Monday, November 25, 2019


"Let's do a Jeopardy question, sweetie," your fiancee says, "the answer is 'Never', now what's the question?"

"I...I don't know," you answer

She giggles.


"Silly, the answer is When will these lips touch your little penis?"


Watching silently from across the room, you see your wife take his flaccid cock in her mouth, knowing in moments it will be hard and she'll beg him to fuck her.

But it's in this initial moment, before he's erect, that you're amazed.

He's so thick, even soft, so thick, masculine.

You're amazed, as flaccid, he's thicker than you are hard. Longer than you are hard. No comparison.

And as he grows, you watch your wife's enthusiasm grow as well, you watch her lazy blowjob turn into an unashamed hunger for his cock, an eager, willing blowjob.


The lingerie reminds him he's not a man, never was, so helps him accept that he should be kept in chastity at all times.

The chastity cage reminds him he never permitted to have sex with a woman, never again, so helps him accept he should be feminized at all times.

Be Honest

Saturday, November 23, 2019


"God, she seriously paired me with you?" she looked at you in disgust, the same look she always gave you.

"I...I didn't want this either," you said softly, looking down, her gaze intimidating you as usual.

"Jesus, the things one has to do for a bride. Listen, loser, just because we're paired together for the wedding doesn't make this a date or anything, so don't be all perv with me like you did in college."

"Jessica," you blushed.

"Don't 'Jessica' me," she glared, "you're the one that fucking ruined my dress and my day."

You thought back to that day. You ran in the same circles then as now, found yourselves packed in the back of a limo for some frat party. There weren't enough seats, so Jessica ended up half on your lap. You'd had a crush on her for years, couldn't help it when she accidentally rubbed against you, couldn't help the inevitable explosion, couldn't help the mess on your pants or her dress.

"We...we'll be expected to dance," you said, " a close dance. You can' can't be..."

"Do you think I'd ruin a bride's day? We'll dance, loser, we'll hold hands, I'll take your arm, I'll smile and laugh at your jokes. But I don't want that loser penis of yours anywhere near me. Not tonight, not ever."

"Jesus, Jessica, you're so fucking mean. Why the hell do you think I'd ever want that?"

"Because you have a thing for me. Because I'm hot, cause I'm sexy, cause I'm rich, and cause when I like a man," she leaned into you, so close you felt her hot breath on your neck, your ear, "I love to take his cock in my mouth and suck on it until he explodes in my mouth."

"J...JJJJJJ Jessica!"

The whole night she teased you. The whole night she was the perfect date. Holding your hand, touching your arm, letting her hand fall towards your lap, even leaning her head on your shoulder.

That night, both tipsy, you walked her to her room, bursting, barely able to contain yourself, anxious to get back to your room. But she stopped in the hallway. "Don't you want to kiss me?" she asked.

You sobered up quickly, realized she'd been teasing you all night, was being mean now, cruel. "Jess!"

"Well don't you?"

"Of...of course I do."

"Don't you want to see what I'm wearing under this dress? Peel off my pretty thong panties?"

"Oh, god..."

"Wouldn't you like to fuck me?"

"God!" You knew you had to get out of there but froze.

She took your hand, unlocked her door, started to pull you in. "I meant it, loser, you're never fucking me."

Inside she pulled off her dress, stood there in her sheer white bra and matching thong panties. "If I liked you, I'd get down and suck you...but I don't like you, I just like to tease you."


"If I liked you, I'd get on the bed like this," she said, climbing on the bed, on her back, legs spread, one hand resting on her mound, rubbing, "and tell you to fuck me."

You took a step towards the bed but she shook her head. "No, loser, I said no." She kept rubbing, started moaning. "If you touch me, that's assault."


"If I liked you, I'd want you inside me, fucking me, if I liked you, I'd never do this." Before you knew what was happening, she lifted a foot towards you, flicked it against your crotch with the lightest of pressure, just enough to make you instantly explode in your pants.

