Friday, August 26, 2011


"The hormones seem to be working, dear. Your breasts seem to be growing in reverse proportion to your clitty shrinking."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So we've been brainstorming wedding ideas (I'll blog about the actually wedding plans later), but...

Scene-10:30 last night, in bed reading next to Emily.

Emily: I was thinking about something and, well...

Me (sighing, recognizing that voice of hers): What, just say it...

Emily (turning towards me): Well, I was thinking about our wedding night and I want it to be special and since neither of us is a virgin...I was special it would be if you wore the chastity cage while we were engaged.

Me (shocked): Emily!

Emily: I'm not saying you HAVE to do it or even that I want you to, I'm just brainstorming.

Me: But we don't know if we're getting married in the fall or the spring!

Emily: Well if it's the fall, it wouldn't be that long then just a few months.

Me: That's what I mean, Em, a FEW MONTHS???

Emily: Remember how excited you were when I got home from Dallas? Imagine what our wedding night would be like.

Me: But what if we don't get married until the spring!

Emily: Maybe it would be even more special then.

Me: Emily, you don't mean it, how are we supposed to go that long?

Emily: I don't know...I was just thinking...besides, we could still make out and touch and lick...we just couldn't, you know, fuck.

Me: You mean I couldn't (not even thinking about another guy), you still have your toys!

Emily (giggling): Sweetie, I would share them. I'm just saying it's something to think about, that's all...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sissy Slut Collection (Three Part Series) Hypnosis

Sissy Slut Collection (Three Part Series)

My friend Lisa (Backseam, Backseam Extreme, and Clippette) loved my review of some cuckold training MP3's last month she offered to marry me (despite her husband and my Emily) asked me if I'd like to review anything else she has on her site (I think that's called cross promotion or something), so she sent me a list of a three other things to review, and just happened to include the one I really, really wanted to listen to, Jenny DeMilo's Sissy Slut Collection. 

The collection has three separate erotic hypnosis recordings on it, Panty Bitch (me: yum), Sissy Cock Slave (me: gasp!), and Sissy Slut (me: I'm about to start shaking) and sells for $30.99 at Clipette.

So, want to hear about them?  

Like the last series I reviewed, they are multi-tracked or multi-layered, so are best listened to with headphones and when relaxing wearing something comfortable, and feature original music.

Why did I want to review these particular ones? You mean, other than the titles. Um, Sissy Cock Slave? Really, who WOULDN'T want to listen to that???

Let's look at some of the key words:

Forced Feminization
Slut Training
Forced Bi
Cock Obsession
Femdom Hypnosis
Cum Eating


So, let's see what we have:

Part One, Panty Bitch (14:00 minutes)

Mistress DeMilo says: 

You will be entranced and transformed. Transformed into the frilly girl you are deep inside. Craving to be a panty bitch a dressed up girl at my feet.

What do I say about it? 

As usual, Mistress DeMilo starts with an induction into hypnosis, relaxing you, putting you into hypnotic trance, so you are in a frame of mind to obey her hypnotic suggestions, so you are deeply relaxed, ready, to take her suggestions deep, deep into your mind.

Suddenly, about 2:40 into the session, after you're put into the frame of mind to obey, it comes flying at you from nowhere, her command to obey, her suggestion that you want to be a girl, telling you not to fight it. What fascinate me is her realization what we sissies feel, that when we see a pretty woman, we're attracted to them, but more, that we wish we were them, that feminine woman, that delicate creature.

Delicate…but watch out, because there is a voice underneath hers, telling you to go beyond just being a pretty girl, there's a voice telling you to dress up like a whore.

"Dress up like a whore." Yes, girls, listen to that and tell me your clit doesn't jump!

Are you a panty girl? Do you need to be told to go buy panties? Do you need and crave (dress up like a whore) panties? Does your clit get hard seeing row after row of panties, of women's lingerie? Do you wear panties to work, do you wear lingerie under your work suits? You will, trust me, you will, she'll make you. It is not a choice, pretty girls. And remember, the prettier your feminine clothes, the more submissive you get, the more excited you get, and the more you crave to live as a panty bitch to your mistress.

Dress up like a whore. Yes. Over and over. Yes. Dress up like a whore. Yes.

Ordered to perform. Dress up like a whore. Crave it. Dress up like a whore.

Ten minutes into it, Mistress DeMilo tells you that you'll crave it, that you'll feel the need, the desire to be Mistress' panty bitch. God, I almost creamed in my pink satin panties hearing it, I don't know how I managed to finish the first recording, let alone the second two. I wanted to drop to my knees, to be her panty bitch, to submit to her on my knees.

Do you know the suggestion that really got to me? The line that every time I hear her voice I will be a panty bitch, ready to do whatever I'm told. And that's just part one, just the part, the prelude to the next phase of training.

Part Two, Sissy Cock Slave (17:40 minutes)

The induction takes about 2:30 and then suddenly, without warning, BAM, "Suck the cocks. You're a cock sucker. Suck cock, suck cock, suck cock."

BAM, suck cock, BAM, suck cock.

She wants you to be her sissy bitch, she wants you to suck cock, her voice, the voices underneath, both, all, needing cock, wanting cock, a sissy cock slave…that's what she tells you that you want, what you need, cock, cock.

You. Love. Cock.

I don't know how any sissy can resist this, seriously. Maybe a plain cross dresser, maybe. Maybe those girls who are different than me, but I'm not able to. Yes, I was born a genetic male, and yes, I have a girl inside me. Yes, I'm both, boy and girl. Yes, I'm in love with a woman (um, engaged now to a woman.)

