Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where to Start?

Start with her panties, don't worry, she'll hold his cum inside her while you lick them clean. She doesn't want you to miss single drop.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The View

Recognize it? It's the view a sissy cuckold has when her wife locks her in a cage just before she goes into the other room to entertain her lover.

Don't tell me otherwise, ALL OF YOU want to be in this picture.

To the men who wander through here, whatever you think of sissies, there's no way your turning down a blow job from a sissy and his wife.

To the women who wander through here, deep inside, you dream of sharing a man's cock with your sissy.

And to my sissy friends, whether you're attracted to men or not, it doesn't matter, if you have the chance to serve her lover, with her, you're doing it.

The carrot and the stick

Monday, October 29, 2012

Reasons for Chastity # 3

You can leave him home with another sissy and know there is only so much trouble they can get into.

Reasons for Chastity # 2

Date night means your wife has a date and you stay home to clean up the house.

Christmas Present

Your wife's boyfriend saw this and immediately thought of you.

Business Trip

The car honked; it was her boss waiting outside to pick your wife up and for their three day meeting out of down. She bent down to pick up her bag, let her skirt ride up her legs to give you a glimpse of her the lingerie she wore for the car ride, to remind you the trip was a mixture of business and pleasure.


"But...but Sharon, you told me it wasn't gay for me to lick his cock while he fucks you," he protested to his wife, a look of horror on his face.

"It's not gay, sweetie, it's just not very straight, either. But that doesn't matter, what matters is whether you liked it or not. And judging by your reaction, I'm going to say you did."

Reasons For Chastity #1

There's no need to be frustrated by his sissy clit when he can make you cum this hard with him mouth.

The First Time

I looked down into my wife's eyes, unable to keep the smile off my face as her boyfriend pushed his hard cock into my gurl pussy, and moaned, "you never told me it would feel this good."


I just want you to understand I'm serious, I just want to be clear, I don't care how excited you get, I don't care how much you beg me, that gurl clit of your is NEVER going inside me. Never, sissy, never.

Emily's Old Boss

She had the biggest crush on him, I often wondered just how far she'd go with it if they actually worked in the same office.

Sissy Cuckold Test

Simple: Did your mouth automatically open and start watering when she peels off her panties and you see her juices and his cum literally dripping off them?

Good Luck Orgasm

While it may be bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, seeing the best man is an entire different matter. Presumably she'll have a big smile on her face for the rest of the day.

Source and Inspiration | Backseam

Like there was any other way this was going to play out


I know, I know, but they are still amazing.

Source | Smut Peddler


It's hard for him to focus on the pleasure when all he can think about are the consequences for cumming without permission.


Their master was very pleased to see that sissy's breasts were almost as big as his wife.

Pretty in Pink

Sunday, October 28, 2012


At first she thought it was disgusting, the websites she found in her husband's browser history, but the more she read them, the more sites about cuckolding she discovered, the more and more she realized how hot all of it made her feel.

Almost There

Ladies, just start making out with your sissy, you know how hot she'll get (helps if she's in chastity and hasn't squirted in weeks). Trust me, you'll have no trouble slipping his cock into her mouth, no matter how much sissy says she doesn't want it.


From the look on sissy's face, I'd say she enjoyed giving her first blow job. But don't we all?

An illustration showing what happens when a real man fucks her.

Just making sure he'll never be able to deny how much he likes it

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shopping Trip

Wow, the things you can buy at Cosco these days.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ever wake up and can't figure out where you are or how you got there?

Justin Pendre, quarterback for State U. is experiencing that right now. He's wondering just how much tequila he drank last night, why his morning wood hurts so bad, and what's that weird feeling on his chest.

Maybe he should not have been bragging to the whole bar what a stud he is (was).

What you LOVE to hear

For me...or you?

New Adventures

Ladies, the easiest way to get your sissy to try new things is to do it with him.

Want him to learn to cook better? Take a cooking class together.

Want him to learn to sew? Same, learn to sew together.

Want him to learn to suck cock? Suck cock together.

See, you get the idea.

While on the topic of strong orgasms...

Just try to do that with a sissy. If for some strange reason a sissy's wife actually wanted to let sissy cum in her mouth, she'd have to be directly under him to catch what dribbles out.

Of course, that's a sissy thought on so many levels: sissies eat their own cum, sissies should be milked while still in chastity, sissies only cum their sissy ass pussy is played with, etc., etc.


Jenny was amazed the first time she it, the first time she saw cum erupt from his cock, she had no idea a man's orgasm was so powerful, so violent, so strong.

"What," he laughed, seeing the look in her eyes.

"Is it always like that," she asked in amazement.

"For a man, yes," he said. He knew why she was confused; she was used to her husband's orgasms, her sissy husband. She was used to a soft, subtle orgasm, she was used to her husband's cum dribbling out, drip, drip, drip, the smallest amounts of cum oozing gently from him.

" long until you can do it again," she asked him, frowning. With her husband it would be days, if she was lucky, sometimes weeks.

"Climb up here, Jenny, I'll show you."


Some women have trouble achieving orgasm, for others, the mere feel of a man's strong hand between her legs is enough to leave her quivering in ecstasy. Even through clothes.

Your wife is one of these women. No wonder she loves her new job.