"Jessica," you moaned, face reddening instantly.

"You fucking perv," she laughed. "Just like always."

You fell asleep in her room, on the other queen bed, waking in the morning, your suit still on, cold, wet, crusted with cum. Jessica was up, dressed, sitting on the other bed watching you, a cruel smile on her face. She stood, was wearing a sexy wrap dress that showed off her curves, legs, chest.

"I wondered if you were waking up, loser."

"Jess, god...I'm so...I shouldn't..."

"You need to get dressed, we're having brunch with everyone in an hour."

"We...we are? I...I didn't get invited to that."

"I invited you, you're my date."


She shrugged. "You're cute. A loser, but cute. Let's be clear, though, if we date, you're still never, ever sticking that thing inside me."


"I might touch it now and then," she said, putting a foot on the bed, close to you, "but it never goes in my mouth, in my pussy, and certainly not in my ass. Never, ever inside me."


It's natural for sissies to be reluctant to suck cock; it's a vestige of the Y chromosome they were born with. So a good master knows he must break sissy of that reluctance because with proper training, she will come to crave cock, she will come to see sucking cock and swallowing cum to be as natural as breathing.

So instead of codling the reluctant sissy, a good master will expose her to cock on a regular basis.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Certain and Predictable Consequences

"Please, Sir, can't," she begged him.

"I can't?" he asked, eyebrow raised. "Are we confusing who is the sissy and who is the master?"

", Sir," she said softly. "I meant to say...I mean...can't...can't you be merciful?"

"What did I say the consequence of touching yourself without permission was?"

She swallowed. Hard. "Three...three months chastity."

"And merciful is not doing what I said I'd do? I think that simply confuses a sissy and I don't think confusion is merciful, is it?"

", Sir," she looked down.

"Merciful is certain and predictable consequences. For example, a sissy improperly dressed gets a spanking. A sissy that doesn't keep a clean house, spends time in the corner. A sissy that touches her clit is put in chastity. You have rules and your have consequences."

"I didn't...I didn't grow," she mumbled.

"What's a boy clit for?"

"P...peeing," she answered


"N...nothing, Sir," she said softer.

"Nothing, sissy, boy clits are not for sex, not ever. What's your sexual area."

" asspussy and my mouth, Sir."

"And how do you cum? Do you rub your clit like a high school boy?"

", Sir, sissies...sissies don't touch their clits unless told to."

"Certain and predictable consequences, sissy, certain and predictable consequences."

Thursday, November 21, 2019


As he stands before her, erect cock a foot from her mouth, your wife looks over at you, seeking your approval one more time. You both know this is the moment of truth, the moment of no return. If you stop it now, things may be awkward, people may be disappointed, but you could put it behind you.

But once she leans forward, once the gap between them closes, once she takes his cock in her mouth, once the head of it slips between her lips, you'll be a cuckold and nothing will be the same.

He's been patient, knows from experience this is the time for patience. He knows the two of you have to do this willingly, that he can't push, not now. Once she leans in, once her lips touch his cock, he can be as aggressive, demanding, dominant. Once she accepts, she's his. But she has to accept first, of her own free will, just like you.

He looks at you just as you give her a subtle nod. He sees it, sees your acceptance. "Come on now," he tells her gently.

She swallows, nervously starts to lean forward, closes her eyes when she's inches from his cock, opens her mouth and moves forward until she finds the tip.

You see him smile, understand he knows he's won. "That's it, that's my good little black cock slut," he says reaching up, touching her head, pushing it forward, pushing her mouth onto his cock. "There you go, relax, just focus on it, relax and suck my cock."

"Hmmmm," she mumbles, several inches of his cock in her mouth, twice that still waiting.

He puts his other hand on her head, pulls it back, away from him, surprising you, surprising her. You see the look in her eyes, she looks at him with a hunger you've never seen before. "Who's a slut for black cock?" he asks her, his words and tone a shock to both of you.

