Saturday, December 23, 2017


You watch, mesmerized, as he finally pulls out from your wife, eyes locked on her wet pussy, hardly able to believe the mess he made, the sheer volume of it.

"Sweetie," she says, voice but a whisper, beckoning you to her, motioning you towards her with with one finger.

At the moment of truth, you inevitably freeze; it's one thing to talk about fantasies when it's just the two of you, when you're along, when you know it isn't real. But this is something different altogether, this isn't fantasy, this is reality and a man, your wife's lover, has just cum inside her and she wants you to come kneel, lick her clean.

You glance at him for a brief instant, first his face, then between his legs, but you quickly look away from his cum covered cock, which even now, no longer fully erect, is so thick, so masculine.

How can you do this? How can she expect you to kneel between her legs, lick her, clean her? How can she expect you to do this with him watching, judging. You know what he's thinking, don't you? What kind of pervert would let his wife fuck someone else and then lick it clean?

"Little boy," she says, again a whisper, impressing on both you and her lover what kind of pervert you are.

You know you'd never do it without her insisting. As much as you fantasize about it, her asking...demanding, is what brought you here, what makes you kneel, lean towards her. She wants you to do it because it's degrading. She wants you to do it because it bothers you. She wants you to do it because it's a sign of submission, a sign of acceptance.

Of your place compared to him.

When you stick out your tongue, when you taste the first drops, you know know you're being tested, judged. You know no man would ever do what you're doing, no man. Not now. Never.

So lick her clean, now, show him...that you surrender. Serve.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Healthy Sex

Nothing could be more natural than an attractive, fit, and feminine married woman experiencing deep, passionate sex with a strong, masculine man.

So don't blame your wife for wanting this, needing this, experiencing this.

She still loves you. More than ever.

Trust me.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Intimacy without intercourse

Yes, it's possible. Sometimes desirable. A reminder a husband and wife can have their own special connection, leaving certain responsibilities for her lover.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's Time

"He's going to be here in five minutes, honey, we need to get the cage on you," your wife said softly, almost apologetic.

"Jen, please, can't we...can't we skip it?"

"Peter, we talked about this, I know you don't like it but he..."

"Jen," you interrupted, not wanting to hear her say it.

"He insists," she said sympathetically.

You swallowed, knew deep down inside it was your own least partially. "It's not fair, it was just one time."

She frowned, you knew she was thinking about that 'one time', that time you misbehaved, masturbated while she was out with him, the scene you caused when he brought her home. His calmness throughout. You knew a switch flipped that night, knew she saw you both different, knew she saw him as the strong, confident man and you, the opposite.

"Peter," she said, "it's just for a week."

That was the rub, of course, he didn't insist just on the night, but the whole week, too. A week in chastity every time they went out, a week in which all you could do is think about them without relief, a week that made you think only of their next night together. A week in which your only relief from the thoughts was to pamper her, serve her, and be intimate in a way that pleased only her.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


The cage has been on now for months. And months. And months.

So relief is through a milking, a squirt without an erection, release without erection, denial of an any kind of 'male' orgasm.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thrusting Hips

When your wife thrusts her hips like this with her lover, it's an instinctual think; she's trying to get him to drive his cock deep into her, to take as much of his cum inside her as she can.

When she thrust her hips up like this with you, it's the same; but without knowing, she's trying to get you to drive your tongue deep into her, to lick clean as much of his cum as you can.

Friday, December 15, 2017


Yes, I still get jealous watching her suck his cock. I don't know why, after all this time, but it's both the most exciting thing and most humiliating thing.

Maybe it's how she does it, the eagerness.

Maybe it's way he sees it, almost an act of submission on her part.

Maybe it's the innocence of it, my normally demure wife with the bulbous head of a man's cock in her mouth.

Maybe it's the end, watching him cum in her mouth, watching her swallow as she looks up at him, something she never did to me, never, even before all this started.