The uniform-pantyhose, tight shorts, and a tight top-are enough that her customers can't actually fuck her. But the nylon layers between her pussy and the hands of her customers do nothing to inhibit her sexual pleasure. If anything, they enhance it.

You know this, you know that every night she goes to work she'll be fondled and groped, just a bit, just enough to make her wet, just enough to make her legs shake, just enough to bring her to orgasm after orgasm, night after night.

Sissy Thoughts

All I can think, listening to her moan as he touches her, is that if he can make my wife cum that hard with just his fingers, imagine what he'll be able to do when he actually fucks her!

Devilish Punishment

Their master forbid them to have sex with one another; he didn't care that they once lived as a normal husband and wife, those days were long behind them, and she was only allowed to be fucked by him. The sissy? Sissies do not fuck. Simple as that.

But their master was not a cruel man, he knew they needed their intimacy with one another, even as they served him. So he allowed them one night per week alone with one another. Just in a manner acceptable to him.

So every Sunday evening at nine, he would bind them to one another, carefully arranging them so sissy's boy clit was trapped between his wife's thighs, pressed against her clit, but tied tight enough that neither could move but a quarter of an inch. Or less. 

The position was ingenious, he knew it, too. Tied as tight as they were, neither would be able to move enough to make themselves, or the other, cum. But tied together as they were, sissy clit pressed to girl clit, neither would be able to relax, either. 

Instead they would spend all evening, all night, aroused, hot, horny, desperate to cum.

But unable to.

Casual Effect

The hormones had were having their two intended primary effects, increasing the size of your breasts and decreasing the size of you boy clit.

The hormones and one secondary effect, too, dramatically increasing you wife's interest in sex. As a male, she was rarely interested in you, but as a girl, she could hardly keep her hands off of you.

She Knows

She knows the effect she has on you, she knows when she dresses like this, you can't help but get excited, especially when she hasn't unlocked the chastity cage in over a month. She knows how painful it is, too, when your poor, neglected sissy clit swells inside the cage.

She knows exactly the effect she has on you, sissy, that's why she does it.


Things a sissy will hear from your wife/girlfriend/lover and what she really means.

She says: "Honey, you know I don't like to give blow jobs."

She means: "I love sucking cock, I don't like sucking your little sissy clit."

She says: "Sweetie, I'm really not in the mood tonight."

She means: "I'm really, really in the mood and wish there was a man around to fuck me."

She says: "It's just dinner with a client."

She means: "It's a romantic dinner with a guy I want to fuck."

She says: "I'm going out with some of the girls tonight."

She means: "We're going to fuck like sailors on shore leave."

She says: "Of course there won't be strippers at my bachelorette party."

She means: "Hell yes there will be strippers."

She says: "I love you completely."

She means: "I love you completely, sissy."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kidnap Fantasies

Yes, I have them, so what?


I'm married to one of the sexiest, most beautiful women I've ever met, a woman who gets complimented on her looks every day, a woman who is hit on every day.

The irony is that I was the one who brought up chastity first.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going Back Out

"Are you sure? I mean…" She looked at me nervously, toying with her hair.

"You look great," I told her, not drunk, not at all, but certainly relaxed by the two drinks we had downstairs in the bar. The drinks he'd bought for us.

"I don't know, Paul..." It had been obvious he was flirting with her, not realizing at first she was with me, not caring once he found out, an alpha male not at all intimidated by someone like me.

After the second drink, he'd left us alone to go get one more. We took the opportunity to come back upstairs, groping one another on the elevator like we hadn't done in years, kissing as we walked down the hall.

"We...we were rude," she said as I pressed her against the wall.

"Leaving like that? Yea," I agreed. I looked at her, at the look in her eye, suddenly understood. "You want to go back down there?"

"I...I don't know," she said, kissing me instead of answering. "You?"

She'd known about my fantasies, known for years, laughed them off, but there was something different tonight.

I gulped. "Wear...wear the dress," I said.

Some hotels have robes in the room, ours had a club dress hanging in the closet. A turquoise cowl front mini dress, something so short, so revealing, it was closer to lingerie than a dress.

"Paul," she protested, but again, something in her voice betrayed her, "It's too much."

"Please," I said in a voice, in a tone that touched her, melted her.

"Fine," she said, "wait here."

She went to the closet, got the dress, took it to the bathroom. "Well," she asked, spinning when she emerged. My eyes bulged; I hadn't realized just how revealing it actually was. I mean, I knew seeing it on the hanger under the plastic cover it was short and low cut, but this was...

"Fuck." The front of the dress covered her breasts. Well, her nipple, anyway, the rest was on display, the soft curves on the sides, down underneath. If she moved, if she bent down in the slightest, her breasts would tumble free. From the side, they may as well not have been covered at all. The back was even lower cut, all the way down her back, to the curve of her ass. "You're not wearing..."

"No," she shook her head.

"Are you sure? I mean…"

"You look great."

"Paul, if...if we go back down there, he's going to think...I mean..."

"Yes," I swallowed.

"We both know what’s going to happen, right? Are you sure that’s what you want, Paul." Her eyes said she wanted it, how could I not want it, yes, yes.

"Yes," I said, shaking, "yes, yes."