"I...I am," she says, knowing that's what he expects.

"Say it," he orders her.

She's never said something like that before and in some ways his demand is more humiliating that what's she's doing. You know he's pushing her, not letting her go slowly like she normally would, but that he's demanding she go beyond her natural limits.

She looks at you, he sees it, laughs. "That's a good girl, look at him when you say it."

"I...I'm a slut for black cock," she says, voice shaking as she starts to lean in.

"No," his voice booms. "You ask for it, you always ask and beg for it."

Another moan escapes her lips and she does. "P...please, Sir, please may I suck your cock."

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


You saw her look over at you, glance down at her lover's quickly growing cock, then back at you. She gave you the slightest nod of her head, a 'come over here' gesture, one you were hoping and praying you wouldn't see.

You knew you had no choice. If she was beckoning you to her side, she was doing it because he wanted it. And what he wanted, he got. That was the rule of the relationship. An alpha bull, an eager hotwife, and a respectful cuckold husband.

"I...I don't like it," you'd said to her the night before, "I...I don't like it at all."

"I know," she said softly, reaching over, touching your hand. "I know it's difficult."

"I'm not...I mean..."

"Shhh, you don't have to say it," she said, "I know, of course you're not gay."

"But why...why does he make me do it? He's"

"God no," she laughed. "Not that he doesn't enjoy the feeling...two mouths on his cock are better than one."

"But he knows I don't like it."

"That's why."

"I don't understand," you said.

"That's why he does it," she said softly, "he knows you don't like it. If you did, he'd stop at once."


"It's a dominance thing, love, you get that, right? He does it to show you he's in charge. He does it because you don't like it. He does it to make you submit."

"So if I liked it I wouldn't have to do it?"

"Pretty much," she said. "You could try. Pretending, even."

You thought about that when she looked at you, pretending you liked it. But you couldn't make yourself do it and knew he saw it, knew it by the smile on his face. "Come on, cuck," he smiled, "come help your wife."

The trouble was, as much as you hated the act, as much as you hated actually sucking his cock, the submission, the humiliation were a turn-on. You hated doing it but liked being made to do it. And all of you knew that.

Sitting on the bed, you thought of the last words your wife spoke last night. "I know you don't like it, sweetie, but it kind of turns me on...sharing his cock with you."

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Your wife and her friend wear pantyhose as a reminder that a little beta boy is never permitted to put his penis inside a a woman, no matter how turned on he is.

Pretty Little Liar

As you feel your wife's lover explode in your mouth, as you struggle to swallow all his cum just like she coached you, as you finish your first blow job, you feel her breath on your face, hear her whisper.

"Sweetie?" she says softly.

"Hmmmm," you respond, feeling a tiny bit of cum leak out.

"Remember when I told you it wasn't gay to dress up like a girl and share his cock with me?"

"Hmmm," you nod ever so slightly, swallowing more of his cum as his cock erupts again.

"Careful, don't spill any," she giggles. "Remember how I told you being our sissy cocksucker and swallowing cum doesn't make you gay at all?"

"Hmmmm," you moan again.

"Remember how worried you were, worried what I'd think so you wanted me to reassure you?" She reached for her lover's balls, massaged them, knowing him well, knowing there was more cum in him, more cum for you to swallow.

"Hmmmm," you moan loudly, shocked that still more cum if filling your mouth, shocked there's still more of the thick, salty goo for you to swallow.

"Remember I said don't worry if your little clit swells when you suck, just because you enjoy it, just because you get excited giving him a blowjob, doesn't mean you like men, doesn't make you gay?"

"Hmmm, hmmm," you moan, feeling her hand on your chastity cage.

"Sweetie...I lied, oh how I lied."


Monday, November 18, 2019

Pussy Free

"What...what's this thing you added to our vows?" he asked, trying to read the change on the computer, distracted by the wedding lingerie your bride was wearing, lingerie you weren't supposed to see until after the ceremony.