"That's gross," she would tell me, telling me that's something she'd never do, making it clear if I ever did that, if I ever came in her mouth, she'd never...ever...put her mouth on it again.

And I never did, I never have. Not with her, not with any woman. Never. Not once.

Holiday Party

He's taking her to a holiday party, a quasi work thing, and instead of being jealous of their time together (which I am), I know I should focus on what I can help with, making sure she looks as pretty, elegant, and glamorous as she can. Making her evening stress free. Being there to support her, even them.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


"I'd tell you this isn't what it looks like," my young wife said when I came home unexpectedly early, "but the reality is this is exactly what it looks like."

"But...but looks like..."

"I'm going to fuck her silly," he laughed.

"Yes," I gasped.

"Yep," he said. "Why don't you make us some dinner."

"Dinner?" I asked.

"Dinner, bitch," he said, "we're going to be awhile."


She didn't believe you.

You told her over and over you only liked women, but your wife didn't believe you; you told her again and again you weren't interested in men, but she didn't listen.

Because again and again you did what she wanted, sometimes eagerly.

First you licked her clean when she got home from a date.

Then you licked her clean with him there, right after he fucked her.

Next, you licked him clean after he finished, telling yourself it was her juices you wanted, not him.

But she wanted more.


And you did it.

Because eventually, you licked him before he fucked her, fluffed him, got him hard.

Because eventually, you licked him when he didn't fuck her, you sucked his cock, gave him blow jobs even when she wasn't there.

Eventually, his cock was in your mouth regularly.



"Did he or did he not cum inside you or not, pet?" my wife's friend, Sophia, asked her, menace in her voice.

"He...he did," my wife said, voice quivering.

"Gmmmff," I mumbled from the corner, silenced by the gag, immobile from the restraints holding me to the chair.

"And what did I promise you if that happened?" she asked my wife.

"A...a spanking," she said.

"Playful or serious?" her friend asked, toying with the waist band of my wife's panties

"S...serious," my wife answered, clearly afraid.

"Aaait," I tried to speak through the gag, "u...u ant..."

Sophia glared at me, silenced me with her eyes. "Speak again, you selfish prick, and it will be a week she can't sit, not just a day."

I said nothing, ashamed. Not that at what I'd done with my wife...she was my wife, after all...but that Sophia was going to punish her for doing something husbands and wives did.

"Mistress," my wife said softly, "I...I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted, pet, but I warned you, didn't I? That little penis of his does not go inside you. Ever."

"I...I know," my wife said.

"Not that we'll have that problem again, will you?" Sophia looked between my legs, at the small cage encasing my penis, securely locked, keeping me soft.

"Eeeeese," I begged.

"This is going to hurt, pet," Sophia said, "learn a lesson from it."

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


"Susan, what...what are you going here? Amy's in Chicago," I asked my sister in law, surprised to see her sitting in my living room.

"I know. There was apparently an incident this morning she asked me to address."

"In...incident," I swallowed.

"Something about someone being disrespectful, I believe?"

"I...I don't know what you're talking about," I lied, confused, why Susan was here, not believing my wife would have said something to her sister about our private life.

"Really? Because Amy said you took a tone with her," Susan narrowed her brow.

"I...maybe...but...I...I mean...that's between Amy and me...and anyways, I apologized," I said, not sure why I needed to defend myself to Susan.

"She told me you apologized," Susan said.

" why are you here?" I asked, confused.

"I understand there are consequences to disrespecting Amy."

"C...consequences?" I said, mouth suddenly dry.

"A spanking?"

"Susan, we...that...that's none of your business!"

"Normally I'd agree, but Amy doesn't think delayed consequences send the right message to a husband."

"She what?"

"Delayed consequences send mixed messages," Susan said, "they let a husband think certain behaviors are appropriate when they're clearly not. So Amy thinks, anyway. Not that I disagree."

"Well, she...she's gone till the end of the week; even if she's right."

