Lagerfeld, because he's Karl!

do you plan to do more mock news and magazine articles?