Friday, December 30, 2011


Why has posting been light? We're on vacation. Be back to normal next week!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

50,000 words

That's how far I am into my new story/novel/book, called The New Pilot. It's a story based on this picture:

I know you all can't really know it yet, but it's so goddamn hot!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just waiting for Mistress

Three different sounds

1. Her husband—Silence. He sits there silently, watching, accepting. She told him her old boss was going to be at the party, the one she had a crush on from the moment he hired her. She would never have done anything when they worked together; she’d never have mixed work with pleasure. He sits there silently, watching as she fucks him, the good cuckold.

2. Her old boss—Grunting. He grunts, an animalistic grunt, pushing himself deep inside her as she rides him. He always had a thing for her, the way she flirted, teased, sparred with him, but subordinates were forbidden fruit. When he found out she’d be at the party, he wondered how things would go, and was disappointed she was there with her husband. Until she whispered to him, “I want you and I want him to watch.”

3. His wife—Moaning. She moans as she feels his cock inside her, hitting that spot over and over and over, that spot her husband never can seem to quite find, the one that makes her quiver and shake uncontrollably as she orgasms. She doesn’t regret never having him before; she doesn’t regret fucking him now; she doesn't regret making her husband watch.

Cleaning House

I was a good girl and cleaned house this weekend and did all of the laundry. I know some husbands find doing things around the house a pain in the ass. But not me. I'm a sissy, I do chores as an expression of love of Emily. Think of it that way, and chores are almost fun and, dare I say, almost sexually exciting!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mistakes Only Made Once

Last Friday night, she tied up her sissy husband up just like this when her wife's lover came over. Unfortunately, she used a battery powered vibrator, which died at 3 am, letting her sissy husband off the hook from hours more torment.

This Friday night, however, she made a small change, learning from her past mistake. It doesn't appear her sissy will be getting ANY break tonight!

Don't Do it Half-Assed

She's got the right idea: If you're going to dress as a sissy, just dress as a sissy.

The Natural Order of Things

I love about a zillion things in this single photo:

1. The satin pink garment hanging nearby. I’m guessing that’s not for her to wear!

2. The way she’s standing over him, clearly a position of dominance, in contrast to his position of submission.

3. It goes without saying, but his face planted in her pussy.

4. The subtle questions it leaves unanswered. Is she just getting home from work? From a date? Is he smelling the remains of her exciting evening? Or perhaps, it’s just her dampness, as she’s excited for the evening she’s about to experience.

5. The way her left foot is positioned on his small penis. I presume he will NOT be allowed to cum, but her foot is perfectly positioned to give him feedback on how he’s doing and to keep his left hand from sneaking down and touching himself.

Age of Innocence: Missak Hajiavedikian > Advertising > fashion pictures

Not all sub husbands are sissies...

...but the result can be the same. She'll have orgasm after orgasm tonight, brought on by his hands, his mouth, his tongue.

And him? Teased and denied. Teased and denied.

Tiah Eckhardt by Jason Ierace: LoveSexDance Magazine

Lovely Lingerie in The Three Graces by John Wright


Source | Fashionising

Safety First

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I looked everywhere for her; I finally found her in a quite room, a mysterious woman in a red dress hovering over her.