"Is she right, David?"


"Are delayed consequences unfair?"

"I...I suppose they are," I said, thinking I'd avoid having my ass reddened when Amy got home.

"I'm glad you see things her way, David; we wondered if you'd accept it this way."

"Wait...what way?" I asked.

"A spanking from me," she said, crossing her hands over her lap.

"F...from you?" I asked, eyes wide open. "Wait a minute..."

"Get the brush, David," Susan said.

"Wait a minute, can't...Susan!"

"I understand there are special garments, too," Susan said.

My eyes went wide. "She...she didn't!"

"Special panties, I believe," Susan said grinning, "to remind misbehaving boys certain things are not tolerated."

For Al Playa

"Dress like this," she said, holding up a print out of the picture of she'd found on her husband's computer, the one in which he was dressed in lingerie.

"Mary, please," he begged his wife, "I...don't..."

"Dress like this," she hissed, shoving the picture in his face. "I want to see you like this."


"Like this," she said, voice now calm and cold. "Or so help me, I'll send this picture to everyone we know."

He started to move, but she stopped him. "Wait."

"What?" he asked, still looking down.

"I told you to get everything," she said.

"I...I did," he said, "I...I got everything," he mumbled, eyes downcast, looking through the things she made him get from the secret hiding spot under the stairs.

"No, something's missing," his wife said, looking through the pile of items her husband had on the bed.

"This...this is all of it," he gestured to the lingerie, the toys, the maid's uniform.

"What's this to, then?" she asked, taking the key from the bed.

"I...I don't know," he mumbled, "a...a lock."

"There's nothing with a lock here."


"What's this to?" she demanded.

"A...a lock," he said, not really answering.

"A lock to what?" she asked in a threatening tone.

"A...a padlock," he evaded.

"If you're evasive one more time...a padlock for what?"

"A...a chastity cage," he said, barely audible.

"Where is it?" she asked.

"It...t...there," he pointed to the small bag under a bra, " there."

Mary put down the picture, picked up the bag, opened it, took out the pink plastic cage, turned it over in her hands. "It's small," she smirked, "not that I'm surprised."

"Mary," he started to say.

"I assume it can't grow inside that? That's the purpose?"

"Yes...I mean no, can't."

"And I assume one can't...pleasure themselves?"

" it's just...I mean..."

"Just a fetish?" she asked.

"I don't know."

"You've worn it, I assume?"


"Put it on," she handed it to him.

"Mary, I...I don't know..."

"I don't care," Mary snapped. "Little boys who take pictures of themselves in lingerie are in no position to be making decisions about things like this."

He took the cage, was so mortified by all this, he easily fit into the small tube. "Mary..."

"Lock it," she said.

"Mary, please..."

"Lock it. Now." She fluttered the picture, made the subtle threat.

He snapped the lock shut, watched her slip the key into her pocket. "What...what are you doing with that?" he asked, "that's the only..." He stopped before he said it.

"The only one? Good. What am I doing with it? Putting it away somewhere safe. Now finish dressing."


"Don't you dare take that tone with me, ever again. Things are going to change around here, trust me, things are going to change."

"Change...change how?"

"Well for starters, that is going to stay on for quite some time, trust me."

Why do I love it as much as it hurts?

Because there is nothing sexier than watching their bodies become one; seeing the contrast of Emily's soft, feminine skin with Matthew's masculinity; hearing her gasp as he opens her, enters her; or hearing the sounds she makes as he makes her cum.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


I went to college, my virginity intact, because high school girls want nothing to do with weak boys. They might not have known I was a budding sissy, but they certainly knew I wasn't on the cusp of manhood.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Friends With Benefits

As you took the second cock in your mouth, the cum from the first man still in your mouth, your wife leaned over, whispered in your ear. "I lied," she said, "they aren't all know two of them."

