Monday, June 29, 2020

Panties on the Door Handle

Ordinarily, they mean your wife is entertaining, so leave her and whomever she's with alone. 

But what do they mean when the door is ajar?

Did they forget to shut it?

Did he shut it so hard it popped open?

Does she want you to watch?
It's hard to know; she's never let you watch before.

But here you are, unable to walk away, unable to do anything but stare.

Watch as he spreads her leg and pushes into her.

Watch as he fucks her, treats her like an animal.

Watch as she grunts, begs him to be gentle, but begs him not to stop.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Did you really think they invited you to pledge their fraternity because you fit in? It's the 'jock frat' on campus, full of football and basketball players. You're neither, you're not big and muscular like them, you're slight, small, and weak.

They let you pledge, but they were never going to let you join.

Not that you couldn't serve them in other ways.

It turns out, you later learned, every year they picked a boy like you. 

They got him tipsy, dressed him in lingerie as part of 'pledging' with help with some sorority girls. It seemed to fit in, all the pledges were forced to dress in something humiliating. They had their boy from last year give one of them a blow job in front of you. See, they said, it's no big deal.

That was four months ago, now you're their play thing. Their sissy slut, their sissy faggot.

You live in the basement, in a special room only the brothers are allowed in. You're kept feminized, teased, not allowed to cum. Month after month, teased and denied, hyper sexualized. 

There's only two things in your life now. Cock and cum. Cock and cum.


How you say you want to spend Saturday night: dinner with a pretty girl, a blowjob, a girlfriend to bring home to your parents.

How you actually spend Saturday night: feminized, collared and leashed; on your knees sucking a man's cock; his sexy sissy girlfriend to do as he orders.

So go on, keep telling yourself you're straight, keep telling yourself you want to sleep with women.

Keep telling yourself  you don't like men, you don't like cock, keep telling yourself that as you get on your knees and beg for him.


It's simple conditioning, teaching your sissy husband to associate pleasure with something different, breaking the sexual bond between the two of you.

It starts with his feminization and constant chastity. After several months, of being programmed to no longer think of himself as a male, and after several months without orgasm, he'll be ready to begin his real training.

The first step is to allow him to masturbate but not cum for the next month, being unlocked nightly to stroke, but only to images or videos of beautiful women sucking massive cocks.

Feminized, he'll have difficulty imagining a woman doing this to him. Seeing massive cocks, he'll have trouble identifying with the man receiving the blowjob. At this point, say nothing about the images, just encourage him to gently stroke himself, gently, tenderly. If he gets overeager (and he will), slow him down, gently, gently.

But remember, he's not allowed to cum, and after a half-hour or so, he must stop and be locked until the next day.

After a month, he'll be desperate to cum, but don't let him. Instead begin to talk to him, ask him if he wonders what it feels like. He'll of course ask, "to get a blow job?", confused, because he knows what it feels like, you've done that to him, even if rarely.

"No," you'll answer, "to give one." Describe it for him, what it's like to take a man's cock in your mouth. Not his, but a man. Remember the best blowjob you've ever given, to the strongest, most masculine man, the one with the biggest, hardest cock.

Make him stroke while you describe the feeling. Stroke, but not cum, stroke, but not cum.

Then a few weeks of stroking to multiple women sucking cock. Stroking while he watches it, unable to think of anything but what it feels like for the women.

Then you switch, no more pictures of women sucking cock. No, then he must masturbate simply to picutres of cock. Big, thick, cock. Black cock, white cock, it doesn't matter, but he only gets to touch himself if he's looking at pictures of cock.

Tell him, stroke to that cock, sissy, stroke to cock.

That's when he may cum, that's when he can finally get release. Stroking to cock. Teach him that his sexual pleasure comes from thinking about, fantasizing about, yearning for cock.

At this point, he'll do it for you. He'll suck cock for you. He'll swallow cum for you. It will be all he can think about, sluttily sucking cock while you watch and encourage him.

Monday, June 22, 2020

At some point, it's hard to remember your life as a male

By a man, if possible, by a mistress, if need be


"What...what are you doing," your wife asks her lover, feeling him pull his still hard cock from her pussy, feeling his cum drip from her. 

He knows she doesn't like that, knows she likes to feel him inside her after they've both cum. "Tell him to crawl over here," he whispers in her ear.

"What?" she asks, moving her hips, trying to find his cock.

"Tell him to crawl over here, slut, tell him I saved some for him."

"Oh, god," she moans, his words tearing through her mind as her orgasm is still washing over her. She only mentioned it was a fantasy, not something she actually wanted, but like everything, he pushed and pushed boundaries, pushed to her limits and just beyond. 

"Tell him to crawl over her and suck my cock," he ordered her.

