Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Perfect, she said, and I agree

Look what Emily and I got yesterday

The Holy Trainer. In pink.

That color is not one of the standard colors (white, black, clear), but if you request it, they can make it in pink (they called it rose) (extra € 20 charge). As you see, the entire thing is rose/pink except for the nub the lock goes through, which is white. I'm okay with that.

And yes, yes, I am wearing it now. Locked in it now.

We really, really wanted pink, I mean, I'm a sissy, why would we want any other color encasing my boy clit? The chastity cage is supposed to be emasculating, physically and mentally, so the pink helps with that?

Based on the measurements of the CB6000 I was wearing, we bought the medium sized ring (45mm) and the regular tube (65mm). Deciding ring size was easy, I just converted the inside diameter of my CB ring from inches to mm. The tube was more difficult, though. The CB6000S tube is just a little small for me, especially when I grow, while the CB6000 tube is too long.

Measuring tube length was hard as The Holy Trainer uses a different measurement than the CB, so, we decided to go with the standard size, and will order a smaller one if this doesn't work. Obviously too soon to figure that out.

First impressions:

  1. The ring is much easier to get on and feels more comfortable. I don't quite forget it is there, but it doesn't bite as much as the CB6000 ring. The Holy Trainer ring is shaped different so seems to cup things differently, making it more comfortable.
  3. The tube is more difficult to get on. I use the stocking method (look it up). Since my CB was clear, it was easy to see where the head of my boy clit was, more difficult with this tube. Also, the pee hole is larger on the CB, so it easier to pull the stocking out, thus the head into place. This is more difficult with The Holy Trainer, it took me longer to get it all set this morning. It didn't help that Emily was helping (someone kept swelling making things even more difficult).
  4. The back end of the tube extends further up the penis, again, different design. I think this will make escape more difficult. Let's be honest, if I really wanted to I could escape from the CB unless I wore points of intrigue, which I didn't, cause they hurt too much. I couldn't escape all the time, and it took some effort (and unsuccessful efforts fucking hurt), but it was not 100% secure. What kept me in? The knowledge that if I slipped out I couldn't get back in so Emily would know and I'd be in big fucking trouble. I have not really pulled and tugged to see if I can get out of this, but my initial, half-assed try, left me the impression that escaping will be more difficult.
More pictures, below. Further review after being locked up for awhile.


When we first started dating, Emily learned almost immediately that she had to be careful as too much foreplay* led to my orgasm before she had a chance to feel me inside her. So she learned to really pay attention and stop way sooner than she was used to.

Now, though, when she feels me approaching the edge, instead of stopping, she gets more intense, with the goal of making me cum. "Remember," she'll say if I beg her to slow down or stop, "sissies don't belong inside pretty girls, only men do."**

*And by too much, I mean the amount of foreplay she was used to with a normal man.

**On rare occasions, I am allowed inside her. Rare, though, very rare.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I always loved them, ever since I was a little boy girl.

The Third Sons Equestrian Team

First sons serve in the Prince's arm.

Second sons serve in the Prince's church.

Third sons serve in the Prince's stables.

I call bottom!

"Sorry. But you wanted me to be honest honey…"

I don't know who she is but I'm a HUGE fan of what she's going going on!

His Proper Place

Totally Mesmerizing

Exactly how a sissy should look, not even a HINT of maleness

Because getting enough semen in her diet is so important for a sissy's healthy body and mind

How long in chastity for this transgression?

I'd say three weeks:

1. Orgasm without permission - 1 week
2. Making a mess in her panties - 1 week
3. Failure to eat any discharge - 1 week


Without seeing anything else, you know you want to worship her.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sissies Think Differently

A co-worker showed me this picture today, asked, "So, what do you think?"

Without thinking, I answered, "beautiful."

He chuckled. "Yea, she's hot."

Still staring at the beautiful lace bra and panty set, I thought, but managed not to say, "Oh, yes, she's pretty too."


Men, when their wives are out of town, usually watch a ball game, smoke cigars, play poker, and drink whiskey.

Sissies, of course, have other things they like to do together when left alone.


"So, Jason, how does it feel dressing up as a girl?"

"Well, Mom, I...I kind of like it."

"I knew you would, sweetie, I knew you would."

Sissy, you'll never be worthy enough for my pussy, so be grateful you even get my foot.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Only Sometimes?

Source | Lover of sluts

Pink is perfect for sissies!!!

Innocent Sissy

Cultural Differences

He spoke fluent Japanese, his mother was born there, but Karl was still surprised he was hired right out of college to work at the company's U.S. headquarters where he would interact with visiting Japanese executives.

But he learned he wasn't hired for his business skills, he was specifically recruited for something else he possessed, his trim, almost feminine figure.

Karl, now Kari, wasn't going to visit any manufacturing facilities, he wasn't going to put together budges or sales forecasts, his job was took him to fine restaurants, to plays, the symphony, and the best hotels in town.

Kari was hired as a courtesan to serve as a companion for important clients and executives, those who wanted the pleasures of a woman while they were away from their homes, wives, and girlfriend, but a different kind of woman, one with something special between their legs.

It's a sissy thing

I don't know about you, but I've been intimidated by every pretty woman I've ever met regardless of her age or mine. And I think every one of those women knows it, too, the second I talk to them, I think every one understands, intuitively, that I'm not a man, even if I'm trying to pretend to be one. Once glance, that's all it takes. One glance.

Cosplay rules!

Saturday Mornings

So Emily is training for a marathon, which means on Saturday mornings she gets up at 7:30 and goes out and runs like 16 or 18 miles. This will be like her fifth or sixth marathon cause she's a badass. She drives to the park, warms up, does her run, walks to cool down, drives home, so she's gone for three plus hours. 

But that doesn't mean Sara gets to sleep in!

Quite the opposite. No, I get up at 6:30, an hour before her. I don't wake her up because I sleep in the guest room on Friday nights when she has a long run so as not to wake her up in the middle of the night, especially important if she has plans on Friday night and wants as much sleep as she can get.

I get up an hour before her, shower, put on makeup, do my hair in a feminine style, and this is the important part, put on the prettiest Maid's uniform I have (that would be this or this). I then make coffee and breakfast for her, check the weather, get out her running clothes appropriate for the weather (such service), get her water bottles and energy gels ready, and wake her up.

She's not a morning person, so I don't expect a happy, beaming, friendly thank you, instead, I'm usually grumbled at, sometimes snarled at, and treated like a servant, not her husband, friend, and lover. I help her dress (usually handing her an item of clothing one at a time), wait while she eats, then get her out the door after begging for a kiss (she's totally not a morning person).

While she's gone, I eat breakfast myself, clean the house top to bottom (the routine is start laundry, clean bathrooms, clean the kitchen, change the sheets and make the bed, dust, then vacuum) with the goal of being done when she gets back.

I then get our ice packs for her (try running 18 miles without being sore), make her a light lunch, wash her disgusting, sweaty clothes while she showers, and tuck her into bed for a nap. 

And that's when I get my reward, a genuine smile, a tender kiss, a touch on the stocking covered leg, and a "you're such a good girl" while she closes her eyes and goes to sleep. 

Yea, that's my Saturday mornings. And I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

Someone's going to get punished!

Source | Sissymaidtami

Love it, know why?

Go out dressed like this and everyone, EVERYONE will know exactly what you are!

Source | Stefi Ram

Carefully laid out on the bed for you by mistress

Source | A married sissy


She should be in chastity, but she's so adorably feminine, maybe we can make an exception. Of course, she's so feminine, there's a good chance she can no longer even get an erection.