Instinctively, you tried to move your hands to the blindfold, but the cuffs held them securely behind you. Instinctively, you tried to pull back, but whoever this man was, he reached forward, held your head steady, his cock in your mouth.

"No, no, pet," she said, "you don't get to peak, I want you to wonder, ever day, ever man you see, every man you know, I want you to wonder if he's one of the men who you sucked, I want you to wonder if he's cum in your mouth, I want you to wonder if he's looking at you, knowing what a sissy slut you are." She reached down, took your balls in her hand, massaged them, felt your penis tighten in the chastity cage.

"Gffmmmmm," you groaned as he fucked your mouth.

"When you sit in your Monday sales meeting, sissy, wonder if the man next to you came in your mouth. When you see a neighbor taking out the trash, wonder if you sucked his cock. When you golf with your friends, wonder if one of them knows that when you're bragging about sex with your wife, you're lying because he knows you're little penis is locked away."

Friday, December 8, 2017

Her Lover

Your wife's lover isn't into guys, he isn't going to fuck you, pussy is what turns him on.

But he will fuck with you, making it clear he owns you as much as he owns her.



I love licking Emily though her sheer panties when she gets home from a date with Matthew; she loves it too, the extra effort it takes to clean her makes her cum over and over and over.

"I know we talked about unlocking it for Christmas, but you've come this far, wouldn't it be nice to go the entire year without a nasty erection."

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Emily wears it for me, knowing what a tease she is, knowing she's showing me the thing I can't have.

Emily wears it for him, knowing how he'll react, knowing he can have her whenever he wants.

Monday, November 27, 2017


I had sliver of pumpkin pie on Thursday afternoon.

I had a small piece of cherry pie on Friday at lunch.

I had a huge helping of cream pie on Saturday night.

Monday, October 30, 2017


We used to have a rule. No kissing. But it wasn't a rule that lasted.

Matthew pushed it. It's what he does. Find those little things, use them, dominate, control.

He know hard boundaries, respects them, but soft limits are something different.

Pushing soft limits lets him remind both of us that he's the man in our marriage, that he's the one her body belongs to, that he's who she...we...serve.

Kissing is intimacy, but it's a natural part of sex, too.

I asked her, do you want to kiss him? She blushed, said it was hard not to, especially when she was on top of him, begging him, needing him, wanting him.

And so it was a rule that was broken, made to be broken. Broke.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

He can explain

"A...Amanda...what...what are you doing here?" he stammered when he turned, saw his wife standing in the doorway.

"Checking in on you," she glared at him.

"This...this isn't what it looks like," he blurted out.

"Thank god for that," she folded her arms, "because it looks like my husband's dressed like a girl and is about to suck cock."


"That's not what this is, right? I mean, you're not dressed like a girl, right?"


"And you weren't just about to suck cock, were you?"

"A...Amanda, please...I...I can explain."

"Tell me," Amanda's gaze shifted to the woman next to her husband, "what does my husband come here for?"

The woman looked at Amanda, shrugged. "To learn to suck cock," she said.

"And he likes it?" Amanda asked.

"See for yourself," the woman said with a smirk.

"Indeed. And you'll take care of that before we leave?"

"We can cage it if you'd like."

"I doubt I'll be needing it anytime in the near future," Amanda said, "if ever."


"Don't you fucking Amanda me, you slut," Amanda glared at her husband, then looked back over at the woman. "Go ahead, cage him, I have to admit, I never liked that anyway."

"" He stammered.

"I love sex," she shook her head, "sex with you...not so much."

"Amanda, please, let me explain..."

"It's going to be tough to explain with your mouth full," she glared. 

"Go on," the woman said, "you heard your wife, suck!"


From Al:

I ask the following with the utmost respect. I realize it's a common fantasy theme but don't ask for that reason, rather because you and Emily obviously have a different perspective on some things than most couples would.

Would you ever consider the possibility of Matthew impregnating Emily? I'm not meaning that you plan on such an occurrence, just arrange activities so that it may be a possibility, an unknown factor in your family planning.


