Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ever wonder why no women wants that thing?


Just because she gave you a break from the chastity cage doesn't mean you're going to get to touch yourself.


"Sweetie, I'm having trouble with this last garter," she called to her husband, "can you come over here and help me? I really need to finish getting dressed, he's going to be here any minute."

"Yes, yes Ma'am," you said softly, coming into the room, kneeling behind her, and fingers trembling, attaching her garter strap to her stockings. Done, you looked up, saw her looking over her shoulder at you.

"You're jealous," she she softly, half question, half statement.

" look so pretty," you blurted out, your conflicted emotions tangling the words in your mind. Of course you were jealous, your wife was dressing to go to dinner with someone else, a man she knew from work, a client, in town for the weekend.

"That's what a man like him expects, sweetie," she said.

"I...I just...I don't know..."

"Don't you?" she asked, glancing down between your legs.

"He...are you...?"

"We might," she said, "if he likes what he sees."

She made sure he'd like what he saw, made sure nothing was left to chance. He knew she was married, but your wife was making it clear she was available, that she was his for the asking.

For the taking.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


I have a recurring fantasy about her blindfolded, sucking the cock of someone we know, left to wonder the rest of her days, every time she sees a man, was he the one. Left to ponder, every time a man smiles at her, whether he's just being friendly or remembering her wet mouth wrapped around his cock.

And I have a recurring fantasy of her making me do the same.

Friday, May 18, 2018

She said it's one of the things she misses the most about him.


"So I was thinking, if we're going to try to get pregnant by insemination and all we need is the fluid, not only don't you need to be inside me, there's really no reason you need to be erect, is there? I mean, could we do it without unlocking you? At least try the first month or two?"

Monday, May 7, 2018

Actual Google Searches

"pregnancy without penetration"

"pregnancy without ejaculation"

"pregnancy without male orgasm"

"pregnancy without erection"