Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simply Beautiful

A picture from a reader (Shelley). The “lady boys” from Thailand are simply beautiful!

All Wrapped Up

A wedding night reminder. I got to unwrap her and it was the most wonderful thing in the world. I’ll write more about it later (I’m still catching up from so many things.)

Monday, November 28, 2011


Home, after a wonderful, perfect wedding and a week in paradise. Exhausted. And have sooo much work to catch up on.

I'll resume normal blogging. When I can. And sprinkle in details of the wedding here and there.

Love you all,

The newly married Sara

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fucking HOT!

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Two Days

Yea, two days until I get married. Expect little posting, dears, Emily and I will be busy getting ready for the ceremony and then, blissfully out of the country for a week enjoying the warm sun and beautiful beaches of a small, intimate Mexican resort.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Beginning

Dena took the glass of wine from her new husband, pleased that he wore a lace apron as she asked.

Her smile, though, had nothing to do with the apron, but instead a secret she knew and he did not.

What was the surprise? That the lace apron was simply a start, a down payment on his utter and complete feminization. That within a month, the lace apron would be accompanied by a full French Maid's uniform.

Love at first sight

When Sharon first saw Joshua, she knew immediately she would have him. His shy smile, his quiet demeanor, his deference was too much for her to resist.

Despite his appearance, despite Joshua's attempts to pass as a man, Sharon knew within minutes of meeting him what lurked deep inside him and she meant to bring that out.

Joshua, who now goes by Jillian, never stood a chance.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Full Body Open Bottom Girdle

I suspect I'm the only genetic male at my office who has any idea what a full body open body girdle is.

I tend to think many women no longer have any idea.

I'm almost positive I'm the only person, male or female, wearing one to work today.


It might go without saying, but...

The girdle I wore today was black, not white, like in the pictures. So I wore the stockings pictured below (yes, black). The goes without saying part? Without socks, naturally. Think anyone noticed? Like Anonymous said, if someone looked really close, they might see my sheer black "socks" for what they are, they might see the bump of the garter straps under my trousers, they might see the slight bulge from the soft bra cups.

Employment Opportunity Accepted

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Comment Needed

You know your wife's not putting on stockings for you, right?

The Strong

When some women go out dressed to look sexy, they look vulnerable and weak.

Other women look powerful and strong.


One must assume that a sissy will be unable to resist touching herself when dressed like this. That’s why EVERY sissy should be firmly secured in a chastity cage.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Importance of a Girdle

Catching him wearing her lingerie, his mother-in-law reacted quite unexpectedly.

"If you're going to wear my things, you're going to do it properly," she told him, pulling out a panty girdle from her drawer. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cross Dressing Party Slut

Let me start this post by saying something tongue-in-cheek.

My friend Lisa Norman from Clippette and Backseam and Backseam Extreme is a fucking bitch!

She sent me an email that said something like this:
Since you’re locked in chastity until your wedding day, and with Emily in mind, I’m sending you the attached MP3, Cross Dressing Party Slut. You see, I wondered what Emily had in mind for her bachelorette party [this Friday] and it struck me that the scenario in Cross Dressing Party Slut, would be an enjoyable option for her since you’re locked until the actual wedding night.
Attached to the email was an MP3 featuring Jenny Demilo, who’s work I told you about before. Here’s Ms. Demilo’s description of the hypnotic MP3:
You will be addicted and trained to be a party girl, a dressed up party girl ready to be passed around from man to man. Begging to serve, to be the center of attention, whoring it up... You cant stop yourself from the desire to suck cock while dressed up like a party slut. You need it all the time and can't stop thinking about it. Its an obsession you can't control, it will control you. I will control you, train you own you. You will be my party girl, my little dressed up party slut.
Yea, see why Lisa is a bitch? Why in the hell would she send that to me when she knows damn well I’m locked up in chastity? What’s worse? Something Lisa didn’t know when she sent this to me. Emily’s fucking out of town again so I’m home by my damn self. I was just sitting here, dressed in something pretty, sipping a glass of wine, trying my hardest to forget about the chastity cage, trying not even to think about Emily for even a second, because her being out of town is bad enough—she’s not texted me one naughty thing, right now she’d just working. 

