Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Simple Rules

It was a harsh but simple rule. She didn't order you to suck cock, she didn't tell you that you had to. Only that until you did, until you gave a man a glorious blowjob, until you swallowed every drop of a man's cum, she wasn't going to unlock the chastity cage.

You resisted for a month, then two, which she found amusing, as she knew eventually you'd give in. Resisting changed nothing, one day you'd suck cock for her. All resisting did was delay the inevitable.

Go on, tell me sweetie, tell me how much you want me to fuck another man.

Monday, July 15, 2019


He walked into the bedroom, saw what the dress his wife was wearing, stopped, looked stunned. "Jesus, Amy, can't wear that," he said.

"Why not, Jim?" she asked, "I thought you liked this dress."

Jim looked at his wife, her long, hose covered legs, her breasts pushing out of the top of the dress. "I...I do," he said, "it's just...god, you're going out...people...someone we know might see you."

"And?" she asked innocently.

"They'll...they'll think...they'll think you're...on a date," Jim blurted out.

"But I am," she said.

"But...but you don't have to flaunt it," Jim swallowed.

"No, you're right," she said gently, "but we talked about this, I don't have to hide it, either. He's my boyfriend, Jim, he wants to show me off, what's so bad about that?"

"I...someone might...people will think..."

"Might think I'm a red blooded woman with needs? Honey, you didn't expect him to keep me hidden forever, did you? We talked about this, you always knew he was going to take me out."

"I just...I mean..."

"I know it isn't easy, but part of dating a man is, you know, going on dates with him. It isn't just about sex, there's romance, foreplay, teasing..."

Jim looked down as his wife described the things a couple did together, things a married woman should do with her husband, not someone else. "I just...I don't know," he said.

"He told us this was important to him, Jim, and we agreed. I thought...I thought this, you know, excited you."

Jim looked down, felt his face redden. "'s just..."

"Humiliating?" she asked, knowing how excited he got at any discussion about it.

"Don't you like it, though? Sitting at home while I'm out with him?"

"Y...yes," he said, barely audible.

Monday, July 8, 2019


Your bride walked into the honeymoon suite where you and your new mother-in-law were waiting for her, took one look at you, turned to her mother, eyes flashing in anger. "Mother, what...what the hell is he wearing?" your wife demanded.

"Bridal lingerie," your mother-in-law said evenly, as if every groom spent his wedding night dressed like a blushing bride.

"I don't mean that, Mother," your bride glared at her mother, "I mean that." She was pointing to your crotch.

"Show her," your mother-in-law ordered you.

"Y...yes, Ma'am." Gloved hands trembling, you reached for the hem the bridal neglige, pulled it up over your stocking tops, up to your waist.

Your wife took one look at the plastic surrounding your limp penis, turned to her mother. "Mother, you didn't," your hissed.

"Did you honestly think I was sending you two off unprotected?"

"Where's the key," your wife asked.

"In the mail," her mother smiled, "I sent it to myself first class mail. Assuming the postal service doesn't lose it, I should have it when you get back."

"Mother, it's our honeymoon."

"So?" her mother asked. "Again, did you honestly think I was sending you off unprotected? It's called an inviolable rule because it's inviolable. Sissies do not have intercourse with women."


"I don't care if it's your honeymoon, Angela, it's a matter of setting expectations. And I do not expect that little thing to go inside regardless of the circumstances. God, I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourselves; you're welcome to use her mouth as much as you want. Hell, you're welcome to fuck her as much as you want...I packed several dildos...but she's not going inside you."

"I wouldn't have," your wife said defensively.

"I know. So it doesn't matter, does it?" she asked.

"I suppose not," your wife bit her lip. "It's god, we're going to be gone for three weeks."

"A good starting interval," her mother smiled. "Perfect, really, a good work up to standard."

"S...standard?" you asked nervously.

"We'll see," she smiled. "We'll see."

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


You walk into the bedroom door, see your wife naked, her back to you. You stop, gasp, swallow, quickly turn, intending to walk away before she notices you.

"Sweetie, it's okay, you can come in," she says, her sweet voice irresistible.

"I...I didn't know you were changing," you mumble, eyes down.

"I'm your wife, sweetie," she said, "you can't avoid seeing me naked forever." It had been weeks since you'd seen her naked; you were avoiding it, something she clearly knew as well as you.

"I...I'm not avoiding it," you lied.

She frowned, shook her head. "Honey," she said.

You swallow again, look at her, quickly look away. "I just...I's been so long and..."