You heard him, but didn't move. She looked at you, sitting quietly in the corner, obviously afraid to say it. So he pushed again, touched the tip of her lips with his cock. "Tell him, slut," he said, the head of his cock separating her lips, promising one last thrust, one last orgasm, but only when she did as he directed. "Tell him or you don't get it."

She did, of course she did.

He has rules

"I know it seems unfair," your wife says, sympathy in her voice, "but he insists."

"But then I can' know..."

"I think that's kind of the point," she says softly. 

"Fine," you sigh, resigned to wearing the cage when he's over. "He's not spending the night, is he?"

"No," she says to your immense relief. 

"I guess I can go a few hours then," you say as she clicks the lock shut, trapping you. 

She looks up at you, sorrow in her eyes. 

"What?" you ask.

"He...he didn't send the key."

"He's bringing it with him?"

"No, I...I mean...he said..."

"He said what?" you ask, trying to keep your voice steady.

"He said we're starting with a month and we'll assess then."

"A...a month...he's making me wear it for a month."

"Just to start," she said, "he said we'll see how the month goes then decide how long."

Saturday, June 20, 2020

New Friends

She'd never suck your cock, of course, your wife's told you again and again she's not "into that kind of sex." She's not lying, she really isn't into giving blowjobs.

To you.

Your next door neighbor's husband?

Well that's a different story, a different story altogether.

She'll eagerly do that with him, eagerly get on her knees and take his balls in her mouth, help her friend milk every last drop of cum from her stud husband.

In fact, she'll beg, she'll literally look both of them in the eyes and beg them to use her as their slut.

Friday, June 19, 2020


Three years ago, you and your twin brother assumed you'd celebrate your 21st birthdays at a bar, buying drinks for pretty girls, going home with one each, having sex, laughing about it in the morning.

But here you are on your actual 21st birthday, a year after the two of you met him.

Here you are, both of you, not at a bar, but at his house, on your knees, eagerly sharing daddy's cock.

You reach up, move your hands from your caged clits; you reach up, your hand brushing against your twin brother's C-cup breasts as you both work your mouths along daddy's erection.

"That's it, faggot one," daddy smiles, "play with faggot two's breasts."

He won't use your boy names, of course, instead he uses pet names for you. You're faggot one and faggot two; sissy one and sissy two; or whore one and whore two.

Your 21st birthday won't involve a woman (other than each other), won't involve alcoholic drinks (cum cocktail is the new drink of choice); but instead will focus on making your lover dum.

Lost and Found

She wonders how she came to be in this situation, bound and gagged, hands secured behind her, ankles secured to limit her steps. 

She wonders how she came to be in this situation, feminized in every way possible, her life as a boy behind her, only femininity ahead of her.

She wonders how she came to be in this situation, no longer trying to seduce pretty girls, instead the plaything of a man.

She wonders how she came to be in this situation, no longer called mister, sir, buddy, no longer one of the guys, instead answering to different names now.






Life is full of choices and she made them, each choice bring her further away from her old life, closer to this new one. 


Man watching this video, "damn, she's hot, I want to slip my cock into her."

Sissy watching this video, "damn those hose are hot, I know just what it feels like slipping them on."

Yes, Mistress

The Smaller the Sissy Clit, the Happier the Sissy

"I'm glad we switched to the smaller cage," she commented looking directly between my legs. 

"Yes, Ma'am," I agreed, knowing it didn't matter if I agreed or not. She liked the small one better as flaccid, I filled the confines of the tight cage, leaving me nowhere to grow if anything aroused me. Even swelling was now forbidden, her goal was to keep me flaccid as much as possible, keep me as small as possible. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

I want her to surrender to him:


You walk into the bedroom, eyes go wide when you see your wife dressed in sheer red lingerie-a bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings, nude heels. Her hands are on her hips, glaring at you.

"J...Jennifer...what...what are you doing?"

"I thought I'd surprise you after work," she stares at you.

"You look...I look pretty," you manage to say, barely able to look her in the eye.

"Pretty? I look pretty? That's all you have?"

"I..." you stop, don't know what to say, say that. "I don't know what to say."

"I'd have thought you'd start with the basic question. Like where did you get that?" she says eyes burning into you.

"I...I can explain," you say.

"Go ahead," she dares you.

" was...I was going to be a present...for your birthday."

"A present?" she laughs. "A present?"

"Y...yes," you stammer desperately trying to think where you'd left the lingerie. It was new, you'd only gotten it a week ago, the tags were still on. Was it in your dresser drawer still? Your closet?

"Just so I understand," she says, face softening, "this was a present? For my birthday?"

"Y...yes," you nod.

"What was your plan? Wrap it up?"

"Of course."

"For my birthday?"

"Yes," you nod, suddenly feeling slightly better.

"I'm not sure that's what I wanted for my birthday," she says.