No. I get people fantasize about that; heck, sometimes I fantasize about it. It's powerful, a man's sperm (mentally as well as actually). I get people may even do that. But what Emily and I have is permanent, for the long haul. What Emily and Matthew have may be for the long haul, may last a long time, but there is no marriage, no life long commitment, no love, no growing old together. Thus, to me, to us, no children.

If Emily and I have a baby, it will be because Emily and I made a baby.

Monday, October 16, 2017


"Want to lick them, my pretty little husband?"

" know I do."

"You may."


"Seriously, pet, you may lick them."


"Now, but..."

"But what?"

"One rule."

" rule?"

"Each lick is a week in chastity."


"One lick, one week."

"That...that's not fair!"

"Just a lick,'s just a week. Maybe two, one on each side. Just two weeks."

Five minutes later, I'd earned myself 110 weeks in chastity and it was worth every bit.

Questions - FLR

Reader John asks:

In your answer to one of Tanya's questions about a week ago, you alluded to your submissiveness towards Emily. Is this limited to the sexual aspect of your relationship or does it go further than that?

In other words, do you and Emily enjoy an FLR (Female Led Relationship)?


Yes. Emily leads in everything.

Questions - Break?

Tanya asks:

Reading between the lines, with you and Emily planning on starting a family, I sense this relationship with Matthew may be nearing an end, or at least a break for a year or more.
Am I right ?? These memories will, however, live on for all 3 of you.


Emily and I have talked about that at some length. If we start a family, something we're likely to do, she would, at a minimum, take a break from Matthew. For how long? Hard to say. Permanently? Also hard to say.

At a minimum, we'd take a break once we start trying, so at least a year. We wonder if motherhood will change her, change us, change all of this. Maybe, maybe not. I suspect it will be hard to never go back, though. But we'll see.

Obviously a baby would be our priority, always. Family our priority, always. He gets that, has always gotten that.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My only criticism? She needs to get herself into a smaller cage.

No matter what happens with Emily, Matthew, and I, no matter how long he's in our life, I'll always remember, never forget, always think about, three things.

The first time I saw Emily on her knees sucking his cock.

The first time I saw him spank her.

And the first time I saw him fuck her.


Each was a representation of his place, his dominant presence, and her acceptance of him in our marriage. Each reminds me of the phrase he uses, she uses, I use, too.

Her heart belongs to me; her body belongs to him.

The blow job was the first and most eye opening, seeing a woman who "didn't like that" kneel before him, take out his cock, and suck. There was a sparkle in her eyes, an eagerness, and the implicit setting of roles and expectations. He demanded things I only begged for, he received things I only dreamed of, and she saw him in a way she never could see me.

The spanking was the most shocking; seeing my prim and proper wife, the woman who wears dresses and skirts most days because that's what's feminine and traditional, seeing the woman who demands respect from her spouse and co-workers, from her family, seeing her standing there eyes down, knowing he wasn't pleased with her, seeing her willingly go across his lap. Seeing him raise her skirt, lower her panties, and spank her, warn her she'd best behave with him. And seeing her, at the end, thank him.

When I saw him fuck her, the fantasy clicked. He was totally unlike me, was something I could never become no matter how much I tried. Seeing him fuck her, seeing her reaction, I understood why she'd want this as much as me.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Overnight Guest

"You invited him to spend the night? I...I don't understand," I stammered.

"I don't understand what you don't understand," my wife said, looking at me with that look she had.

"Spend the here? All night?"

She smiled. "Um, that's kind of what spend the night means, sweetie."

"But...but why?"

"Why? I don't know, I guess I'm tired of leaving at one in the morning, sneaking out of his house like I'm leaving a brothel. It's kind of getting old. We thought it would be nice to wake up together."


"Here," she said. "We could have a cup of coffee together, maybe you could even make breakfast."

