Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I did that, too, the first time a woman touched me, I had an orgasm within seconds, much to the girl's surprise. Apparently the guys she was used to had endurance, something I lacked, and still do.


"Key? I thought you packed the key."

"No, you...you said you were going to bring it."

"Honestly it must have slipped my mind, sweetie."

"What are we supposed to do?"

"Get used to how things are going to be when we get home from the honeymoon, I guess."

Monday, July 29, 2013

When I was a kid, I dreamed my aunt was like this

Emily has a chemise she bought when she went to visit Evan and every time she wears it I think of her with him and melt and she knows it.

Something to emulate, girls, master or mistress will be proud.

Start of my kind of day: lingerie, bondage, chastity.

Doing the gender bending thing right

Ever ask yourself: Am I a sissy?

Take my test:

a) I want her

b) I want to be her

Sissy, waiting for him just the way he likes

I wanted to be a women born in a day and age when women always dressed like this for their men

Public display reinforces the notion that you'll never be viewed as a male again.

Um, totally agree!

In the beginning, making the association of the pleasure of coming with wearing women’s clothing will speed the progress of creating the fully feminized ex-male cuck. Frequent ejaculations for the first three weeks will build the association and the need for regular orgasm’s. This is when the cage should then be applied and denial used to further her development.
This was employed with many of my gurls with great success, even when not caged and just denied. Cum read about their journeys.

Kind of cool what the big thing on the left does to the little thing on the right

The Lascivious Fall/Winter Collection

You forgot to bring cash to tip the boat crew, but don't worry, your new bride knew exactly what to do.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


When a real men says he hopes to get lucky with her at the end of a night, lucky means one thing, his cock in her pussy.

This, though, more sums up what a sissy like me means when he says he hopes to get lucky:

Friday, July 26, 2013


He's only halfway in yet the bride already realizes how vast the differences between sex with her new husband, who's waiting patiently downstairs in the bar, and sex with a real man.

What a well trained gurl wears under her uniform….

Source (and title) | Transvestite Training

What do you dream about?

Dressed for...?

I love it when Emily wears skirts, I love it when she wears low cut shirts, I love her body, she takes care of it, and I love seeing it.

But I love it when she wears things like this when I'm not around, when she's out and about by herself, or having a meeting with a client. I love it when men see her and stare at her and flirt with her and want her.

I love it when she dresses for herself, for me, but for someone else, too.

My caged clit just started twitching

I like to travel in the fall, I can wear cuter clothes

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's probably fake, but it just feels so right

Quick Sissy! Catch It Before It Drips Out Of Me!

Leeanne's Sissy Musings:
"Quick Sissy! Catch It Before It Drips Out Of Me," my wife urged me after her lover withdrew.

When she goes out dressed like this and just happens to forget to put on her wedding ring...yea, you might be a cuckold.

When did it happen, that subtle switch, when did Emily learn that her nylon covered feet could be used to punish me, to tease, rather than to reward?

Was it the tenth time I told her how good she looked in stockings? The hundredth?

Was is day after day of her putting her feet in my lap and receiving a foot massage without asking?

Was it the first time she 'wasn't in the mood' for sex and I begged her to just let me lick her all over even if I didn't cum?

Or was it that pattern that started to get established, her orgasms being of paramount importance, mine, inconsequential. "If you want pamper me, be my guest," she'd say, "but I'm not in the mood to screw, so don't expect to screw."

Which slowly transformed to, "so don't expect to cum."

Which slowly transformed to, "here, let me lock it up."

Which slowly transformed to, "no, I'm not unlocking it today," and then, "this week," and then, "this month."

Yes became no which became yes but still no.

Yes for us became no, then yes for her and maybe for me, and finally yes for her and no, no, no.

And her feet, still her feet, I love them, I adore them, but her feet, which used to be a prelude to sex are now a reminder of something different, my devotion to her, my worship of her, things I do not to get something in return, but to show her how much I love her, how much I care.

Best way to start a day

Monday, July 22, 2013


"Don't worry, honey, he said it's just an innocent costume party, trust me."

So, so true

I swear to god, Emily makes this same face and when she does, I know I'm in trouble...and usually know why.

Mercy Suspender Brief by Agent Provocateur

Personally, I think a suspender brief is the perfect foundation upon which a sissy can start her day. A good example is the Mercy Suspender Brief from Agent Provocateur, regularly $250, on sale for only $40. The matching bra is also on sale, regularly $190, now $40.

Why a suspender brief? Well, obviously, it's all about control! A suspender brief controls a sissy's stockings, a suspender brief controls a sissy's stomach, a suspender brief controls a sissy's ass, and most important, a suspender brief controls a sissy's naughty clit, tucking it safely out of the way.

Remember, as much as you might be tempted to touch that sissy clit of yours, deep down inside your a girl, and sweetie, you need to forget all about that little thing between your legs.

So, try a suspender brief, you'll be very pleased with the results, trust me.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I was never into cars, but that doesn't mean I didn't like going to auto shows...

Unlike the guys, who wanted to drive the fast cars and oogle the cute girls working the show, all I wanted to do was get to be one of the girls getting oogled and flirt with cute guys as they checked out the cars. And me.

Friday, July 19, 2013


"I wore something special today," Emily stood seductively in the doorway watching me, "I have a lunch meeting with an new client and wanted to make an impression on him."

I watched as she raised her skirt, showed me the top of her stocking, felt my clit swell in the cage.

"Think he'll notice if I sit next to him?"

"How...how could he miss," I asked, butterflies in my stomach.

"Hmmm, try to get off work early, love, I might need some help when I get home." She looked down at the front of my panties, the bump of the chastity cage. "And just to be clear, not that kind of help," she smiled, "you still have two weeks to go."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inspiration for my next book

These pictures were my inspiration for the next book I'm working on, tentatively titled The Virgin Bride.

Meet Kristen McCarthy, the female protagonist, who the 'male' protagonist, Daniel Corey, falls head over heals in love with.

As for Daniel Corey? Well, he was inspired by the two pictures below, which might give you a hint that Daniel's masculinity is not long for this world.

By the way, I really shouldn't hint at what I'm working on, but I love these characters and love this story, so, dammit, I can't keep them bottled up inside me and this is one story that I'm not going to abandon, so fuck it :)