Wednesday, January 30, 2013 so many ways

Totally Love It...

What if she agrees to a threesome on two small conditions?

1. It's her and two men.

2. You are not one of the two.

No Erection Zone

"Remember, love, if it swells, the cage goes back on."

"I...I know, I'm're making it...difficult.

"Hmmm, that's the point, love, pretty boys are not allowed to have erections no matter what, no matter how much they get teased."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When I was growing up and found images like this, I didn't fantasize I was the guy in the picture, I was a girl, always one of the girls.


"Um, Ms. Carter, can I...can I help you?"

"IT called, they have a report of excessive downloads coming from our department, I'm checking all the computers."

"I...I don't think it's mine."

"Really, because I checked all the rest already and found nothing out of the ordinary. Yours, on the other hand, has some files downloaded today that certainly don't look work related."

"I...there must be something mislabeled, then."

"Must be, Paul, because I don't think there are any projects we're working on that have files like this. 'Crossdresser takes a strapon' or 'Black Cock Trainer' or 'Her Sissy Loves Cock' or my favorite, 'The Sissy Cuckold.' Care to explain yourself, Paul?"

"I don't know what those are."

"Really? I looked in your history, you've played 'Her Sissy Loves Cock' and 'The Sissy Cuckold' several times per day every day for a month now."

"Someone must have used my machine, Ms. Carter."

"Well that's too bad, Paul. See, I thought I'd caught you, Paul, and I was going to punish you for using company computers to look at porn like this."


"Punish, Paul, but if it's not your stuff I'll have to find out who downloaded this and have that person spend the afternoon under my desk, between my legs, learning what naughty boys do."

You may have brought her to the party, but it doesn't look like you'll be bringing her home.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leeanne posted this and I simply love it.

The Bad Wife

A sissy never forgets her first time, I know I never will.

Their mother thought feminizing them would make them stop hitting on girls...

...she was they hit on boys, instead.

That's what I took off, her lingerie is even sexier.

Yes, there are days I wish I was born a girl.

She decided to remind me how wet she gets when she spends the day with her boss

He decided to adapt

When the station decided it needed a young, pretty meteorologist to bost ratings with men, Brad Evans had two choices: 1) get fired or 2) adapt.

What, I've never worn stockings before, honey, maybe you should show me've got all sorts of experience, don't you?

How hard is it for a woman to enslave a sissy with a hosiery fetish? Not very

Shhhh, he's sleeping, you're going to have to spend the night in the spare room, honey.

She's teaching you how to please her in the only way you can

But what if I don't want to switch bodies back?

I don't know what it matters what time I'll be home, you'll be eagerly waiting to lick me clean

As sure as night follows day


Profiles in Perversity:
Tiffany’s advice: fuck who ever you want but marry a sissy man, he’ll make you life a pleasure

Winter is no excuse not to look your best, sissy.