"You want me to make him breakfast?" 

"That's what one does for overnight guests, no?"

"But he...he's..." I couldn't bring myself to say it, sighed. "Where am I supposed to sleep?"

"Our room," she said. "I thought about that, I think we'll go up to the guest room; it's quieter up there, we won't keep you up and you won't wake us up if you get up early and make breakfast."

I swallowed, said it without thinking. "You'll be with him all night, then?"

"Oh," she said, " so caught up...I didn't think...I didn't think about our special time."

"It...I mean," I stammered, embarrassed as always, "it's not that important."

"No," she said, "it is, and I'm sorry, I should have thought about that. You know..."


"I've never had morning sex with him. Maybe after breakfast before he goes."


"It would be fresh," she smiled a guilty smile.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Your wife's personal trainer takes her workouts very seriously.

Careful what you wish for...

You think you'll be okay watching her suck a man's cock? That sitting in the corner watching your beautiful wife get on her knees and take him in her mouth will be erotic?

Be careful, dear, for you're going to be surprised.

Are you prepared to see how eager she is? 

Can you handle realizing that over the years when she told you she doesn't like doing that, she's been lying? 

Understand it isn't that she doesn't like sucking cock, it's that she doesn't like doing something like that to you?

Do you think it's going to be easy to compare? The few times she's done it to you, out of pity, were half-hearted, un-eager,  and came with a 'you'd better not cum in my mouth' warning. 

Trust me, when she does it to him, when she sucks a real man's cock, it will very, very different, it will be patently obvious she want to do it, loves doing it, and will all but beg him to cum on her face, in her mouth, anywhere, everywhere.

I know...I've been there...I know.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Tanya is a fountain of questions:

A long time ago now I commented on one of your blogs that although Emily liked submitting to Matthew and liked the sex, she did not particularly like him as a person. Do you think after all this time she still feels the same, especially when she spends a weekend with him ???

Love Tanya xxxx


Tanya, you're right, at first, in the beginning, Emily didn't like Matthew as a person, certainly not as the type of man she'd be in a long term relationship with.

Yet here she, somehow, in a long term relationship with him. At least of a sort, anyway.

Not the reality type of relationship, though, the type where a couple has to negotiate who does what chores, who pays what bills, the type where couples discuss budgets and long term plans. The type where two people take care of one another, emotionally, spiritually, every way.

In a way, her relationship with him is all fantasy. He's a dominant man, a man who has demands, who takes what he wants, needs. And she lets him. Because he gives her something a day to day relationship never could.

Interestingly, without me, she'd never be in this relationship with him. If something happened to me tomorrow, I don't think she'd last a week with him. It's only because of her grounding with me that she can let herself be free with him.

I'll always be with her, Matthew or not.

So I think she feels something for him as a person, but because he has a specific role. An important role, of course, but just a specific role.

She says that, even when she's away with him for a weekend, even when she's having an amazing time, part of her can't wait to be home with me.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Some people think this is perverse. I think it's the natural order of things.


Questions from Tanya xxxx:

A long time ago, on this blog, you said that Emily was lucky as she has her cake and eats it. But she knew and acknowledged this. I have a question for you :

How does Emily treat you after a date or weekend with Matthew ?? Can she truly show you how much she really loves you ??

I reason I ask is that, although I understand her need and entitlement to have a real man fuck her, I have a problem with weekends away, when she should be with her husband for the most part. You would never stop her I know, but she ought to see your hurt and potential jealousy.

Answer from Sara:

How does Emily treat me after a date or weekend with Matthew?

Well, first, as to a weekend, that's rarer than a date, maybe a twice a year thing.

Should she be home with me? I don't know, I suppose. If we had a 'normal' relationship. But every time she goes away with him she does so with my blessing, even if part of me is jealous, even if part of me just wants her home with me, doing things as a married couple.

