Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Hands

Hands tied behind her back, sissy took the panties in her mouth and slowly lowered them, reinforcing the lesson that all a sissy needs is her mouth to please a woman.

Yea, this is the kind of threesome I dream about

You know, the kind where my sissy clit stays locked in chastity because Emily and her friend have all the cock anyone is going to need.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cruel Irony

It's a cruel irony of a cuckold's life, that the better he is at this, the more often she'll want sexual intimacy with him, and the less likely she'll want to feel his little dick inside her.


She may be married to you, but on the weekends, she belongs to him.

Whips and Chains

Pretend all you want that the only reason you're doing this is because you're bound and he has a whip, but we all know better.

Source | Divine Pics

Monday, November 26, 2012

Outercourse Only

A wife and her cuckold can be intimate, so long as he understand, that under no circumstances, shall his penis enter her.

Soon, soon.

Keep telling her you don't want to take it too far, keep telling her, sissy, that you don't really want to actually suck cock with her. Keep telling her that all you want, but she knows better, sissy, she always knows better, soon his cock will slide past those pretty sissy lips of yours. Soon.


Science teaches us that when a woman is ovulating, he sexual desire is highest, her sexual attraction to alpha men is at its peak, and that's when a woman is most likely to have an affair.

So, if you're a sissy, if you're a cuckold, learn her cycle, this is the time when you should be most understanding, most submissive, and most encouraging that you're okay with her embracing her needs.


If you leave two sissy girls home alone, be sure to lock them in chastity so they can't get into too much trouble while you're gone.


Looks like things are coming right along for this group of husbands going through feminization training at the St. Thomas Clinic for Wayward Husbands.


It's been said guys like watching two girls kiss because they imagine the women are just messing around until a man comes around to take care of them both.

Sometimes I feel the same way when Emily and I are making out.

Someone's getting spanked, someone's going to cum...

Pretty easy to tell which is getting what.

When I screw up, I wish my boss just took care of things the old fashioned way.


While not all women will admit it, every bride dreams of wedding night of amazing sex and teeth chattering orgasms.

If by chance, a woman falls in love with a sissy, she shouldn't have to forgo the night of her dreams, even if she needs a real man to make it happen.


Should you fear her? Not if you're a man, for she's tough, but you're an even match for her. You may never possess her, but she'll never harm you, either.

But if you're a sissy? Yes, you should be afraid, you should be very afraid.

The New Boss

Looks like corporate is instituting some changes in your underperforming department, a system of rewards...and punishments...that are sure to increase productivity.


Why would I take my pantyhose off, sweetie? It's not like that sissy clit of your is going inside me.

There are things a woman will do for a man that she'll NEVER do for her sissy.


Don't fight it, sissy, this was inevitable from the first day she sent you to her mother's house to clean wearing a maid's uniform.


The sure sign Emily's boss is in town. As she says, if she isn't fucking him (a bad career move), she likes to remind me how much she wants to.

When he made a drunken pass at his secretary, she took the necessary steps to make sure that would never happen again-she told his wife.

Together, they decided on consequence that naturally flowed from his actions: 1) A chastity cage to make sure he never forgot that his wife controlled him and 2) A change in wardrobe for his secretary so he never forgot he was wearing the cage.


She wanted to leave no doubt in your mind, sissy, how her date with him was going to end tonight.


She looks innocent, but trust me, she's far from it.

Agonizing Words

"I said I'd unlock you, I didn't say I'd let you cum."

You can work there, sissy, but if the other waitresses find out your little secret, there's going to be hell to pay.


Someone's been stealing women's panties from the laundry room at the apartment complex again and since a sign didn't seem to stop the thefts, management decided to launch an investigation to catch the dirty panty thief once and for all.

I'd be afraid if I were the panty thief, not of going to jail of course, the Huntress doesn't turn a suspect over to the police, she has better ways of dealing with a sissy panty thief.

And of course, the Huntress never fails to catch her prey.

Seriously, don't complicate things...

If you were a man, your eyes would quickly move up her leg as you thought how great it was going to be when you fucked her.

But you're not a man, you're a submissive sissy, one easily identified by your reaction to her nylon covered foot. A man doesn't just hope he gets to fuck her, a man KNOWS he's going to fuck her. But a sissy? A sissy doesn't think about sex like that, knowing he NEVER gets to fuck women like her. No, a sissy hopes against hope she'll let him touch her foot, maybe even kiss it, and at most, the MOST a sissy dreams about is being allowed to jerk his little sissy clit while that glorious foot is in his mouth.

A sissy doesn't complicate things with thoughts of her pussy, with thoughts of sex, a sissy will be happy with the simple joys in life, like sucking the foot of a beautiful woman.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Second Best Ride Ever

Riding me. After.

Best Ride Ever

I could watch Emily do this all day, mesmerized by how far she can rise above him and still keep his cock insider her and by her reaction to feeling him deep inside her.


Look, his cock is already inside her yet he's still long enough that she can wrap her hand around his shaft and there's still more at the other end.

She's not doing this with her sissy husband, his little clit fits nicely in the palm of her hand.

Best Friends


At first he will beg her not to, but soon, he'll be begging her not to stop.


Sissies who cannot behave when their wives are out on dates cannot be left home alone.

Yea, I totally identify


She agreed to wear the outfit I bought for her, but insisted I was going to pay a price.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cock Training

Like a dog being trained to the lease, a sissy training to suck cock has to learn to instantly obey her master's commands.

Here, when master says, "hold," sissy immediately stops what's she doing and holds master's cock in place. It's a useful command when he feels he is about to cum but wants to delay. It's also good for showing how well trained sissy is.

Where do I enlist?

Source | Nylon Dreams


You don't need industrial strength bondage equipment to tame your sissy, sometimes just an old pair of nylons will do.

Friday, November 23, 2012


When a man wants to cum he throws his woman over a table and fucks her silly.

When a sissy wants to cum, she begs mistress to unlock the chastity cage and let her squirt.

I do a lot of begging.

The nylon covered female foot

A sight that drives a million sissies into a frenzy.

Wedding Bliss

She's excited for what's going to happen tonight, though her groom, locked all snug and tight in his chastity cage, might have different feelings.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Date Night

What was your first clue that your wife wasn't having just a normal dinner with a new client?

The lingerie she wore?

When she told you not to wait up?

The limo he sent for?

Or the musky taste and smell of her pussy as she hovered over your face when she woke you up when she got home?