"That? Oh, just something I read on the internet, something some women have been adding to their vows. You know, to make sure their husbands are faithful."

"This looks the same, I pledge to honor, love, respect..."

"Yea, yea," she said, it's down further."

"Wait, that...that says I pledge to be pussy free, what...what's that mean? Like I pledge not to fuck women? Isn't that covered in the faithful part?"

She looked down, slightly embarrassed. "The faithful part covers other women."

"How's this different?"

"Well, it covers all women."

"All women? But wouldn't that mean you, too."

She shrugged. "I suppose it could be read that way."

"I pledge to be pussy free...what's this other part? I pledge to be pussy free because PIV is not for me."

"Penis in vagina," she said. "That means you can do whatever you want with your mouth, your fingers, just no PIV."

"PIV is not for me...pussy in vagina is not for me? People...people agree to this? You don't want sex after we're married?"

"Husbands agree to this," she clarified.


She looked at me, serious now. "We never do anyway," she said, "not that...not PIV."

"But if this is only in my vows..."

"We talked about it, didn't we?" she blushed.

I swallowed. "You meant it?"

She nodded. "I mean it, sweetie, I mean it."

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Don't stop

"No, don't stop," she begged her lover, "please."

"I didn't put a condom on," he said, knowing if he didn't stop and do it now, he wouldn't.

"I don't care, it's my wedding night, I want to feel your cum inside me."

"What's your groom going to say?" he chuckled, still fucking her, harder now, just as excited about cumming in her as she seemed to be.

"Don't know and don't care. Besides, he won't be able to say anything if I'm sitting on his face later."

Friday, November 15, 2019

Nervous about sharing sucking cock with your wife?

Just remember, you suck her lover's cock not because you want to but because you're told to.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Second Thoughts?

Watching him grab your wife's ass, hearing her moans, listening to his grunts as he's on the verge of exploding, the scent of sex heavy in the air, his bare cock splitting her and filling her, you realized it's way, way past the time to have second thoughts about inviting him to your bedroom.

There's no stopping this no, no backing out. The only thing you can do is to sit there silently, waiting for him to finish, waiting for him to fill your wife's pussy with his cum.


Watching him pull his cock from your wife, seeing the cum squirt on her, you might be forgiven for being relieved, even for a moment, that while he fucked her, he didn't cum inside her.

But just for a moment, for you know that little bit of cum is dribbling of a sissy like you, not a man like him.

You know those last thrusts were the thrusts of orgasm, the almost animalistic sex of a man cumming hard and fast inside a woman, pushing his seed deep into her.

So when she beckons you to the bed, it won't be just that drop of cum you lick up, it will be ten times that amount, the cum inside your wife that your fed.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Happiness is...

Knowing that after today, she's never going to be satisfied with your small penis again.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Happiness is...

A husband who accepts his role in his marriage.


"I love it," your wife's boyfriend said, seeing black lingerie she was wearing for him, "you're so fucking beautiful."

"Thank you," she blushed, feeling his cock swell, feeling it press against the sheer fabric of her wet panties.

"He picked it out?" he asked, meaning you.

She nodded, distracted as she every so gently rubbed against is erection.

"He bought it, too?"

She nodded again, smiled at the memory. "The saleswoman asked him what the occasion was; he said I had a special overnight trip to the city."

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"She said she wished us a good trip, had that knowing twinkle in her eye. He looked surprised, didn't know what to say; she looked confused, so I helped out."

"Helped out?"

"I said, 'Oh, he won't be there, it's a special trip to visit a man I've been seeing.'"

"You didn't!"

"I did," she said, rubbing against him again. "It's true, isn't it."

"Yea, I suppose it is," he said, reaching for her. "How'd she react?"

"She works in a high end lingerie boutique," she said, "she played it as cool as could be. She said 'Well I think it's very nice a husband buys his wife pretty lingerie, no matter who gets to see her in it.' I thought he was going to die."


