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Becoming Nathalie - Cuteness! Chastity is sooo important but don’t let...

Excellent comment on chastity from Becoming Nathalie:
Chastity is sooo important but don’t let it flow to Lock & Leave. To prevent it to become just a status, teasing should be aplied regularly to keep her horniness at the high levels you need to keep her in controll. She must have the hope you will grand her release, even if you don’t plan to. Otherwise your sissy will eventually become irritated instead of frustrated.
That's what Emily does, when I'm in chastity, regular teasing, regular sexual activity, just not the thing she knows I really hope for.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012


I want my wife to dress up like a man and treat me like a woman. Badly.

I love pictures of one couple serving another.

Just another one of my many fantasies.

Evening Plans

"Honey," Angela said to her husband, "I know I said I'd try to be home early tonight, but he insisted, what am I supposed to do?"

"Tell him we had plans, Angela."

"Sweetie, he won't care, you know that, besides, you know I'd rather that he...listen, we'll just change our plans, okay? Why don't you put on that cute pink nightie and some stockings and be my good little sissy when I get know that will be much more fun anyway..."

Eye Candy

Source | FemDom Proper


To think, Rob and his friends used to go out and drink and get into fights when now they know staying in is so much more fun.

One of the loveliest views in the world

Was I good or bad last night?

Why don't you come here and lick and find out for yourself, sissy.

Time to go back

After her gangbang, your wife's group of studs decides to give her a little present to bring back to you.

Friday, August 24, 2012

They had a good laugh when they found the condom her husband left for them.

Why? First, he doesn't use condoms when he fucks your wife. Ever. Second, only one? He's going to be there all night, he'd need a three pack for sure. Third, the condom you left isn't the wrong size. Seriously, normal size? What the hell? That's too small for him, sissy.

P.S. He'd have her give the condom back to you so you can use it (yes, the rare times she fucks you, he insists you use a condom, no sissy should EVER fuck a woman bareback) but it's too fucking big for you!

From a Reader:

Wife's Friend:

By the dress your wife's friend was wearing you guessed right what your wife was going to wear...or not wear...

Little, very little, almost nothing left to imagination...

That very little soon to be exposed as much as the lot she was showing...

Not only exposed, offered... then taken...

She enjoyed seeing him so aroused, she even feared his arousal would shorten their coupling... but he was not the type of man that might last for less than what is needed. Certainly, she couldn't claim less than full satisfaction...

She told you afterwards...

You were envious...

Backing Her Up

Sometimes a woman just can't swallow every drop...that's when it's nice to have a sissy husband there to catch the overflow and avoid having a mess to clean up later.


As it, holding it in, you know, the cum inside her, her lover's cum. Holding it in, waiting for you to get home, so you can lick, taste, swallow every last drop.

What's the hardest, most difficult, but wonderful thing in the world?

The nights Emily and I go to bed wearing the prettiest, sexiest lingerie and cuddle and make out and I slide her panties off, and she whispers, so softly, "remember, you're not going inside me, tonight."

It's going to be one of those kind of nights, tonight.


"Well I don't see that the difference is, honey. You think I look sexy wearing your shirt, right? Well I think you'll look sexy wearing my bra."

Sorority Sisters

The senior girls loved teaching the freshman pledge class how properly train a submissive boyfriend.

Oh, sissy, you have so much to learn...

Fuck me? You thought you were going to fuck me?

Honey, you're a sissy, my god, the odds that your sissy clit will ever be inside me are about as small as, well, as you are.

Why don't we start with the basics, you know, like that tongue of yours. On my foot.

And maybe...maybe...if you're good enough at that, just maybe someday I'll let you work your way up to licking my pussy.



The New Doctrine of Primae Noctis

Under the modern doctrine of the "law of the first night" a bride may fuck whomever she wants on her wedding night, while a groom must show his love and devotion by reverently lick her clean when she's done.

Source | bossymsbecky

I'm sure it's fake, but I don't care!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I love the focus of this picture, her heel on his cock, because if I was sitting across the room from Emily while she teased a guy like this, this is EXACTLY what I would focus on, too.


I know I said you could watch, sissy, but it's kind of awkward having you just sit there and stare at us, why don't you run along and I'll come get you when we are done.

Riding A Bull

When you're a cuckold, your wife going to a country-western bar and riding a bull takes on a whole new meaning.

