Tuesday, March 31, 2020

And suddenly your wife understood the whole "never go back" thing.

Cuckold Duties

She totally rubs his face in it!


In the 4th grade, I had the biggest crush on a girl in my class, but she as clearly more interested in hanging out with the "cool" boys.

In junior high school I read an article from the now defunct Variations Magazine about a woman who feminized and cuckolded her husband. It had a profound effect on me, likely planting the seed.

In high school, I had this huge crush on two different girls I worked with. I was friends with both, but whenever I expressed any romantic interest, it was clear I was staying in the "friend zone." I assumed I'd never have a girl friend.

In high school, one of my friends found a pair of panties under my bed and told everyone in home room. The "cool" guys were making fun of me, trying to figure out what girl would leave her panties at my house. They didn't know they were my panties.

As a junior in high school, I had a crush on a girl in my math class (she was a very pretty but dorky senior). She didn't get asked to prom so I asked if she wanted to go with me. She said yes, but I was obviously a "friend" date. We went with another couple and I was totally jealous that he was getting handsy and making out with his date as mine made it clear we were not doing any of that. I at least got a kiss on the cheek at the end. But that was all and she made it quite clear that was all.

The first girl I dated and lost my virginity to (and eventually married - an unsuccessful marriage) cheated on me almost from go. I'm pretty sure I had seeds of cuckold fantasies before this, but this gave them water and sunlight and they grew and grew.

Eventually she was fairly brazen in her "girls nights out" and quite literally rubbing my face in it. It was erotic, without question, but not loving like I have now.

How brazen? She'd dress way sexier than she should to just go out with her friends. Her best lingerie, even, thigh high stockings, short dresses or skirts. I'd actually suggest things, barely understanding then like I do now.

She'd promise to wake me up when she got home, usually would (she'd be tipsy) and enjoy my oral efforts, begging off actual sex.

I think with her I learned how to give oral sex without receiving sex myself, how to get pleasure from giving pleasure. I'll give her that. She knew how to tease me, how to get sexual pleasure without actually giving it. Like Emily but different than Emily.

She liked to "67" as I called it, a modified "69" where I was on top of her but just slightly off kilter from her, from a real "69".. My face would be firmly planted in her pussy, licking her, but she'd NEVER reciprocate, would NEVER actually take me in her mouth. She'd graze me with her nose or lips, lightly blow on me, driving me wild without relief eventually, when she was done, letting me rub myself.

I remember, one time, one of her friends telling me she was cheating on me and it hurt. It was erotic but hurt.

For many reasons, I hated her, though oddly the infidelity isn't one of them.

So different than Emily, of course, who never once cheated on me, even as she dates.

When Emily and I started dating, I was one of many suitors. She was (and remains) a very pretty and intelligent woman. Tall, long legs, always in shape, well dressed.

Yet I was the one she picked. Not any of the clearly more alpha men who were circling her. Me.


He likes nothing more than possessing a married woman.

Your wife likes nothing more than offering herself to him.

You like nothing more than silently watching.

Only a sissy can truly understand how exciting feminization and chastity can be.

Monday, March 30, 2020

The bells help sissy's wife keep track of him.

Source | Clever Sissy

Her heart belongs to you; her body belongs to him; and you all know it.


Can you even remember?

Remember when you pretended you were a man?

Remember when you tried to date women?

Remember when you thought with your penis?

Remember when you didn't tuck it 24/7?

Remember when cock was something you were scared of?

A sissy is so much more content when she accepts the inevitable.


Of course the dress is too risque for a wife and mother to wear to dinner, of course.

But that's the point of his insistence she wear it.

Modesty and chastity are for her "regular" life, for her husband.

When she's with her lover, she's to be in a different frame of mind.

With him, there is no modesty, she's his slut, his whore.

To dress the part is to remind her, remind her husband, of her role.

Trapped at home, 
missing the thing we just found, 
we can find ways to occupy our time, 
and think about him.

Who is sissy waiting for?

Sunday, March 29, 2020


You can't invite an Alpha Man into your marriage thinking he's only going to demand your wife's submission, he expects your's too.

Because there's nothing like showing a wife that her husband is so easily emasculated, feminized, collared, and controlled. 

Your wife is mesmerized at the sight of you sucking her lover's cock.


That feeling, watching your wife dress in lingerie, watching her dress to please another man.

That feeling when you know she's thinking of him.

That feeling when you know she's dressing for him.

That feeling when you know she's eager for him.

That feeling when you know your role isn't that of a typical husband, instead it's to love her, support her, be there for her, help her.

That feeling when you're there to support her sexuality, her needs, not to fulfill them for her, but to help her find that fulfillment from another.


Absolutely yes, my sweet wife, I love when you take me from behind.

I love it when you remind me I'm your girl, not your man.

I love it when you make me go into ecstasy!

Source | Sissi Chloe (who I stole the idea from)

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Etam Swim 2020 Campaign




Will you let her?

She's so prudish, your wife, refusing to have sex with the lights on, god forbid wearing lingerie or doing anything kinky.

But that doesn't mean she never has. Or never will again.

It just takes a special kind of man to awaken her. A strong, assertive, dominant man.

The kind of man that isn't marriage material, but the kind of man she's been with before and wants to be with again.

The quest is, will you let her?

Public Shaming

Her neighbor caught her uncagged and playing with herself, both violations of the Control of Sissified Husband Act ( Sections 108 (Mandatory Chastity) and 114 (Prohibited Touching).