Yes, sitting here all alone, LOCKED UP, and that bitch (remember, tongue-in-cheek, Lisa said she’d marry me for herself if I wasn’t taken and she wasn’t married…details, details)…where was I? Oh yes, sitting here just trying to relax, and Lisa sends me a hypnotic MP3 titled, Cross Dressing Party Slut. 

Now how in the heck am I supposed to NOT listen to it? Especially when, after she sticks the knife in me, she twists it, mentioning Emily’s bachelorette party. The one that Emily bought a new top for yesterday. A top that leaves very little of her breasts modestly covered.

Fuck, so I just had to get out my headphones and listen to the 18 minute MP3, available from Lisa’s Clippette for $18.99 (at a buck a minute, it’s less than phone sex and more powerful, too) even though I was so sorely tempted to just delete the email and tell Lisa to FUCK OFF (kisses, dear).

Just before I started, I forwarded Lisa’s email to Emily.

—Look what Lisa Norman emailed me. I don’t like her.

Emily’s immediate response (which she surely laughed when she typed):

—Looks like someone’s in for a painful evening.

Yes, yes indeed.

Like all of Ms. Demilo’s hypnotic MP3’s, the first part is designed to put the listener into a hypnotic trance. The hypnotic induction phase is long, 5 minutes, 42 seconds long, but that’s important and what separates a mere fantasy MP3 from a hypnotic MP3. I find the relaxation phase important. Ms. Demilo uses back tracks, multiple tracks, and background music for the induction phase. It’s calming, peaceful, especially in a dark, quiet room, when relaxing on a comfortable chair or the bed. A peace comes over the listener, washing away the outside world.

The induction softly continues with Ms. Demilo’s soft words, with a whispered, “obey”, Ms. Demilo makes a simple statement of fact that certainly applies to me, “you’re a very good girl, a very obedient girly girl, a totally sissy girl.” These are all true, of course, and warm my heart, my mind, slowly, a true assessment of the essence of me. 

But Ms. Demilo then slaps me, slaps you, in the face. Hard. 

As she’s telling you, “you wish to obey,” one of the under voices says, “you’re a fucking slut.”

See, that’s why I called Lisa a bitch. I wanted to stop the MP3 right then and there, I wanted to rip the headphones off my head and play with myself until I cum. 

But I can’t. I’m locked in a damn chastity cage and the key is with Emily, four hours away by car. 

I’m slapped, aurally, again, then again. “You’re a fucking slut. You’re a fucking slut.”

I could deny it. I mean, I’m monogamistic. At least that’s what I tell myself. I mean, I am, anyway. Emily? Well, that’s kind of a grey area. But you all know about that. How can I be a fucking slut if I’m devoted to one woman? 

I can hear the chorus. Because you’d suck Evan’s cock in a New York minute if she asked you to. I can’t even begin to deny that. I mean, no I wouldn’t, right? In real life, if she asked, I’d say no, right? Right?

“You’re a fucking slut.” 

Dammit, I wanted to turn off the MP3 because I’m afraid to be confronted with anything else uncomfortable. 

Like that I’m a fucking slut! A fucking slut, I’m told over and over, and already, 7 minutes into this recording, I’m straining against my chastity cage.

Oh, and remember…this is important, I was already thinking about Evan, right? Trying to deny I was a slut, but thinking whether or not I’d suck Evan’s cock. Why’s this important?

Because 8 minutes into the recording, Ms. Demilo tells me that I’m a good, obedient party slut who sucks the cocks given to her. 

Bam, Evan, bam, cock, bam, Evan’s cock in Emily’s mouth, bam, Evan’s cock in MY MOUTH.

Yea, this recording is HARD (no pun). I know some sissies are “straight” and only like women. Okay, I get that. I only like women, too. Seriously, I’ve only dated women in my life (um, those things I did with guys, those were not really dates). So I’m “straight” too.

And it’s this straight sissy who started shaking with excitement when Ms. Demilo talks about me being passed from man to man to man to cock to cock to cock like a party slut.