It's easier the first time if you close your eyes.


"You want me to keep stroking, sweetie? I'm happy to, all you have to do is open your mouth and suck."

It's the economy, stupid

In tough times, a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do.


The odds that your sissy will suck cock triple if you do it together. Just saying.

Source | Glamour Bound

Damn, girl!

Source | Lingerie Bomb

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's never easy...

"What do you think," Emily asked, coming into the bedroom this afternoon, wearing a short, red dress. The dress she was considering wearing out tonight.

It's never easy, of course, even for a sissy, even for a cuckold. It's never easy when your wife asks you what you think about the dress she is going to wear when she goes out with a girlfriend of hers.

It's never easy when you know they are going to a bar where it's an absolute certainty she will be approached, hit on, where men will try to pick her up.

It's never easy when she's spending the night at her friend's place, when they are both free, to do what they want.

It's never easy when you'll be left home alone, in chastity. Especially when you were drained the night before, so your libido is low, diminished.

But you swallow, look at her, and answer honestly. After all, she wants your honest opinion. One girl to another.

"You look beautiful, Emily," I answered. And she did.

"You're sure? I want to, I don't know, stand out without standing out."

"You'll stand out, trust me."

"Hmmm," she smiled, walked over to me, kissed me. "You're such a doll," she said, running her hand down the front of my satin blouse. "I had fun last night."

That made me blush. Not that I didn't have fun, I did. I very much enjoyed our date last night.

I had asked her out on Wednesday. Asked my wife out on a date. I used those words. "I...I'd like to go out on a date, Friday."

"Okay," she answered right away, "I'd love that...but I don't want to be out too late, remember I'm going out with Kristen on Saturday."

"I...I know," I said biting my lip.


"Friday, can we, I mean, can you...can you unlock me."

She looked at me tenderly. "Yes," she said.

Oh god, oh fucking god. I was on edge, excited, all day yesterday. And before we went out, I could hardly contain myself, almost cried when, as we were getting ready, she came into the room with the key. "Here, sweetie," she said, tenderly unlocking me, removing the cage, and helping me tuck myself into my panties before I could grow.

That night, she came to bed wearing beautiful, stunning, sexy lingerie. But when I moved to kiss her, when I touched her leg, she asked me what I was doing. "I...I thought..."

"Oh. Oh baby, I...I don't want screw..."

"But Emily..."

"Honey, I'm going out tomorrow, I don't want know you get..." I knew what she meant, that if we screwed, I'd get all possessive and I'd NEVER want her to go out tonight.

"Please, I won't. I won't, I promise."

"Sara, no," she shook her head. "You know that's not a good idea. Why don't you just lick me and maybe I'll think about it for next week, okay?"

"Emily, please..."

"Maybe next week, Sara," she said pushing my head downward.

I licked her...of course I licked her. I licked her and licked her. Thinking, now, right now, I can still taste her. And smell her.

Eventually, she got out her dildo vibrator and I fucked her, too. Just not the way I wanted. I fucked her and licked her, and licked it, too. "That's it," she encouraged me, looking me in the eyes as she fed the dildo, the cock into her, out, into my mouth. "That's is, sissy, lick it, suck it, suck his cock."

Finally, the cock was forgotten. By me, anyway, as I licked her and licked her, making her shake, moan, cum. But not by her.

Because several minutes later, I heard it buzzing again. Buzzing, and then touching. Me. Buzzing as she rubbed it against me, first my bulge, then, as I licked her faster and faster, between my legs, against my opening. "He likes watching you lick me," she whispered, pushing, pushing, until she was fucking me.

It took almost no time at all, and never once did her hands touch me, all she did was fuck me with the cock, soon I was dribbling, cumming. She caught it, most of it, and rubbed it all over her pussy.

And I licked up every single drop.

She waited, before we went to sleep, waited until I softened. I slept like I am now, locked again in the chastity cage.

Now she's out, wearing the pretty red dress I helped her pick out. She's out, and I'm here, she's free, and I'm not.

It's never easy, but who said it would be?

It's never easy being a cuckold, but who would want it to be?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deny it all you want...

But most of you are fantasizing about being her, not him.