"No. I mean, jewelry, sure, but seeing my husband dressed in lingerie and learning he's a cock sucking faggot? Seems like that's best on another day."

"Jennifer!" you yelp, blood cold.

"What? I'm wrong? I spoiled the surprise."

"Jen, I..."

"I mean, the lingerie," she glares at you, "the flash drive with the porn. The dildo. The butt plug. The wig. The makeup. The magazines."

"Jennifer, I...I can explain."

"What? I got it wrong? You're not a cocksuucking sissy? You're not a faggot?"


"I put another outfit on the bed, faggot, get dressed. Now."


"Get dressed now." She looked between your legs; you looked down, saw the tent in your pants. "Oh, let's get one other thing clear right now, shall we?"


"That," she pointed, "that thing is never going inside me again."

That feeling when her husband cleans up the mess her lover made


Well, sissy, one goes in your mouth and the other goes in your ass, you get to pick which goes where.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Quivering - how she reacts to a real man inside her


"Remember last time I wore this?" your wife asks with a smile when you walk into the bathroom and see the lingerie she's wearing.

"Y...yes," you whisper, thinking back three years, thinking of her wearing that in a hotel room on the beach in Mexico, the first night of your honeymoon.

"Remember your reaction?" she giggles.


"Do you?" she pushes.

"I...I do," you swallow. 

"Think he'll have the same reaction?" she smiles. "I hope so."


"He'll be here any minute, sweetie, I guess we'll find out."


"I...I don't know about this," Paul said to his wife after he looked down at the lingerie he was wearing. "I feel so..."

"Feminine," his wife suggested helpfully, a twinkle in her eye, appreciating just how feminine he looked.

"I was going to say foolish," he said.

"Nonsense," she retorted, "you look perfect. A bit flat chested, but we'll fix that next time."

"Next time," he swallowed. "I thought...I said if I did this you'd stop bugging me."

She shrugged. "A white lie," she smiled. 

"When...when is next time?" Paul asked, afraid of her answer.

"Tomorrow," she said at once, confirming his fear. "And the day after that. And after that and..."


"And the day after that..."

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


They are not very effective restraints, she can undo them simply by untying them. 

But their purpose isn't physical, it's mental.

While they barely restrain your wife physically, mentally, they bind them totally, bind her mind to him, remind her she belongs to him, remind her she's surrendered her body to him.

They remind her that you, her husband, owns her heart, but he, her lover, owns her sexuality.

Monday, June 15, 2020


A great bra and panty set for a sissy; holding her breast forms and penis just where they belong.


Sunday, June 14, 2020


It isn't just about size, of course, though when he enters your wife for the first time, she can't help appreciating the difference.

It's also about assertiveness, dominance, attitude, and control.

There's no "are you enjoying this" from him. He has no nagging thoughts that he might not be pleasing her.

It isn't that he doesn't care about pleasing her, it's more that he knows he is, but he doesn't think about it. He doesn't ask. He just takes.

He doesn't ask her how she wants to do it, he does it however he likes.

He doesn't ask her if something feels good, he does what makes him feel good.

He doesn't ask her if she had an orgasm, he fucks her good and hard until he has his orgasm.

You think he's selfish because he thinks about himself first. But ironically, he gives her the best sex of her life.

That's why he's an alpha man and you're a beta cuckold.


He wasn't the largest man your wife had ever been with, if anything his cock was rather average in girth and length, was unremarkable.

But watching her kneel before him, the eagerness with which she took his cock in her hands and mouth, you understood it wasn't his size that she craved, it was something else, something intangible, something he had but you didn't.

He was a man.

His thoughts, his attitude, his outlook on life. 

He was a man.

So he gave he gave her something you never did, never could. This is what she responded to, this is what she found so irresistible.

Because he was a man, she worshiped his cock with an eagerness you didn't know she was cable of. The few times she agreed to lick your penis, it was after several glasses of wine and then only after you begged her.

But not with him. With him, she did the begging, and when he nodded yes, she sucked him like there was nothing else in her world.

You'd had several glasses of wine, your inhibitions lowered. He sees you staring between his legs, motions you to stand, approach him.

He watches your hose covered legs, as he has been for the last hour. "Touch me," he says. 

You reach for him, nervous, hesitant, feel his quickly growing bulge. "What am I doing, you think, having never done this before.

Suddenly, his hand is between your legs and he touches you as you touch him, his hand on your tucked penis. It swells slightly, trapped by the tight panties, unable to grow erect as he is.

"Oh, god," you mumble, suddenly shaking, realize he knows what you are, terrified of his reaction.

"I don't ever want to see this hard," he says continuing to rub it.


"Never hard," he says again, his other hand pushing you down to your knees.

Reporting for duty, Ma'am

Wednesday, June 10, 2020