Sunday, February 23, 2014


"Karen, I am the only guy here dressed as a woman, WTF," Joe texted his sister when he got to the party.

"Dressed as a woman, what the hell are you talking about, Joe," his sister responded.

"You said it was going to be a drag party, Karen, I'm dressed as a fucking playboy bunny and everyone is staring at me."

"I said the party was going to BE A DRAG, not that it was drag party, you idiot. OMG are you really dressed in...holy shit, Kevin just posted your picture on facebook and said you look hot!!!"

"What the hell am I supposed to do?"

"Well...Kevin is kind of cute...LOL"


"And he's right, BTW."


"You do look hot, fuck, look at those legs my on my little brother."

"Karen, he's coming over here!"

"Well, good luck Joe, hope someone gets lucky tonight!"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It may look so small, but it's all that's needed to lock me up, too.

Perfect panties for hiding a sissy clit

As a boy, I always wanted the lead female role

Given her enthusiasm, I'm guessing that's not her husband

"Remember," Emily said last night as she clicked the lock on the chastity cage shut, pulled up my panties, and smoothed the hem of my maid's uniform back in place, "the longer this is on the more special it is when it comes off."

That's the normalcy of things, of course. 

Coming home after work, cooking dinner, straightening up.

Bringing her a glass of wine, listening to her talk about her day.

Massaging her feet while she unwinds.

Checking things off the list of chores I perform.

Doing laundry in the evening while she's on the computer, getting in an hour of work after dinner.

Getting up early on the weekends, showering, getting dressed in a pretty maid's uniform, bringing her coffee in bed.

And spending time between her legs, her pleasure becoming my pleasure until that next special time.

I still haven't washed the panties she wore that fateful night

Monday, February 17, 2014

"You don't mind if I put my feet up, do you sweetie," she often asks me.

Mental Images

So what images where going through my mind as Emily was on top of me holding still because she knew I was going to cum the second she moved?

Images of him with her, images of him entering her, images of him fucking her. Long. Deep. Hard.

Images I can't get out of my mind. Images I never want to leave my mind. Even if she never does it again (though we both want her to), even if it is never a regular thing (it won't be with Jeff, but with someone else, who knows), even if cuckolding is a rarity, a special treat now and then...

I love the thought of a man sliding his long, thick cock into my wife.

There, I said it.

I know it's fucked up, Emily and I both know that, but then, it's our fucked up thing and we like it.


P.S. It's the last image that gets me, his cock head pushing her lips apart, opening her for the rest of him, filling her in a way I never have, and quite honestly, a way I don't really want to, anyway.

Valentine's Day ended well, so, so well.

"What," I asked, shocked.

"I said I want to feel you inside me."

"Emily, don't tease me," I begged, straining in the cage.

"I'm not," she kissed me deeply, "it's been sooo long, too long and I want to feel you're little clit inside me." She reached under the pillow, took it out, the key.

It had been so long, not days, not week, but months, months, months. "Emily," I moaned, shaking in anticipation as her fingers worked the lock, the cage. "Please, I...I'll..."

"Shhhh, I know sissy, I know..."

"But I...I'll..." She climbed on top of me, I felt her wetness, the warmth glide across me. "Ohhhhhhh."

"Don't move, love, don't move," she said, tongue in my ear as she moved her hips up, shifted slightly, and slowly, slowly, lowered herself onto me.

"Emily, I...I can't..." I practically begged her, if she moved, if I moved, it would be over, so fast, so sudden.

She giggled. "Of course not, my pretty girl, of course not...he could...but not you...I know...I know...."

"Em," my eyes fluttered, even if it was over, he hung over us, a presence.

"Shhhhh, I want it again, not him, someone, but not tonight, tonight I want you, tonight I want my pretty lover, my soft sissy..." We kissed, unmoving save for our mouths and the images flashed in my brain as they often did.

"Emily," I moaned as I felt her tense, sensed she was about to move. "I...I can't..."

"Shhhhh," she said again, "I know...don't try...don't even try..."


She kissed me again, lifted her hips once, slowly, started to lower them, and it ended just as she came to rest on my pelvis. One thrust, one single thrust and I exploded inside her. "That's it, my pretty, that's it, let it all out, such a good girl." For a minute, two, she rocked her pelvis slowly, not thrusting, just rocking as I shook all over, whispering in my ear over and over what a good girl I was.

When I was done, when she knew everything was out, she pushed herself up, looked down on me. "Now it's my turn." Quickly, she hovered over me, she was so wet, so tender, so warm, and so full and all I wanted then, all I needed, was to taste her, taste me, and make the love of my life cum over and over and over.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

It's for us, for Emily and me, it's ours alone, dinner, home, together. I'm cooking. I'm pampering. I'm serving. It's us. Just us.

No Jeff.

That's over. She 'broke up' with him last week, it was oddly uneventful, anti-climatic. He understood, realized he wasn't the right person for her, for us. And quite frankly, he got what he wanted.

So now it's just us, again, just us. 

Of course I want it again, so does she. 

But that's for another day, another season. 

Friday is just about us.

Maybe, just maybe, there might even be a key involved.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Emily's Simple Teasing and Denial Game

1. Remove my chastity cage.

2. Take my to the edge again and again with her nylon covered foot.

3. Stop when I can no longer hold back but before I cum.

4. Replace chastity cage.

5. Enjoy my mouth on her pussy.

6. Repeat weekly.

Outercourse - a method for cuckold couples to have physical intimacy without intercourse

This has been making the rounds...with good reason!