But hearing Mistress DeMilo's hypnotic suggestions that I want cock, well, that makes me, um, WANT COCK!

You know I'm in love with a girl, right? If you read this regularly, you know I'm in love with Emily, a beautiful, beautiful woman. Right? Yes, yes, I am.

Psst, though [whisper], Ms. DeMilo telling me how much I want cock…MAKES ME WANT COCK!

God, I don't know why, I don't understand it. I really don't. I'm not even attracted to men.

You know what a real man would do if their wife or girlfriend brought another guy home and told him to suck her new friend's cock? Call her a bat-shit-crazy-fucking-wack-job and get the hell out.

You know what I'd do if Emily brought a man home and told me she wanted me to suck his cock? If she whispered to me over and over that I'm a cock sucker, a sissy cock sucker, and that she wanted me to suck cock? After listening to Mistress DeMilo, I'd drop to my knees. And. Suck. Cock.

Yes, this hypnotic session makes me think about it over and over, now, later, any time. It makes me fall asleep fantasizing about it. It make me think about it when I'm making love with Emily. Cock, cock, cock. 

You know what I do when I'm with Emily? When we're making love? Do you know what makes her cum the hardest? When I take a vibrator, a cock shaped vibrator, and fuck her with it while I lick her pussy. Do you know what I think about? I always tell myself I won't but I can't help it. I think about a guy fucking her while I lick her. And then, I pull the vibrator from her wet pussy and push it into my mouth and suck it.

Over and over Mistress DeMilo tells you to be her sissy cock slave. Over and over and over. Listening Mistress DeMilo's stern voice, listening to the quite voices underneath telling me to suck cock, it I thought of Emily, the last time we made love, Friday night, the night we got engaged. She had the vibrator in her hands, I love putting her hands on it, watching her fuck herself with it. Well, she pulled it from her pussy, she pressed it against her clit while I was licking her and made herself orgasm, and then Emily, her diamond engagement ring glistening in the moonlight, pushed it up towards my mouth and whispered, JUST LIKE MISTRESS DEMILO, "suck it, suck the cock." 

And I did, I sucked the cock, let her push it into my mouth, and sucked my fiancee's juices off the cock.

"You're a cock sucker," Mistress DeMilo tells you. And I was, I sucked cock the, aroused, sucked it, got excited, sucked it as Emily pushed it in and out of my mouth.

You need to be a sissy cock slave, you're told over and over and over, and you crave cock!

And then she moves it from your mouth to your sissy ass!

Okay, wow, I can't write any more about the second part because I have to go put on a clean pair of panties!

Well, just one more thing, every time you hear her voice, you'll want to suck cock.

Part Three, Sissy Slut (14:25 minutes)

The third and final hypnotic session put you into a trance again and then Mistress begins to train you to be her sissy slut, to do whatever she tells you to do. 

The music on this session is top notch and adds to the power of the hypnotic sessions to be transformed into a sissy slut, to be feminized, to be turned into a sissy slut.

Obey, she tells you, obey, you crave to obey.

The voices, oh the voices, so many, some loud, some quiet, all telling you to be her sissy slut, to be used how she wants to use me. To suck cock. To eat cum. To get fucked.

Over and over, she tells you that you crave it and need it. To be used!

More aroused, more aroused, more aroused!

Fuck, I don't know how you can listen to this and not crave it, to be her sissy slut, her slut, her slut!


Okay, I'm fucking exhausted after listening to all three of these. Maybe that wasn't a good idea, to listen to all of them in one sitting, all without release. But you know what I'm going to do now? I'm going to get in the car just the way I am (lingerie clad in a white six strap garter belt, white stockings, white bra (breast forms, of course) a pink satin camisole and tap panty set, wig, makeup, heels, I'm going to get in the car and drive to Emily's house and BEG HER to get out a realistic cock like dildo and fuck my mouth with it. 

She knows I'm reviewing these MP3s tonight. I don't think she knows what's going to be on her doorstep in half an hour!

For $30.99 at Clipette for all three of the above, it is well worth it. If you have these latent feelings like I do!

Looking at me across the table with tears in her eyes, she said, "Yes, of course yes."

I proposed to Emily on Friday night in the middle of an intimate, quiet dinner at home, that included a special bottle of wine I'd been saving for five years for that very moment.

She was surprised, she was stunned, she cried, and she said yes.

HEY, WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know the date, what kind of wedding we'll have, or anything else like that. All I know is that the love of my life, my best friend, the woman I want to be there with me day in and day out, is now my fiancee!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Wish I Saw When I Look Down

Patrycja Farbis – Axami Lingerie Campaign Photoshoot

Source | UHQ Models

What I Think

Looking at this picture, I'm sure all men think, "Damn, the things I could do to my wife/girlfriend if I came home and found her tied up like this."

I have to confess, that's not quite what I thought. I thought, "Damn, the things Evan could do to Emily if she was tied up like this."

Oh, and one other thought, "God, I wish that was me tied up like that!"

But then, as you all know, I'm not what would ordinarily be called a "real man" by most people. I'm a submissive sissy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, if you insist...

I'm not saying...

I'd actually want to be sold, though I'd be a liar if I said I never fantasized about it.

The Introduction

Yes, I fantasize about the day Emily introduces Sara to Evan.

While Evan may know that Emily's boyfriend is the least masculine of men, Emily has never actually let Evan meet the pretty girl inside.

I think I'd like to wear a pretty, feminine dress the first time that happens, maybe slightly "girlie" like this one.

UPDATE: In the comments, Jayme says she knows I'd love to wear something like this:

Um, YES!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Fun

Have a good weekend, sissies, enjoy these.