Thursday, July 22, 2010


As in what's that bump under there?

-This? Oh, just a little something that I thought we might try out in the bedroom tonight.

Femme Make-Over

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And what's not to like?

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Every. Single. Time

Every single time I see a picture like this, a man FUCKING a woman, not making love to her, FUCKING her, I think of one and only one thing. Evan FUCKING Emily.

Every. Single. Time.


I love the shy look on her face, in her eyes, much like the look I have the first time anyone sees me as Sara.

From, obviously.

Love the Bra

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Monday, July 19, 2010

I fucking love it...

The hat, the dress, the fucking shoes!

Izabel Goulart – FreeSoul Campaign 2010

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Decisions Made

Well how about that...

...two great tastes here in one place, here, where a sissy can enjoy the sweet taste of his woman's pussy while also sampling the dripping erection of her lover.


While the boys certainly did not have the skills to get a football scholarship to State, few mid-level high school boys do, Coach Apperson was impressed by all they did to try to make the team.

"I'm sorry I don't have a spot for either of you, frankly even if I did, I'd be concerned you'd get hurt. I like you two, though, you sure have what it takes to make it at State. Tell you what, let me talk to the head of one of the new programs at State. I know there are a few slots left.

Coach Apperson talked to the head of the new cheer program, now offering full scholarships. He knew because it was new, the director was having trouble getting enough girls and thought these two, too small for football, just might be able to help out in the cheer program.

"Coach, I'm grateful for the heads up," Stephanie, the director told him, "but we're going to be a women's only program to meet Title 9 requirements."

"Oh, I know, Steph," Coach said. "See, the thing is, I think those two will have no problem fitting into your program. Just meet with them, you'll see what I mean."

Stephanie dis and realized within minutes Coach Apperson was right, that with just a week or two of pre-season cheer camp preparation, the two men's football recruits would easily fit into the women's cheer program.

For their part, the two boys were left with a simple choice. Stay home and work on the farm or accept full scholarships to the women's cheer program.

Judging by their graduation picture from cheer camp, looks like they fit in very well.


Bridal Collection

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