Y do you have a Y chromosome?

Y is your sissy clit useless?

Y are more comfortable in panties?

Y do women friendzone you?

Y have you never been inside a woman?

Y do you fantasize about cock?

Y do you watch cuckold porn?

Y do you try to stay soft?

Y do you enjoy lingerie

Y are you happier under lock and key?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Happiness is...

Watching your wife suck a man's cock, blindfolded, so she'll never know who he was, just that he's a man you both know, so every time she sees one of your friends, or hers, she'll wonder if that's him.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Happiness is...

When your aunt tells you she has just the perfect pair of panties for a sweet young college boy like you.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Change of Heart

"Honey, I've been thinking about what you said, you know, about a...a threesome," your wife said one evening in bed.

"Seriously," you sat up, instantly growing hard, "you want to do it?"

"If it means that much to you."

"You'd really let another woman into our bed?" you asked, shocked.

"Not...not exactly another woman...I mean...I...I know you'd like to see that, but I'm not really into girls."

"You want another man in our bed?" you asked softly. "I...I don't know about that...I mean...I'm not sure I could do it with another guy."

"I know," she said gently, "so I have another idea."

"W...what?" you asked.

"You don't have to be one of the guys," she said, "you could"

"Wait, you and two other guys?"

"You'd be right there watching," she said.

"Watching? a voyeur?"

"Like a cuckold," she said, a word once spoken, could never be taken back.

Happiness is...

That time she had a little too much to drink and started to tell you about her ex-boyfriend and realized you'd gotten harder than you'd ever done in your life.

"I'm sorry, I should stop, shouldn't I?" she whispered, "no guy wants to hear how good his girl's ex was in bed."

"Hmmmm," you mumbled, afraid to speak.

"I'm sorry, I should stop, shouldn't I? No guy wants to hear how much bigger his girl's ex was," she teased.


"I should stop," she said, kissing him, "no guy wants to hear how his girl's ex made her cum over and over and over, cum like she's never cum before...or since."

Friday, November 8, 2019

Happiness is...

Accepting, once and for all, that when she promised you a 'pussy free' life, it didn't mean for a day, a week, a month, or even a year. It meant chastity today, tomorrow, and forever.


I watched them quietly from a chair against the wall, watched as he took off his shirt, took of her shirt, pressed himself against her. I watched as I heard my wife's breath quicken, her face melt, her legs shiver. "Oh, god, Jack," she moaned as his hand went down her flat stomach, undid the button to her shorts, slipped beneath her white panties.

I knew it wasn't the first time they'd been together, but this was the first time I'd seen it, the first time I saw a man touch her. Part of me wanted to stop it, to use our safeword, but I couldn't. Not when he slipped his fingers into her, not when I heard her moan, saw her shake, shudder. I wanted to stop it, but couldn't, now had to watch it, had to see it.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

It was evening, evening of the day she had lunch with a man, Brian, a man she met at some work thing but who asked her to a very un-work like lunch.

All night I wanted to ask her about it, but stopped every time my mouth opened, couldn't make the words form. I didn't know if I was nervous it went well or nervous it went poorly.

We were getting ready for bed, kind of quite, there was almost a tension in the air. When she finally got into bed, reading her phone, I couldn't take it anymore, burst out.


"Well?" she asked, looking over her glasses. "Well what?"

"How was lunch?" I said, voice shaking.


"You know, your...your lunch...with Brian?"

"Lunch?" she asked again, her tone inviting more.

"You...your lunch date." I said the last word softly.

"Oh, that," she glanced over at me. "Fine." She went back to her phone; I could see her work email open.


"What? It was fine," she said again, "we talked for a few, decided to forget lunch, got a hotel room, fucked."

"You what???" I said shaking.

"God," she laughed, "you really think I just fucked some strange guy? What's the matter with you. We talked, it was nice, Brian's a nice guy."

