Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happiness is...

Not knowing who your husband arranged to fuck you, only knowing that you know him and see him every day.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happiness is...

Serving your wife's lover even if you're afraid to.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tips for a Master

Some (many? most? all?) sissies fantasize about serving a man, serving a master, but many are reluctant, at best, feeling the urge only when sexually stimulated.

It's up to the man, the master, to push the sissy's boundaries, to teach her that serving a man is her calling in life. He does that by aggressively training her, taking charge, denying the sissy the ability to slip back into maleness.

Eliminate Male Sexual Pleasure

First, from the moment he has the sissy alone in any erotic setting, when sissy is at her most aroused (thus most eager to please), he makes chastity an inviolable condition of involvement with him.

A sissy properly denied the ability to swell

Chastity isn't just a game, some kind of foreplay, it should be seen, by the sissy, as the natural state of being. She should think of the thing between her legs not as a toy to play with when she wants, to get erect when she wants, or to cum when she wants, but rather as a soft, useless clit, unimportant to her pleasure, sexual or otherwise.

When used as a game, a sissy thinks of chastity as foreplay, as something she can escape when she's good enough; she thinks of male orgasms as something still important to her life.

But properly secured, she learns male orgasms no longer have any placed in her life. These are for men and men only, something a sissy should never think about, never worry about, never fret about.

Moreover, an unlocked clit, capable of growing, leaves a sissy confused, thinking she should try to be male again, try to date women again. It leaves her thinking maybe she should forget serving men and instead try to fuck women. But men fuck women, sissies do not.

Locked, though, she slowly forgets that, slowly forgets what it's like to be attracted to women and instead does what she's supposed to do-think about men only, think about serving men, pleasing men.

Second, locked, a sissy is denied an orgasm and all the hazards that come with that. Hazards? Of course. After an orgasm, the sissy regrets she is not trying to be a man, she regrets not dating women, she regrets serving men.

Denied orgasm, she is kept in a perpetual state of sexual arousal, just the thing that brought her to you in the first place, a horny slut wanting to please a man.

Eliminate Masculinity

Once you've locked her safely in chastity, you should reinforce her femininity by denying her anything masculine.

Most sissies love to be feminine, within limits, as there are times they want to forget about the feminine feelings and just be a boy for awhile.

Deny her this.

If she is going to serve you, femininity isn't a game, it's a permanent state of existence.

When she's relaxing at home, she should be in casual women's clothes, with a hint of sexiness to arouse her man.

Short shorts and a tight top catch his eye

When she's going to work, she should be as feminine as possible, coming out as transgender so everyone understand she's not a male.

A garter belt reminds her she's a sissy all day

When she gets dressed to go out with you in public, she should be thinking, how can I dress as feminine and pretty for my master.

Pants are a thing of the past

And at night, whether or not you're in the mood for anything "naughty", she should be attired in the finest lingerie you can buy for her. Every night. Every single night.

Flannel pajamas have no place in a sissy's wardrobe

Encourage Regular Sex with Men

While many sissies fantasize about pleasing a man, and while some do, many are still uncomfortable exclusively serving men. "I'm not gay," so many think, as if sexually pleasing a man is somehow unnatural, somehow bad. They may want to give the occasional man the occasional blowjob, when the mood strikes them, but that's all. Regular blowjobs, regular sexual pleasure of men, well that's not them.

Certain words scare them, words they never want to attribute to themselves (e.g., gay, faggot, cocksucker, etc.) This goes hand in hand with a sissy still thinking she should sleep with women.

Nip that shit in the bud!

A sissy has one job, sexually, making sure your cum does not stay in your body for any length of time.

If that means a morning blowjob before work, she gets down on her knees and sucks your cock.

When she's locked, she can try to touch, but with no adverse reaction

If that means offering her ass to you after you had a long day at work, she offers her ass to you.

Helping master relax after work

And if that means calling her dirty names so she understands she's a dirty, cocksucking, faggot, you call her names.

