Monday, August 31, 2020

"Did I behave when I was out with him? Maybe...kind of...not"

Sharing your wife's lover is best in life.

College changes many people as they go through a process of self-discovery
learning, often, to accept things they didn't understand or were afraid to admit.

Like you thought because you were born a male you were supposed to like girls.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Did I behave? Guess you're going to have to come over here and 
smell me and lick me and find out for yourself, sissy.


Saturday, August 29, 2020


"What are you staring at?" your wife asks you, knowing perfectly well what you're staring at.

You're staring at the crotch of her hose, trying to see if there is the telltale crust of dried cum.

To see if she's damp, her lover's cum leaking out of her.

Staring at her, hoping she wasn't naughty yet hoping she was.

Hoping she'll speak the words you've come to love and fear.

"Lick me clean, sissy, lick me clean."

Friday, August 28, 2020

"Be careful, if you squirt, Mistress is going to put us in chastity again."

"She's going to put us into chastity anyways, you know we're not allowed to have erections."


"The only question is to you want to get locked up before or after a squirt."

I think about it, know that everything is better when I'm turned on, when it's been a long time since my last orgasm. As difficult as it is to admit, once locked up, I prefer to be locked up with no orgasm.

"I don't want to squirt," I said.

"Me either," she admitted. 

"To the edge and stop one more time?"

"One more time."

"It's going to be months."

"I know, I know."


Of course she knows you're little penis is going to try to swell 
in the cage when you see her dressed like this.

Of course she knows it's going to be sore all day as you think about
her, as you contemplate the time you have left until she unlocks you.

That's the whole point, sissy, to remind you what you had and can no longer have.


My kind of riding lesson


The couple that shares together...

Well you know the rest.


Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Seems like a natural progression.

Update: I'm second from the top on the left, the very top on the right.

There's only room for one cock in a marriage.


The cage and lingerie go hand in hand, one always with the other. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


You wife didn't just insist you suck cock with her, sissy, she insisted you do it to a man you know and you do it blindfolded. That way, every day, with every man you talk to, you're forced to think, does this man know I'm a sissy, does this man know I suck cock.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

That look she gets when it's been way too long, when a stupid pandemic makes people wait and wait, when all she wants is to be with a strong man and can't.

Monday, August 17, 2020

"I don't know, it seemed pretty clear to me," your wife looked at you through the mirror.

"But...but you don't really mean it..."

"I do," she smiled. "I'm not unlocking it until you suck his cock."

"But...but Monica..."

"I'm not unlocking it until you get down on your knees, take his big, thick cock in your mouth, and give him the dirtiest, sloppiest, blow job ever."


"And just so we're clear, that means a full blow job. That means swallowing every single last drop of his cum.."

Sunday, August 16, 2020


"J...jesus," Tommy yelped seeing how his girlfriend was dressed, instantly feeling a tightening in his pants, "you're wearing that???"

He'd never seen her wear anything like this before, hell, he'd never seen her naked, never even seen her in a bikini, let alone lingerie. She was always very clear she wasn't doing any of that before they got married in two years, after they graduated from college.

"It's a theme party, Tommy, Pimps and Hoes. We're all dressing like hoes, the guys are all dressing like pimps. Don't you like it? You always said you wanted to see me wearing something skimpy."

"I...I know," he mumbled, "I just..."

"You're not doing the jealousy thing again, are you?"

"," he looked down.

"Good," she said. "You know he gets mad when you act all sullen around him."

"I just...he gets to see you dressed like that all night."

"And? You are getting jealous again. It's just a sorority/fraternity party, Tommy, all the girls have a guy they go with, you know that."

"He...Angela...he looks at you like..."

"He's got a girlfriend back home, Tommy."

"Why'd he kiss you that one night?"

"Tommy, we're just friends. It was nothing. I'm marrying you, you know that."

"Is he bothering you, Angela?" you heard a deep voice behind you, turned, saw him standing there, face firm. 

"," she answered in that girlish voice she got when he was around. 

"He better not. And damn you look hot," he looked her up and down good and hard. "Are those stockings?"

"M...maybe," she blushed, tugged her skirt down slightly.

"Damn, girl, you trying to tease me? Best be careful."

"What...what time will you be home?" Tommy asked quietly.

"Way she's dressed, might be morning," her 'date' said. 

"Hey," she blushed. "I don't don't have to wait up."

Friday, August 14, 2020


He's patient, he knows a young sissy like you is nervous, even scared. 

Not just of what he wants to do to you, you're nervous about that, but he knows you're scared that you'll like it, scared to admit how much you want it, scared to admit you're not as straight as you want to be.

So he's slow, patient.

Eventually he'll take you how he wants, when he wants. 

But not yet.

Not until you beg him.

Not until you're at a point where his cock is all you think about.

Not until you realize feeling him inside you is everything.

Even then he'll wait, patiently. 

He'll tease you, toy with you, taunt you until you're every waking moment is consumed with thinking about his cock inside you.

Thursday, August 13, 2020


When your wife said her boyfriend bought something for you, this isn't quite what you had in mind. 

The best feeling is looking down and seeing something like this between my legs.

"Oh, we'll let you join us," she tells you, "but only if you're wearing pantyhose like we are."

"Seriously," you ask, feeling your penis swell.

"Yea," she smiles. "Oh, and the chastity cage as well."

That feeling when he enters your sissy pussy for the first time and you scream at yourself for not accepting  what you are years ago.