"Talked about?" I asked, realizing an irritated tone was in my voice.

"Seriously, we talked. Kind of get to know one another. He really is nice. Grew up in Boston, moved here for work. Got married, had a kid, got divorced. She's eight, his daughter."

I was quite for a minute, she said nothing. I took a deep breath. "Why...why'd he flirt? I mean..."

"With a married woman? Cause I'm hot and looked sexy, I guess," she laughed. "I don't know, usual story. After the divorce, swore off marriage, dates, blah, blah. He asked about us."

"What...what did you say?"

"Same thing I usually tell people in this situation; that I'm married to a great person, love of my life, but that we have a kind of unusual relationship."


"Yea. He asked if we were open, I reminded him we were half open, that you were faithful but that I sometimes saw other people and you were okay with it."

"Jesus, you didn't."

"I did," she said, "No reason not to be honest."

"'d he react?"

"He sat up like I was going to tell him the secret to the universe," she laughed. "I'm not kidding. He wanted to know how the hell that worked, didn't you get jealous, wasn't I worried, you worried, all that. I said it was unique and without going into all of it, that yes, you got jealous, often, but that it was something that we both enjoyed."


"He asked if we'd really done it, seen other people. Well, if I'd seen other men. I told him about Matthew. Not everything, of course, but just that yes, we'd done it before and that before the baby, I...we...kind of had a longer term relationship with a guy."

I bit my lip, licked it, felt a tingling. "And?"

"He asked about Matthew, what we liked about him, how we met him, all that. I said I was drawn to stronger men, that that was a dynamic that worked out for all of us."

"Strong men."

"You know," she shrugged. "He asked if you were really okay with it. I said he knows I'm on a lunch date."


"He seemed surprised, said since I flirted back I seemed safe, that he didn't expect anything to come of it. I told him that was probably a good idea, but that if nothing else, he had good timing, that we both kind of missed it."

Without thinking about it, I realized I had a hand on her leg, was rubbing it. She looked down at it, smiled at me.

"He asked if Matthew was different than you; I said about as different as two people can be."


"Well we didn't go fuck," she laughed.

"I assumed not."

"I thanked him for lunch, said he either had great timing or the worst timing in the world."

"What's that mean."

"I guess at some point we have to decide if we're actually doing it again."

"You want to?"

She shrugged. "Part of me, yes, maybe a big part of me."


"There's always risks."

I looked down, bit my lip. "I miss it," I said. "I mean, I hate it and miss it at the same time."

"I know," she said. "But if you got to pick..."

"You know what I'd pick," I said.

"He really was nice," she said.

"Like you're attracted to him nice?"

"Yea," she said softly, "I guess I am."


"Hands up," he said eyeing you hungrily, his voice sharp, "don't cover it, don't you ever cover it."

"I...I'm sorry, Sir," you said softly, unable to look him in the eye, the shame overwhelming. "I just..." you stopped, thinking better of complaining.

"You just what?" he asked, reading your mind.

"N...nothing Sir," you lied.

"Speak," he commanded, leaving you an impossible choice. Ignore his command to speak or speak what you were forbidden from speaking. You picked his specific command over the general.

" embarrassing," you said, trying to stay general.

"The cage or the lingerie?"

"B...both," you said.

"Of course is it," he smiled at your discomfort, "no straight male wants to admit he's never going to fuck a woman, no matter how badly he wants to. But you were never going to, you know that, right?"

His words stung. They were truthful, but stung. He said it was the problem with sissies, they wanted to be with women just as badly as any male did. But sissies were the exact opposite of what any woman wanted, a strong, masculine man. "I...I know."

"No woman wants a boy like you, weak, feminine, and confused about his sexuality."

"I...I like women," you said.

He laughed. "Yet here you are, not with a woman, but here, smooth, shaven, feminized, in chastity, a man's plaything. Always telling yourself you're not gay."

"I...I'm...not," you said weakly.