The humiliation of being called a faggot turns her on.

"Say it, sissy, tell me you're gay." 

Sometimes a sissy will see a pretty woman and wonder what it's like, wonder if she shouldn't forget about men and go back to women. If you catch her doing that, stop whatever you're doing, take her home, and invite a friend over to remind her the only thing she should worry about is cock.

Leave the women to real men, sissy, cock is your life now.


It was a small dinner, you, your wife, and your boss, at his house. She wasn't happy to be there, she had to miss her monthly girls night out, so she expressed her displeasure to both of you by engaging in flirting that obviously crossed the line.

At one point, your boss called her out on it, you too.

"You're not going to say anything to her?" he asked you when you were both in the kitchen and while she was in the living room, sting the table.

"Say anything about what?" you heard her voice come into the kitchen with you.

"N...nothing," you said, not wanting to cause any kind of scene in front of your boss.

"Not nothing," your boss glared at you then at your wife. "I'm talking about the way you're walking around here like you're the hottest piece of ass in the world and shameless flirting but pretending you're not. If you were my girl, I wouldn't put up with that for a second."

"Like he's going to do anything about it," she looked at you, knowing she was right.

"He wouldn't, I would," he looked at your wife, piercing eyes. "I don't tolerate shit tests from women," he said.

"And just what would you do about it?" she chuckled.

"Me? Tell you to get that dress off, lean you over that counter, and spank that tight ass of yours until it hurt to sit for a week."

"Tight ass?"

"You've been waiving it in my face for an hour, you don't think I noticed."

"He'd never spank anything but himself," she glared at her husband.

"Which is why his wife's a brat and needs to be taught a lesson,"

"You didn't ask what he did, you asked what I'd do."

"You would not."

"Waive that ass at me again and find out," your boss said.

She looked at you, still obviously annoyed at the way her night turned out, shrugged her shoulders, turned around and presented her ass to him. "There," she grinned.

"I told you what was going to happen," he said, looked at you, saw you watching intently. "Take your dress off," he glared at her.

"You wouldn't," she said, so sure of herself.

"Dress. Off. Now," he ordered her.

She snorted again, reached up, undid the top of her dress and let it slip to the floor, leaving her standing before both of you in just her heels and a sheer white lace demi cup bra and matching thong panties. "Well, big talker," she said to him.

To your amazement, he stepped forward purposefully, grabbed her shoulders, pushed her down on the cold, stone counter, and delivered ten, swift blows to her ass, five on each side, until both cheeks were burning red. "Do not tease men," he said delivering the blows. "Apologize."

"I'm sorry," she gasped, still shocked, as you were, but neither of you saying more.

With his last spank, he grabbed her left ass check, squeezed, his long fingers dangling between her legs right at the edge of her panties. You saw the tears in her eyes, but something else too, saw it as she pushed her ass back ever so slightly, just enough the tips of his fingers disappeared between her legs.

When they did, she jumped, moaned ever so slightly, and you realized he was touching her between the legs, that his fingers were touching her pussy. It wasn't him that started it, but he didn't stop it. And neither did you. You didn't stop it as she started to press back more, then rocked back and forth as his fingers slipped into her clearly soaked pussy.

Happiness is...

Finding a man who tells you that just because you were born a boy doesn't mean you don't have to assertive, stoic, and strong. That tells you it's okay to be soft, pretty, gentle, emotional, and weak. That tells that you can be content like a traditional wife is, serving, protected, and led by a strong man,


He knows you don't want to do it, he knows you're reluctant, scared, intimidated. He knows you're not into men, not at all (hint: neither is he).

But those are the reasons he insists you do it and that your wife participate in it.

Even though you're going to suck his cock, make him cum, and swallow it, it's not really about the sex, it's about the dominance.

It's about him establishing, once and for all, that he is the alpha in your house, that sex with your wife is his right and his alone.

