Tuesday, May 26, 2015

If-Then Statement

If this happens:

When your husband thinks of wearing these:

Then he should always wear one of these:

Friday, May 22, 2015


"Your wife tells me you've been having some trouble in the bedroom," the therapist said crossing her legs.

My eyes went wide as I saw the lace band of a stocking top. "Um, yes," I mumbled. "S...some."

"Some?" She asked, clicking her pen. "When's the last time you lasted long enough to bring her to orgasm?"


"You heard me," she said, "the last time you lasted long enough to bring her to orgasm."

"I...I don't know, a...a few months, I guess."

"A few months?" She looked down at her notes. "She said it's been almost two years."

"I...I guess."

"Too much porn?" she sneered. "We'll be addressing that first. That stops. Today. No more porn. No more masturbating."

I looked away, embarrassed. "I...I try not to."

"And fail. But that stops."

The way she said it, so confident, so matter of fact, startled me, even scared me. "You'll...you'll really help with that today? I...I assumed it would take awhile."

"It would take months with a regular sex therapist...I'm not a regular sex therapist. I use more practical methods."

"Practical methods?" My blood felt cold. "What...what kind of methods?"

"The normal course is to use talk therapy, redirection, mood setting. I use a chastity cage. Starting today."

Date Night

Clues? They're obvious, of course: no wedding ring, sexy lingerie, stockings, and fuck me heels. Obviously not the way a wife dresses for a night in with her sissy husband.

Erect clitty? Without permission? Someone just earned a month in chastity.

Fountain of Youth

Monday, May 18, 2015