Yes, it’s at this point in writing my review I internalize that Emily reads my blog and know I’m sooooo going to hear about this tonight or tomorrow. Sigh. I shouldn’t have mentioned Evan.

“A good, obedient party slut enjoys sucking cock.”

Yea, I’m going to deny it. And know Emily, along with all of you, will be laughing when you read that I deny it. Emily will laugh and picture me on Saturday night, tipsy like her, dressed in lingerie like her, pulling the dildo out of her soaked pussy and EAGERLY sucking on it, sucking it like a cock, sucking all of her wetness. Cock. Sucking cock. While my fiancee, my bride to be in less than two weeks, eagerly watches, eyes blazing.

Yea, I’m going to deny it, right? Because all guys, two weeks before they get married, find themselves dressed in lingerie, in chastity, in stockings, in makeup, sucking a dildo soaked with their fiancee’s pussy juices like it was a cock, a cock that just fucked her.

Welcome to normal, I imagine Ms. Demilo saying as she tells me again I’m a fucking slut who likes to suck cock.

And then at about 13:30, the recording really gets nasty as Ms. Demilo describes the slutty outfit I’m wearing, how I’m in a room, ready to be used and abused like a slut, ready to be passed around, to suck cock, to be fucked, craving it more and more and more.

It ends with the listener being told again and again that they are a fucking slut. How can this not have an impact? How? How can I not be swollen in my cage? How can I now CRAVE for Emily, CRAVE for her body, CRAVE to be inside her? You’re a fucking slut. How can I not CRAVE cock? How can I give a dildo a blow job for five, ten minutes and NOT have her know that I’m a sissy slut who would suck cock the second she asked me to?

Ms. Demilo knows all this. That’s what makes these hypnotic MP3’s so powerful. A woman who absolutely KNOWS that the sissies listening to her voice, no matter what they may tell themselves, are sissy party sluts.

And don’t think my fiancee doesn’t know it, too. That I’ll go to sleep fantasizing about being the entertainment at a bachelor party, a pretty sissy, feminized, around all those men. And passed around, sucking cock after cock after cock.


P.S. I’m sooooo swollen; Lisa is such a bitch!

Sperm Sample

-I'm a doctor, do you really think I get sexual pleasure from collecting semen samples from patients like you? Well, okay, okay, maybe I do like it just a little, but what of it?


It's a start; often an end, too.


Oh, you silly, silly little sissy, you didn't actually think we were going to...to fuck? 

No, dear, I don't fuck boys who like to pretend to be girls. 

I like to tease them and I may play dress up with them, I like to get them all excited to think that they might get to be with a real woman, but in the end, I ALWAYS deny them.

Why? Because when I'm fucking a real man, and believe me, I LOVE to fuck real men, it gets me so wet to think about my desperate little sissy girlfriends

Still Locked

Emily and I had a little bit to drink on Saturday night, which led us to the bedroom, to bed, both clad in lingerie and stockings. After kissing and touching and petting, I found myself under Emily, thinking, between the tequila and how horny she was, I just might find myself free from chastity two weeks early, two weeks before the wedding.

Yea, Emily knew EXACTLY what I was thinking. And put a stop to that.

"Oh, you can lick me all you want, sissy, but don't think for a second I'm unlocking you."

I did. I licked all I wanted to. And she didn't. Unlock me. No matter how much I begged her by licking her longer and longer and longer.

Friday, November 4, 2011

sissy likes...so do I

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Silly Anonymous. Panties go on top for a woman, yes. But for a sissy, they go underneath to keep her sissy clitty safely tucked away. After all, a tucked clitty can do no harm, can ruin no woman's orgasm.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Interesting Email

I got this email from a friend of Emily's today, one of her friends who was at the shower and will be at her bachelorette party, and wasn't sure what to make of it, other than it excited the hell out of me:

Hey – any idea what size shoes E wears?? Might be worth your time to find out  :)

Do I know what size shoes she wears? Duh! 8, sometimes 8.5. And I waited like ten minutes to answer so I didn't seem too eager!

New Ballet collection from Fred and Ginger

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