"You see me and can't help but fantasize about it, can you?"

"Of course not," you say, face red.

"Fantasize about sliding it inside me, remembering how warm and wet it is."

"R...Riley!" you exclaim, grimacing in pain as you feel the inevitable tightening between your legs.

"I'm sorry, I'm being mean, aren't I?"

"Yes," you agree, almost insolent to her.

"Watch your tone," she warns you.

"You're teasing me," you respond, still defensive.

"I'm a woman naked in her own bedroom, love; you're the one thinking about things you're not allowed to do," she said.

"Can't we...just...just this once," you asked, all but begging.

"Screw?" she asked.

"He...he doesn't have to know," you suggested.

"Really?" she asked, the sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"You''re my wife," you said, as if that still meant something.

"Yes," she agreed. "And he's my boyfriend and the man of this house; we agreed, honey, we both agreed what things are his and what things are yours."

"I just thought...I mean..."

"That he wasn't serious? That you were making a promise he wouldn't hold you to?"

You look at her naked body, her breasts, the tiny spot of hair between her legs, itself a reminder of him, kept trim at his insistence. "I thought it would be easier," you finally said.

"Easier?" she shakes her head. "He told us, the longer it is, the more difficult it will be; that's the point, isn't it?"

"Can we...I mean...will you..."

"Unlock you?" She shook her head. "Sweetie, we're going out tonight, you know he doesn't allow that either. Remember the last time? God, you were so disrespectful to him, I was afraid he was going to hit you. That rule is one we're never breaking."

"I...I know," you said, actually agreeing with that one.

"Listen, I don't have to get dressed for an hour or so, if you want, you can, you know," she said, quickly looked down between her legs, a guilty smile on her face.

It dawned on you walking in on her naked wasn't an accident; she'd planned it, she'd hoped it, to tease you, yes, but because she loved it, loved her husband worshipping her before her lover had his way with her.

You bit your lip, torn. There was no place that made you happier than on your knees with your face buried between her legs. But the cage made something so enjoyable so frustrating as well. You'd be sore for hours, sore the whole night, horny the whole night. Horny enough you'd repeat it when she got home, this time instead of preparing her, cleaning her.

And while preparing her was mildly humiliating, cleaning her was horrible. But you'd do it, if you licked her now, you knew you'd do it later, too.

"If you don't want to," she said when you hesitated.

"No...I...I do," you said.

"Then get undressed," she said, sitting on the bed but keeping her knees together.

" I have to..." You glanced at her dresser, at the top drawer.

"It's the 'Panty Rule'," she said, "not the 'Panty Suggestion'." Her face was red now, for as much as she hated to admit it, as strange as it was, her boyfriend's insistence you wear panties any time the two of you were intimate turned her on in ways she never would have imagined. It's like he was there with the two of you-her lover-like he was there, controlling the two of you even if not physically present. The panties were a reminder that her lover controlled every aspect of your sexual lives, present or not.

You walked to the dresser, opened it, saw the lingerie neatly stacked. I reached for a pair of pink cotton panties, the plainest she had, the pair I usually wore. "No," she said when she saw what was in my hand, "not those."

"Why not?" I asked.

"They...they're so plain," she said.

"That...that's why I pick them," I said.

"I know, sweetie," she said, "and that's why we want you to wear something else."

"We?" That meant her, too. Not just him, but her...both of them.

She looked away, just briefly. "On...on the right," she said, "in the tissue paper."

You looked to the side, saw the paper carefully folded, a small sticker holding it closed. You took it out, hands shaking, opened it. "Riley," you said, voice shaking.

"Take them out," she said watching you.

There were two items in the paper, you picked up one then the other. The first were gorgeous French knickers in pink shiny satin with an elastic waist and trimmed in pleated, black lace. The panties were double-lined, so the inside was as smooth, shiny, and soft as the outside.

It was bad enough the panties were so feminine, but it was the second garment that made your heart sink. It was a matching satin v-shaped plunge bra that tied at the neck and center back in the same fabric and the same lace trim.

"R...Riley, this...this is a bra."

"Of course it's a bra," she said, "I think I know what a bra is."

"But...but bras are for women," you swallowed.

"Panties are for women, too," she said, "or sweet husbands who invite a real man into their marriage."

"You said we," you said, " you..."

She looked down, obviously embarrassed. "Like I want you to wear them, too. I...I do, sweetie, I...I picked them out."


"Please...get...get changed and...and get me ready," she said. "I...I have an hour...that hour is yours if you'll be my pretty little sweetie."