Friday, July 24, 2020

"You didn't really get your boyfriend to suck cock, did you?"

"I most certainly did."


"Easy. I told him if he won't suck cock, he can't suck my pussy."

"So he did it? He really sucked that guy you've been seeing on the side?"

"Full blow job, swallowed his cum and everything. Well most of it, some dribbled down his chin. He needs to get better."

"Shut up!"

"He wore a bra, panties, and a chemise, too, just like I said he would."

"I don't believe you."

"Here, I took a video."

"OMG! He's such a fag."

"I know. He doesn't like me calling him that, but whatever, I don't care."

"So you let him lick you?"

"After my side guy fucked me, yea. A promise is a promise."

Y...yes...yes, Ma'am.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Don't feel sorry for her, this is EXACTLY what she wanted

Tell yourself you're straight as many times as you want, sissy, but when you dress in pretty lingerie for a man and find yourself bent over a table, his hand on your ass, his cock inside you, it might be time to acknowledge you're a sissy faggot.

It isn't just that she'll suck his cock, it's how eager she is.

How willing, how hungry for it.

A thing she did to you twice, for less than a minute each.

Never to the end.

Never enjoying it.

Never enthusiastically. 

With him, though, when your wife sucks his cock, it's like there's nothing else in her world.

Because there isn't.

"You understand now, girls," your wife asks her friends as they stare at you, naked but for the pink chastity cage locked over your flaccid penis.

"Yuck," Monica, her friend in the red dress says, "that...that's disgusting."

"Told you," your wife laughs.

"How long does he have to wear it?" her friend in the light grey dress asks.

"I said for a month, to start, but that was months ago?" your wife looks at you.

"T...ten, Ma'am," you mumble, eyes down. "Ten months ago."

"That long already. I told him we'll take it off at a year."

"You're going to let him put that inside you?"

"God no," your wife laughs. "We'll take it off for an hour or so, just to see if he can still swell. But it's right back on after that. No, his days of orgasm are behind him. I milk him every other month, but no real orgasms."

"What does your boyfriend think about it?"

"He's good. I mean, it was kind of his idea. Not really the sharing type that one, is he sweetie?"

"," you said.

"No don't pout," she scolds you. "He lets you use your mouth one me, it's not like he's mean about it."

"Wait," Monica asked, "you don't mean..."

"Of course, Monica, you should try it some time. Spend a night with your boyfriend and come back here and let this one lick you clean."

"Ewwwwwwwwww," Monica laughed, "he wouldn't!"

"He most certainly would. Willingly, too. I know he hated it at first, but trust me, he's developed quite the taste for cum filled pussy."

Waiting for him to enter the room, you naturally think about all your life choices that led to this moment.

The choice to reject your maleness.

The choice to embrace femininity.

The choice to flirt with a man.

The choice to submit to him. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

He throws her on the bed, enters her not with slow, tenderness, but with a hard, fast thrust.

It's rough, it's impersonal, it's about power as much as sex. 

It's not love making, it's raw, animal fucking, rooting, 

And it's exactly what she wants from her lover.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

You all know what I'm dreaming about watching this.

That feeling when you can't find the key to your husband's chastity cage for his scheduled release and you're all like, no worries, there really wasn't any reason to unlock him anyways.

"Mrs...Mrs. Ross, what...what are you doing here?" I asked, coming home from work, seeing my mother-in-law sitting in the living room.

"Can't a mother come spend the evening with her daughter?" she asked innocently. As usual, my mother-in-law, who terrified me, was dressed very feminine, very pretty.

"Of course, but...well...I...Meredith and I had...had plans."

"You know I'm well aware of your end of the month plans, Brian," she said, making my face go red. Seeing me, she smiled, raised the hem of her dress, exposing the top of her stocking, several inches of bare thigh.

I gasped, a combination of shock, instant excitement, fear, and pain between my legs.

"Oh, poor baby, a month in chastity, you must be dying in anticipation."

"Mrs. Ross," I looked away.

"I told her a month between releases was fine to start after you got married, to acclimate you to chastity, but was much too frequent after the first few months."

"What does that mean?" I asked, eyes glued to her legs.

"Too many orgasms spoil a husband," she said.

"Too...too many? We...I only...I only get unlocked once a month."

"Monthly is far too often," she tapped her foot.

"What would you suggest, mother?" I heard my wife's voice, turned in surprise to see my wife standing there watching and listening.

"Quarterly at the absolute most, and that's still too much. Yearly is my preference."

"Yearly!"  I yelped.

"Unlocked and an orgasm for his birthday, that's what your father got," Mrs. Ross said looking at her daughter. "You remember."

"Plus his monthly milking," my wife said. 

"You knew," my mother-in-law smiled.

"In high school. I knew something special happened once a month before that, but I saw it once in high school."

"You saw?" Mrs. Ross asked, surprised.

"I saw," my wife said. "Several times, actually. Dad on the bed, wearing lingerie, you behind him with a toy, playing with him until he filled a cup, making him, well..."

"You need to start with him," she said looking at me. "This jerking him off once a month is not the way to train him."

"I know mother, I just..."

"He'll be much happier. Your father was once I forbid all sex but for his monthly milking and yearly jerk."

"Wait just a minute," I started to say.

"I don't have any lingerie," my wife said as if that was the problem. But to her mother, it was.

"I assumed, dear," Mrs. Ross said. "He's the same size and build as your father was, I brought all his old things; they're in your bedroom."

My wife smile. "All that vintage stuff?"

"The classics are best for feminizing a husband, dear, no need to stray from them."

"I'm not sure he's ready for that, Mother."

"If he wants milked he will. Otherwise, it's what, ten months till his birthday."

The best things in life...

Watching my beautiful wife dressed as pretty and sexy as possible, knowing she's doing it not to seduce me, but instead to seduce him.

Fantasy is one thing, idle pillow talk to add erotic spring.

Reality is another, your wife in lingerie she's wearing for her lover.

When it was a game, it was hot and erotic but still tame.

But now it's real, soon he'll be the only one making her squeal.