Tuesday, July 18, 2017


"I was clear, wasn't I? Every minute you're erect results in one month of chastity."

"I...I'm trying," he stammered, "I...can't you...can't you button your blouse?"

She shook her head. "Don't blame me for your lack of self control," she said looking at a clock. "Four minutes now."

"M...Mistress, please..."

"Two more minutes and you won't be unlocked for the rest of the year."

It ended at seven minutes, finally, he found the thought to take his mind off her, afraid, because she always kept her word.

"Well, guess we'll see that thing free sometime this winter," she said opening the drawer with the cage. "Pity, too, you were only a day away from earning a squirt."


Monday, July 17, 2017


Some bulls just aren't into foreplay; they're so focused on one part of sex, the fucking.

Some husbands just aren't into the fucking; they're so focused on one part of sex, foreplay.

So it's great when a wife can have the best of both worlds.

A husband to get her ready:

And a bull to the fucking:

Learning from her mother that the best way to control a husband is to keep him in line is teasing AND denial.

What's it say about me that given the choice, I'd much rather watch a man do this to Emily than try to do it to her myself.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Next Level

"H...honey, we...you...you can't do that," my wife whispered when I got down on my knees, knowing what I wanted to do.

"Why...why not?" I asked, "you always like it when I do that after you've been out."

She swallowed, looked away. "I...I know," she said, "I...I do...you're so sweet and tender..."

"You said it makes you feel good after he...you know...after he's rough..."

"It...it does," she said.

"I...I look forward to it," I said, "I mean...it...it's how I...you know...participate...it's like our...our special intimate thing."

"Dammit," she said, not in anger, almost in guilt. "Honey, I...I'm not...I mean...I'm not...clean..."

I had the smile only a beta husband could ever have, the kind of smile a husband who willingly participates in his only cuckolding could have. "I always smell the rubber," I swallowed, "I...it's fine, your scent is stronger." I moved closer, licked my lips.

"Oh god," she whispered. "Sweetie, I'm not clean because...dammit...he...he didn't use a condom."

"He what???"

"I...he just...I...I was on my stomach...he was on top of me...and he just...he asked..." She swallowed, stopped.

"He asked what?"

"He asked if I was on the pill and...I nodded...confused...and he..."


"He...he didn't stop."

"Amber," I said again, "he...he didn't..."

She nodded, looked down. "He came inside me, honey."


"I...I'm sorry," she whispered.

I didn't talk again for an hour. Not because I was mad, but because I instantly pressed my face to her, licked her, over and over, until I was sure I'd gotten every drop.

Monday, July 10, 2017

"Well you say it makes you jealous, honey, but every time I tell you about one of my dates, you get soooooo hard."


Yes, Emily and I know that getting fucked in an alley, over the hood of a car, by two men she just met in a bar, barebacked, is way, way beyond the bounds of "safe sex."

But just because it isn't safe doesn't mean she can't fantasize about it.

Same with me.

All these years...

Emily has literally never done this to me, never gotten on her knees and sucked me, never once begged to give me a blowjob. The few times my little penis ever entered her mouth it was only:
1. After was had been drinking wine and was more than tipsy,
2. After I'd licked her to orgasm after orgasm,
3. After I begged and begged her to lick me, and
4. After I double promised to tell her to stop before I was anywhere close to squirting.

Matthew, though? She literally does this to him every time she's with him:
1. Drinking or not, sober or tipsy, she wants to suck his cock,
2. She'll do it before he ever touches her,
3. She's the one who begs; he's never begged her for anything, and
4. She'll suck his cock until he cums every time unless he stops her first.
That's a huge difference between our sex lives, Matthew and me. One of us has a woman who hungers for his cock, the other a long understanding that sexual pleasure does not, even should not, involve a sissy's penis.

Of course, I'm in chastity virtually all the time (released or hygienic purposes, of course) and her playing with my penis and bringing me to orgasm is just not a part of our sex lives.

Who has it better?

The man who has unlimited sexual access to a very beautiful woman?

Or the husband who long ago accepted that feminization and chastity are the foundation of marital bliss?