Friday, August 3, 2018

New Bed

"Hon, where are you?" I called out to my wife, unable to find her.

"Up here, in the guest room," I heard her voice, followed it, found her standing in front of a bed I'd never seen dressed as sexy as she'd ever been dressed.

"He...he's in town?" I asked, the only reasonable explanation for her to be dressed like that on a Saturday night.

"He called a couple of hours ago," she said.

"What...what's that?" I asked my wife, looking at the bed I'd never seen before.

"It's for you," she said touching the footboard. "I thought it would this would do the trick."

"For...for me? What trick?" Then I saw the pink leather cuffs we sometimes played with. " can't do that," I protested, "that...that's not safe."

"Not if we're here."

"We?" I asked, understanding her meaning at once.

"He didn't get a hotel, it was last minute," she said.

" He's coming here?"

"He won't want to be interrupted," she explained, "hence the bed and the cuffs."