The neighborhood's Sissy Control Officer ordered 40 hours of public shaming (8 hours a day for 5 days) as both punishment for the sissy and a warning to any other husband considering misbehaving.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Beta Anxiety:
Submissive/beta males often suffer from plenty of anxiety and most all of it is related to their sex lives.  The anxiety comes from their inability to please their wives like an Alpha Male can.  A beta male typically suffers from premature ejaculation, a smaller than average penis and overall poor performance when it comes to penetrative sex of any kind.
On the other hand, the beta male is typically very talented when it comes to pleasing their wives orally.  Giving oral pleasure is an indication of their more accommodating personality.  The get plenty of pleasure and fulfillment by giving their wives orgasms this way. 
Despite these talents the beta male tends to focus on the aforementioned shortcomings because the modern woman has greater expectations when it comes to sex.  Having a wife with a high libido adds to the beta's anxiety. 
If the wife finds the right Alpha lover this new relationship usually solves the problem.  The right man will satisfy the wife and also help the cuckold accept his "re-focused" role in the marriage.  In the early stages this is difficult for the cuckold to accept.  He often resents the Alpha male's presence in their lives and feels frustrated that he can't do anything about it.  Eventually, the cuckold will come around and accept his new role.
Once the cuckold does that, he will admire the Alpha, defer to him, obey him and realize that being in the Alpha's presence even adds value to his life. 
Source | The Big Bi Daddy 


"What time is your husband going to be home?" he looks at the woman holding his cock, fucking his friend."

"I...I don't know...I don't care," she moans, meaning every word.

"Five? Didn't you say five?" He looks at his watch. "It's almost...hell...he'll be here any minute...we should go."

"No," she yells, "no, don't...don't stop."

"He's going to see," he warns her.

"I...I don't care," she say, "please...don't stop. Don't stop."

He looks at his friend and they smile. Another wife broken, another husband cuckolded.

Voice Mail

That feeling when you call your wife's office line and her voice mail says she's in the office but can't take phone calls because she's in a meting with her boss.


Nervous, sissy? Don't be, he's  is very experienced dealing with little "girls" like you.

He knows your afraid.

He knows your reluctant to admit your cravings.

He knows you wish women liked "boys" like you.

He knows you tell yourself you're not attracted to men.

He knows everything to do to for you, with you, and to you.

Trust in him, sissy.

Surrender to him, sissy.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


After years of frustration at his lack of success with women, after going through high school and college virginity intact, the truth dawned on him. Women don't want, won't date, and have no sexual interest in weak, un-masculine males. They put them in the "friendzone", always and forever.

He realized, though, after an off-handed comment by a girl friend (not a girlfriend, he never had one of those) that while he'd never be attractive to women, he might be attractive to men, as a woman.

So he decided to try it. To rousing success. For it turned out while no woman wanted him, sexually, many men did. Many men loved pretty, submissive sissies. It turned our if a boy was willing to dress like a girl and suck cock without abandon, he was destined to find a man with ease.

Did he like sucking cock? Not at first (or so he told himself), but he learned first to enjoy it, then to crave it.


He doesn't spank your wife because she did anything wrong, to the contrary, she does everything he asks, is sexually available to him whenever he wants.

Rather, he spanks her to demonstrate his control of her. And of you.

Besides the sex, nothing reinforces your place in this three person relationship more than watching your wife crawl onto her lover's lap for a spanking.

When your wife's lover is coming over, it's best to dress to leave no doubt there's only one male in the house.


"I see that look in your eyes, sweetie," your wife says, seeing you stare at her. "You're jealous, aren't you. Don't worry, I'm happy to share."

Good Sissy

Your wife's boyfriend doesn't care whether you're attracted to men; the thought literally never entered his mind, not once.

He doesn't care what your inner thoughts and fears are about doing something like this; he never once considered you're afraid this makes you gay.

He doesn't worry about your worries, he cares about your submission and your obedience.

He's the Alpha Male in the relationship; you and your wive take guidance from him, serve him. He's in charge, he's in control. 

So if your wife is out of town for work, it falls on you to fulfill his sexual needs. It's up to you to dress in your prettiest, most feminine lingerie, to get on your knees before him, and worship his cock just like your wife would.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Someone said, in the comments, Emily and I had a lesbian relationship, which, tbh, is a fairly accurate description.



She should be nervous, this is her first time dressing as a girl for a man, her first time seeing a real man's erection. She's nervous what he'll think, what he'll say, what he'll do.

So when he spreads her legs and smiles, she smiles.

When he looks at her panties, sees her small, tucked sissy clit, he smiles at her, moves closer, and her heart beats faster.

And when he opens his mouth and speaks, when he tells her she's beautiful and he's going to fuck her so hard, she melts and waits for him.

Just Thoughts

He touched her. He had her. He was inside her. A man, Brian, was inside my wife. The thing we missed she had. He fucked her, came inside her, possessed her, there was no uncertainty.

As always, I am her sissy, I am her cuckold. And how do I feel?








I am a sissy. I am a cuckold. I know every time I am with her, every time I touch her, every time I lick her, I remember that. I think of it every time. Every time. The thought that should tear me apart has the opposite effect, as I can't wait to see her, to kiss her, to surrender to her.


He kept telling his wife he didn't want to do this, he kept saying he had no desire to be feminized, no desire to be penetrated.

But she knew better. And she knew a sissy clit never lies.

And so there it is, the barometer telling a truth he won't admit.

As she slips her dildo into him, as he moans, she knows three things with absolute certainty, even if he doesn't.

He's going to be feminized now and forever.

He's going to be fucked like this whenever she wants.

Now that his erection has shown her the way, he's going to be caged and never have one again.




Just because your wife wanted her stud to use a condom doesn't mean you should let his cum go to waste.

Miss Tara Roberts

Miss Tara Roberts is simply beautiful!

BTW, I showed the picture to Emily, who agreed, with one comment - "No cage?"