Saturday, October 30, 2010

Girdle Ad

Something I threw together this morning.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Issue of Petticoat Monthly

This is a dear, dear friend (and original inspiration to start writing) Alamo Preacher contributed two articles to this addition (her site is dark...damn...don't know why.)

Thanks, Alamo!!!!!!!!

Okay, here's the link to the full issue. I'm sorry, you need google/gmail access (it's free, just sign up for gmail and you're good to go.) I don't know how to host a pdf except for google, but there is yummy goodness for all of you who get it :)

UPDATE: Looks like you don't need google/gmail access. Silly me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monika Pietrasinska – Anais Lingerie 2010 Lingerie

From: UHQ Models

Aubade 2011 Lingerie Calendar

From (and I could not help posting all of them): UHQ Models

Working At Home

I'm working at home today. Ahhhh, that means I get to work as Sara!!!


And, I may as well show you what Sara wore today:

First, the Allure garter belt and Coquette sheer bullet bra:

Rago 919 panties (good, um, control for that flat look):

And Cervin 15 denier stockings:

Now, I get to wear the lingerie quite often, even when working as a "boy." But today, I'm a professional woman, so, skirt and blouse :)

I have this Elie Tahari black pencil skirt:

And a cran/red silk blouse:

And heels, of course, how could a girl not wear heels?

There, that's me for the day...time to do some work :)