He knows women follow strong men and breaking the sexual (but not emotional) bond between you and your wife makes it natural for her to establish that bond with him.

So he knows you're scared. And so does she. But he's explained this to her, so she follows him, hesitant at first, but warming up as she sees him holding his erect cock next to your mouth. She warms up, feels a tingling between her legs, excitement at his dominance. 

She warms up, shakes, whispers to you. "Open your mouth, love, open it." 

And as she sees you do it, as she sees her lover's cock slip between your lips, she looks at him with a new found respect and desire.

Crime and Punishment

When your wife walked in on you touching yourself, you knew you were in trouble, but never realized how bad it was going to be.

"Six...six months," you swallowed when she announced your sentence. "I...I thought it was a month in chastity for...for touching myself.'

"It is, sweetie. But you're not charged just with touching yourself, I'm afraid there are multiple offenses of my rules."

"Multiple?" you asked, surprised.

"First, a sissy shall not touch her clit without permission. That's a month. Second, a sissy shall not allow her sissy to swell without permission. That's another month. Third, a sissy shall not maintain an erection. That's a month. Each of those months run consecutive to one another."

"But that's only three months," you begged, "not six."

"You're forgetting the 'three strike rule', sweetie?"


"Three violations in one month mean any sentence is doubled."

"But...but that's too long," you said on the verge of tears.

She shrugged. "Who broke the rules? Not me."

"Can't I...can't I beg for mercy?"

"Oh, you already got my mercy, love. I was kind enough to stop you before you finished what you were doing. You know the penalty for an orgasm."

"Six gave me six months."

"Six months on top of the six you got. Plus doubled per the three strike rule. That would have been eighteen months. Eighteen."

ultiple violations of my rules. First, you touched yourself without permission. Second, you let your clit swell

Monday, October 28, 2019

Happines is...

Finding a woman who helps teach you that a sissy's penis should always be kept under lock and key.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Happiness is...

A man who does more than fucks a married woman, but who knows from the beginning, he must actively educate and train not just her, but her husband, too; who, from the first days of the relationship, establishes that he is the leader, who breaks the sexual bond between husband and wife, and who teaches that they both serve him.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Happiness is...

The warm feeling you get when stop trying to be a boy, slip into lingerie and pretty dress he bought you, behave shy and insecure, and accept that as a sissy, you need his male protection and guidance.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Happiness is...

The warm feeling you get as you lie across your wife's lap for a corrective spanking, knowing she does it not out of anger or spite, but because she loves you and wants to teach you to behave better.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

An Unexpected Lunch Date

I walked into Emily's dressing room to say goodby the other morning and was surprised when I saw her, literally did a double take.

She was wearing a pink blouse, unbuttoned one button too few, a black pencil skirt, and nude hose and heels. What caught my eye, though was watching her attach a garter strap to a pair of stockings.

"I thought we were having lunch next week," I said, confused. We try to have lunch once a month and she often dresses as pretty as she can, mostly because she knows I like it, like to be teased.

"We are," she said, looking down the way she does when she's kind of embarrassed.

"Well you look very pretty," I said.

"Thank you," she smiled. "I hate to have my husband wearing prettier lingerie every day than I do." She looked at my trousers, knew I was wearing stockings and a garter belt underneath, as I usually did to work.

I knew I was staring at her legs, at the bare skin between the hem of her skirt and the top of her stocking; I knew she saw it when she pulled down her skirt. "Sorry, didn't mean for you to catch me getting dressed," she said, "I don't want you getting uncomfortable on the drive to work.

I felt what she thought was happening, felt the slight swelling in my cage, already small and tight, suddenly tighter. "'s okay," I said. "Listen...I'm free at lunch...if you want to meet."

"I'm not," she said.

"You sure?" I asked, pulling out my phone. "I didn't see anything on either of our calendars."

She looked down again, face every so slightly red. "I have a lunch engagement," she said, "it's just not a work thing."