Give It Time

Right now, it's the only way you'll let him cum. Do it long enough, and it will the the only way he's able to cum. That's the power of strap-on sex to a sissy or a submissive husband. It totally changes his mindset. No longer will he think of sticking his penis inside you to cum, all he'll desire is that you stick your cock inside him.

Seriously. Give it time. Say six months. Then tell him you want him inside you. He won't be able to cum, he just won't. He'll beg you to stop, he'll beg you to let him stop fucking you, he'll beg you to instead fuck him. Because that's the only way he'll be able to cum.

Wedding Night Blues

"I don't know, honey, I don't want you coming back when he's still here, maybe you should just sleep in mother's hotel room and come back up in the morning."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"What do you think of the dress, sweetie," your wife asked you, showing you the dress she was wearing to dinner with her boss.

"Fuck, what kind of message are you trying to send?"

"I don't know," she said as she twirled her hair innocently. "That he's really cute...and he's kind of special...and, well, that I hope he feels the same because I'd really, really like to fuck him."

One Last Thing

Sure she's tired dinner and a movie with her boyfriend, and several hours fucking afterwards, but she doesn't want to go to sleep without letting her husband clean up...and lick her to one last orgasm for the evening.

Pictures of You

Sissy likes to snap a picture of his wife and her lover, just before he fucks her, something to jerk off to when she unlocks his chastity cage once a month.

Source | teased-n-denied


It may start with a strap-on, but it's ending with cock.

At least if his wife has anything to say about it.

Saturday Night

Just another wife getting dressed for a special Saturday night date.

With her boyfriend.

Looks like her husband got all dressed up, too:

Did she do it? Did she really do it?

One long inhale gave me the answer.

Two Hours

"He's here," you whisper in her ear when you hear the gentle knock at the hotel room door.

"I'm scared," your wife answers, her breath quickening.

"Do you want me to tell him we've changed our minds?

"No," she says immediately, " you?"

"No," you say softly, "no."

" long?"

"I'll come back in two hours."

"And you promise know..."

"Lick you clean? Yes...yes..."

Looks can be deceiving

She looked like such a sweet, innocent girl, and she was, too, until she told you about that one, strange sexual fantasy she had.

The one where she dresses all pretty and sexy and goes out to the clubs.

The one where she dances with the hottest, badest, sexiest guy she can find.

The one where she goes back to his place and fucks him silly.

The one where she comes home and sits on your face and tells you all about it while you lick her clean.

Yea, she's a totally sweet girl, except for that one little thing.


"I don't know, honey, deny it all you want, but it feels like maybe you DO like dressing up and kissing me like a girl."


You said you wanted to spice up our love life, sweetie, isn't this the kind of thing you had in mind?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Emily was scolded by her boss today for going 1% over budget on her expense report

Of course, this is how I imagined it going:

Down at the club

Jason's wife got tired of him complaining about her job down at the club, "it's not like that, Jason, sure guys hit on me, but it isn't anything too bad."

"Pam, I know what goes on during a lap dance," Jason said.

"Hon, I'm wearing pantyhose and a teddy, it isn't like they are fucking me."

"If it's all so innocent, why can't I come down and see for myself?"

"Sweetie, you know that's against the rules, no boyfriends or husbands are allowed, it's bad for business."

"I just wish I could see for myself, then maybe...what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Well, boyfriends and husbands are not allowed to visit, but what if I could get you a job there? Then you could see it isn't so bad."

"Tending bar?"

"No, the bar tenders can't see the lap dance couches, hon, but...there just might be a way..."


That's it baby, open your mouth, ready for it? Now remember, this one is going to taste and feel and even smell so much more realistic than my normal strap-on, okay?


Apparently your wife's friend just didn't believe your wife when she told her that you would eagerly lick her cum filled pussy when she came home from a night out at the clubs. Well, your wife was going to show her!

How? Making you lick BOTH their cum filled pussies clean of every drop!


When a man comes home from work and finds his wife dressed like this, waiting for him, he would be pleasantly surprised and look forward to an evening of sex with his beautiful wife.

When a sissy comes home from work and finds his wife dressed like this, waiting for him, he would be pleasantly surprised and look forward to taking care of his wife when she gets back home her evening of sex with her boyfriend.

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Aymeline Valade is a Woman in Charge

I LOVE the Donna Karan Fall 2012 Campaign by Russell James. Just Love it!!!