Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some call it kinky...I call it a normal Saturday morning at our house.

6:30-7:30     Wake up, shower, get dressed in my uniform
7:30-8:30     Light cleaning (put away dishes, wipe down kitchen, start laundry)
8:30-9:00     Start coffee, finish kitchen
9:00-9:30     Bring Emily coffee in bed
9:30-10:00   Change bed linens, make bed, straighten bedroom while Emily gets up, showers
10:00-11:00 Dress Emily, second cup of coffee for Emily, breakfast
11:00-1:00   Clean house while Emily reads, catches up with some of her chores (budget, etc.)
1:00-2:30     Lunch (with Emily), inspection; I'm off duty after I clean up from lunch (assuming                                    inspection goes okay.)


  1. A very normal Saturday for me, unless there is an evening party to set up, or Mistress Barbara assigns other tasks or services. As i have gained senior citizen status, afternoons are filled with more services than tasks. you have a lovely uniform.

  2. I'm not a maid, but I do most of the housework. And as usual, fixed breakfast this morning.



  3. What about later Saturday afternoons when you help prepare Emily for her date?

  4. Sara......... I adore the white sheer tights...... I assume that you wear them .......... goes back to our ballet days as little boys, doesn't it? We had to wear those black tights...... while the girls got to wear white or ballet pink. Such a shame!

  5. Sara
    You are so pretty in your maids dress. Like Jayme said, your white tights really show your legs perfectly. I also have attained senior status but I still love taking care of Mistress. I'm not as lucky as you, though, I don't have a pretty maids dress although I think that it might happen pretty soon.

  6. Sounds like heaven and something i partially experience now so i best be careful what i wish for.

    Love your blog, Sara and love your stories (i've just started chapter 2 of Room and Board)