And when she's away for a weekend, I'll admit, it's difficult for me. It is much more than just a date, it is more than just sex, Tanya is right, they are a couple for a weekend. Almost like a relationship. Heck, forget the 'almost' cause it is a relationship.

How does she treat me? Dates and weekends are different.

Dates, coming home, are almost a continuation of her time with him, more sexual, more erotic. Most post-date finds me waiting in the bedroom, candles, wine (wine often forgotten), as we typically make love immediately, our special way.

Weekends, on the other hand, are slower, purposeful, not just Emily and Sara having post Emily/Matthew sex. There's more intimacy, more, I don't know, service, somehow love.

It may be a cliche, but when she comes home from a weekend, she typically expects to find dressed in a maid's uniform.

And no, not this (I have ones like this, though):

What I mean, is a uniform like this:

A uniform that is relatively plain, that is comfortable, that is practical, and can be worn to work in. A uniform low or mid heels, because high, stiletto heels only slow a maid down. A uniform that isn't about sex, but instead about serving.

In such a uniform, a feminized husband can bring in luggage and unpack for her tired wife. Draw her a bath. Make her tea. Help her relax after a long weekend. It helps re-establish the intimate connection that only she and I can share.

I'm jealous when she's gone that long. Without question.

But she feels some guilt, too.

And by serving her and pampering her, we both understand what we have together. We chat, talk about what she did with him, what I did while she was gone.

I know it can seem unfair, right? Emily spends a romantic weekend with her lover while leaving chaste her husband at home. I get that, and to some extent, it is.

So this re-connects us. Serving her, I remember why I love her, why I submit, why her sexuality is important to me. Serving her, I'm reminded this actually makes me happy, despite the chastity, despite the jealousy.

Helping her dress for bed in something pretty and feminine, doing so myself, we both remember it's this intimacy that works for us. This is her accepting my love and showing hers for me.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


It's a fantasy, though one she'd rather think about that perhaps actually do. But it's powerful, the thought two men she knows fuck her. Men she sees, perhaps daily, perhaps just from time to time. But she'd never know...

Did that man at work fuck her?

Her boss?

The mechanic?

Her husband's friends?

Who? Who? Who did she taste, who was inside her, who knows despite her proper demeanor, inside lives a wanton slut?

If it happened, there would be two rules.

She knows them.

She never gets to find out who they were.

Friday, September 29, 2017


"It's not gay," my wife whispers over and over as she directs my mouth to his hard cock, helps me take it between my lips.

"But," I start to whisper back, silent as the head touches my lips.

"Shhh, it's gay when a man sucks another man's cock," she says, "but you're not a man, you'e a sissy. And a cock sucking sissy is the most natural thing in the world."

In a good marriage, everyone communicates what they want and everyone gets what they want.


Of course you're jealous; your wife is spending the weekend with a man. Not in a platonic way, not for a business trip, but an actual, honest to goodness 'he makes her feel' like she hasn't felt in years kind of way.

Like, spend most of the weekend in the hotel room fucking kind of way.

Like, looking at him and not seeing her loving, but never masculine husband husband, but a man, a real man.

Like, get on her knees and do things she's never done for you.

Like, get fucked, really fucked.

So why wouldn't you be jealous?

You're home, carrying on your normal life of work, household chores. Mundane, but necessary tasks.

And she's with him, normal life forgotten, living a fantasy weekend, something from a romance novel.

That mundane life, dusting, folding laundry, gives you time to think, to picture what she's going, what's being done to her

And to remember that moment when you watched her pack, watched her get dressed, watched her pull a black stocking up her leg.

"I can text him no," she said, seeing your face.

" just look beautiful," you swallowed.

"And it's for him," she said.

"Yes," you looked down.

"I can text him no," she said again, "but I don't think that's what you want, is it?"

You followed her eyes, saw her look between your legs, at the flannel trousers covering your panties, the chastity cage.

"No," you said, feeling the tightening, " know it isn't."