Friday, July 15, 2016


Seeing what Isabel did to herself, my only thought was this is exactly why a sissy should always be locked in chastity. Not that I can blame her; if Emily didn't keep my clit under lock and key, I'd do this every fucking day.

Honestly, I don't think there was a time I didn't fantasize more about looking like one of them than fucking one of them.

Ahhhh, remembering the days when I wore the "big" cage. Now? The small one, always the small one.


Yes, I still get incredibly jealous when she tells me how good he is, how hard he makes her cum, how much she craves his cock inside her.

But instead of asking her to stop, instead of asking her to unlock me and let me put my penis inside her, I look down, do what we both know I'm going to do, and beg me to let her lick her clean while my clit swells, untouched, in the cage.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Want your wife to keep a flat stomach? Hire her a personal trainer.


You don't beg a sissy to suck cock, she begs you to let her suck cock.

Who's next?

So close to perfect, but honestly, she needs a chastity cage, stat!

There's simply no reason her clit should ever be free or erect around a real man.


He had begged his fiancee for almost a year to participate in a threesome and she finally agreed, so long as she got to pick who would join them.

" can't be a stranger," he said, attaching one of his only two conditions.

"It's not a stranger," she promised, a twinkle in her eye.

He thought about her friends. "Not...not Monica," he said, the only friend of her who wasn't attractive even in the least.

"Not Monica," she promised again. "Anything else?"

",' he said, already picturing his fiancee kissing one of her girlfriends.

She kept her promises, too, and it was Michael, a guy she knew from work, a guy who he knew flirted with her, day in, day out.


"He's not a stranger, is he?" she asked him.

"No, but..."

"And it's not Monica, is it?"

"No, but...but he's a man."

"He is, he's a man."

And a week later, licking her while Michael fucked her, he told himself one thing over and over.

It's not gay as long as my tongue doesn't touch his cock, he thought licking while they fucked.

It's not gay as long as it's not in my mouth, he thought when Michael's cock slipped out and his tongue touched it.

It's not gay as long as it's was just once, he thought when Michael's tried to thrust back into his wife and missed and the head of his cock ended up in his mouth.

It's not gay as long as it's covered with her juices, he thought when his wife pushed Michael's cock into his mouth and told him to taste her.

It's not gay as long as long as he doesn't cum, he thought when he found himself sucking cock for the first time.

It's not gay if I don't swallow, he thought when Michael erupted.

It's not gay if she asks me to, he thought when she told him not to spill a drop.