He leaned over, put his hand on your upper thigh, watched you jump. "Yea, because straight boys dress shave themselves, dress in pretty lingerie, and find themselves in a man's bed, shaking in anticipation, begging to suck cock."

You blushed, deeply, thinking of yourself saying the words over and over.

Please, Sir, may I suck your cock.

Please, Sir, may I suck your cock.

Please, Sir, may I suck your cock.

"Is this ever going in a woman?" he asked, flicking your caged penis.

", Sir," you said

"Do you want to leave?" he asked.

"No, Sir," you said, voice so soft, it was barely audible.

"Say what you're thinking, sissy," he commanded.

"P...please, Sir, may I suck your cock."

Mahogany Lox

I can take your wife, if I want to
I can fuck your wife, if I want to

I can take your wife, if I want to (want to)
And lucky for her, I want to (want to)
I can fuck your wife, if I want to
And too bad for you, I want to

Happiness is...

Women who understand a sissy should never have authority over anyone, that a sissy's place is to follow, not lead, to submit, to obey.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Happiness is...

Finding a woman who demands obedience, love, devotion and respect.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

You wondered why she was so agreeable to your "No Nut November" pledge.

I was on the bed, on my side, half dressed, wearing his favorite pair of stockings, heels, a bra with breastforms, and a sheer neglige he'd gotten for me. His eyes took me in, hungrily, then rested between my legs on the small, white piece of locked plastic.

I blushed, wanted to cover myself, but knew that would displease him. Still, he noticed.

"You'll get used to it in time," she said, knowing what I was thinking.

"I just...I mean..."

"What are my rules about that?" he asked sternly.

"S...sissies don't have erections," I said.


"Sissies don't cum like boys."

"We agreed, did we not?"

"Y...yes, Sir," I said looking down. He had been explicit about his rules on that and even more explicit on making me agree, freely, to the rules.

"So it stays on."

"I know...I just...I wish..."

"And that's why I have rules...sissies don't need the confusion. You'll get used to it; the longer you wear it, the easier it becomes, until not wearing it seems weird."


Just like an erect boi-clit confirms a husband needs to be feminized, a wet pussy confirms your wife needs a real man.

So her lover has a saying - Wet Check.

Whenever he speaks the words, no matter where they are, she has sixty seconds to present herself for inspection.


Some things, once felt, can never be unfelt, so be careful when she says she just wants to try it once, because once she experiences it, she'll never want to be without it.

Some things, once given, can never be taken, so be careful inviting a real man into your marriage, because once he takes her, he owns her.

Some things, once seen, can never be unseen, so be careful asking if you can watch, because once you see how a man makes her cum, you'll never be able to be with her without imagining this.

Happiness is...

Sharing his cum with your wife.

Hard and fast, knowing someone else is going to have to clean up the mess?


A sissy suffers when she recognizes her misconduct and she needs her master’s help to deal with it. Punishment lets her know that he take hers seriously, wants to improve her, and most of all, forgives her.

Nothing is worse for a sissy than to disappoint her master and for him to fail to deal with it.

Help her to be a better girl!

Just One Month?

So what's so hard about this "No Nut November" some guys are apparently participating in?

I'd like to see any of them try this after first doing all of these:

Jerkless January
No Fap February
Milkless March
Abstinence April
No Way May
Juiceless June
Just Say No July
Apexless August
Squirtless September

Then do No Nut November.

Knowing you get Denied December after.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Happiness is...

Watching your wife give her lover a blowjob and learning your wife doesn't really have a gag reflex.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Happiness is...

Knowing your wife's lover will not tolerate a disrespectful attitude from her.

Extra happiness is knowing he won't tolerate it from you, either.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Happiness is...

When he frees you from the cage, allows you to grow, but locks you back up without letting you squirt, just to show you he's in charge.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Happiness is...

Seeing your wife give a blowjob for the first time and realizing how different sex can be when a dominant man is involved.