"With who?" I asked, innocently.

"Do you remember that continuing ed thing I planned last month?"

"With those accountants?"

"Yea, you're having lunch with them?"

"Yes...I mean no...not them...not all of of them...who helped set things up on their end. This guy...Brian..."

"This guy?" I asked feeling a long lost but familiar feeling, a turning of my stomach but flash of other feelings as well.

"He wanted to go to lunch."

"Lunch with an accountant; that's a work thing, isn't it?" I asked.

"I assumed at first, but he...he made it clear it a...a lunch date," she said.

"W...why?" I asked, "I mean..."

"We were talking at the event...right after...we'd had a drink or two and he know how guys get with any pretty woman that talks to them...and he apologized."

"Apologized?" I asked.

"For flirting...he said he shouldn't be flirting with a married woman. I told him it was okay that you and I had a certain understanding."

"An understanding?"

Emily laughed. "That's what he said. An understanding? What's that mean? Like you guys can see other people"

"What did you say?" I asked nervously.

She giggled. "I said 'He can't."


"Well he picked up on that, he said, wait, so if I asked you to I asked you to a lunch date, you'd say you can say yes? So he did and, well, we're having lunch today."

"'re serious?" I asked. "You have a date?"

"A lunch date, sweetie, just a lunch date. I don't want you to think I'm jumping in bed with someone."

"But it's still a date," I said, "I mean..."

"That's okay, isn't it? I was afraid to...I was going to say something...I know it's been awhile and...I was afraid you may have decided...I don't know..."

"'s okay, Emily," I said carefully.

"You're sure."

I nodded, afraid to talk.

"I was also afraid you'd get your hopes up...I'm not sleeping with some half random guy."

"I wouldn't expect you would," I said, as much as the fantasy part of my braid thought about it.

"I do miss it, though, I've told you that."

"I...I miss it, too, Emily," I said.

"There's just something about a strong man...god, I'm going to make myself wet," she laughed.

"Em," I grimaced.

"Oh, sorry, love, god, it's been awhile, hasn't it?"

"'s okay," I said.

"You're okay then, right? If I have a lunch date? I promise it's just lunch, seriously."

"That...that's okay," I said. "Of course it's okay."

A date...a lunch's been so long...'s natural...

It's okay to be jealous, that's how it's supposed to work.

You should watch with jealousy every time she dresses up for him.

You should watch with jealousy every time she gets on her knees and takes his cock in her mouth like it's her first time.

You should watch with jealousy every time she begs him to fuck her, every time he makes her cum, and ever time he cums inside her.

You should watch with jealousy, knowing, sexually, she's his, not yours.

Sexually, his.

Emotionally, yours.

Happiness is...

The anxious feeling you have, feminized and bound, waiting on the hotel floor next to your wife, for her bull to return with his friend.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Happiness is...

Modeling your new bra and panty set for your wife and seeing her smile at how feminine you look.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Happiness is...

Orgasming while feeding your lover's cum to your husband.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Happiness is...

Watching her sissy husband suck her lover's cock for the first time.

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Of course it's difficult right now, of course it hurts, sitting there, watching your wife and her lover.

It isn't just what she's doing, sucking a man's cock, though that's part of it.

But a larger part is watching her enthusiasm.

All these years, three years of dating, two years of marriage, all the time oral sex was a non-starter.

Oh, she eagerly let you go down on her, but she never, not once, reciprocated.

It's not my thing, she said every time you asked, every time you tried to push it. Every time.

It's not my thing, she said again and again with a wrinkled nose.

It's not my thing.

So when he told her to get on her knees, when he pushed her head down, you expected to hear the same thing. It's not my thing.

But she didn't say it, she did as he told her, took his cock into her mouth and sucked.

That hurt, but it was her eagerness, her enthusiasm, that made it difficult.

The realization that it wasn't sucking cock she wasn't into, it was sucking you that she wanted no part of.