Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Get a jump on Locktober by starting today; lock the sissy clit up where it's safe and secure.

And don't look forward to Oct. 31, because there's also the No Nut November challenge.

Maybe she'll unlock you in December. Then again, maybe not.

Personally, I'm not counting on it, but we'll see. 



She removed the key, leaving the cage secured on your penis. In seconds you felt it, felt the blood rush, felt the instant soreness as your penis tried to swell, couldn't. "A...a month," you said, just to confirm.

"A month?" your wife asked.

"Thirty one days in October, I can to that," you said, already mentally counting down, "I can try it for a month."

"Um...we're starting with a month but that doesn't mean I'm unlocking you at the end."

"You said we'd try it for a month."

"I said we'd start with a month and see how it goes," she said, "not that you're getting unlocked. We'll see how it does and see if we make it longer."

Sissies always deny they want a man to fuck them, telling themselves they like women, that they're straight. They deny they are not gay; they deny they are secretly cock hungry sluts.



Even up to the moment  she begs him to fuck her, even as he man pushes his hard, thick cock into her tight, virgin ass-pussy, a sissy tells herself she doesn't like men.



"Oh god, fuck me," she screams as he thrusts his cock in and out of her, her inner voice saying, it's okay I'm not gay, it's okay, I like women, it's okay, I'd never really have sex with a man.



TFW her lover spends the night and breakfast turns into a morning fuck and you're left doing household chores while they enjoy themselves.


"Want to keep telling me you're straight, honey," your wife whispers in your ear as you take her lover's cock in your mouth, "or are we finally done with that illusion."


At some point, every sissy has to realize being born male has nothing to do with being a man.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

When you first met him, you were a reluctant sissy, afraid to admit how much you craved a man, still deluding yourself you were attracted to women. Back then, he'd was harsh, often tying you down and taking you almost against your will, tying you so you couldn't touch yourself. He didn't force himself on you, you came to his house of your own free will. But you were reluctant.

But eventually the reluctance disappeared. Eventually you begged him to fuck you. Eventually feeling his cock inside you was all you could think about. That's when he freed your hands, let you touch your sissy clit while he fucked you.


Monday, September 28, 2020


That feeling when you wake up with the taste of cock and cum in your mouth, 
you're wet and sore in your behind, 
you feel the chastity cage tight around your sissy clit,
and you open your eyes and find him staring at you.


"Wait, wait," your wife cries out as her new lover slowly pushes his cock into her.

You're sitting across from the bed, naked, bound to a chair, a cock gag in your mouth; these were his ground rules to you being present. You could watch, something important to both you and your wife, but you couldn't say anything, couldn't do anything, couldn't interfere.

"What?" he growls, slowing but not stopping. 

"'s too big," she says, looking at you, realizing for the first time in her life what a man's cock was.

"There's no waiting," he growls, pushing deeper into her.

You watch her, clearly in discomfort for the first minute but then you see her eyes start to flutter, hear her breathing quicken, hear her start to moan as she stretches to take him, stretches to open for his cock.

Your wife was on the bed, you were watching her intently, watching her tie her heel around her ankle. You knew when she stood, the hem of the dress would barely reach mid-thigh, and combined with the heels. she'd look just this side of a whore.

"Are...are you going to remember to ask him?" you asked her, your voice quite, shaking.

"Honey," she answers with a sympathetic frown. 

" promised you'd ask," you respond, "please,'s been almost six months."

"I can ask," she says, "but he's not going to change his mind."

"It's not fair, Mandy, you're my wife, who isn't allowed to have sex with his wife."


"You're my wife, Mandy, what kind of husband can't have sex with his wife."

She frowns, sighs. "Honey..."

"You're my wife."

"Listen, I don't want to take sides...."

"But you're taking his side," you pout.

"No, but a couple of things. First, he never said you can't have sex with me. You know he never said that. Never."

"I'm not allowed to fuck my own wife," you looked down.

"You're allowed to make love to me, you know that, you're simply not allowed to put your penis inside me, somethings..."


"Something he made clear he required at the beginning, no?"

"I thought...I assumed..."

"That he'd change his mind? He told us at the beginning, honey, this was a deal breaker, that kind of sex was for him and him only."

"But you're my wife..."

"And he's my lover and your alpha. I know it's difficult, but we agreed."

"I's been months..."

"I know, I...I just..."

"You what?" you asked.

"I hoped you'd be over it by now, I mean...I thought you'd accepted it."

"Accepted never making love to my wife?"

"No, accepted never putting your penis inside me. We make love. Several times a week. You really want me to ask him?"

"What do I have to lose?" you ask.

She raised an eyebrow. 


"He didn't say he'd do it, hon, but you know the risk."

"He'll really make me wear a chastity cage?"

He would. And he did.


There's nothing more exciting to your wife than watching her lover discipline you.

"The secret to a good marriage, dear," you heard your bride's mother say, "is to never, ever let him have an orgasm like a man would. He can squirt, I recommend once a month, but he should never enjoy it."


Always recycle. Always.


Pro Tip: She won't unlock the cage.


Awww, does this make your little thing feel tight in the cage?

Monday, September 21, 2020


He bent over carefully, felt the tug of the rear garters on his stockings, felt the tight panties pull his soft and tucked penis closer against his body. Seeing the man through the peephole, he called over his shoulder. "He...he's here," he said to his wife softly.

"Let him in," she said wandering over from the bathroom, naked but for the small, pink leather collar he ordered she wear.

"Yes, Ma'am," he swallowed, stepping back to open the door, knowing once he did, his marriage would never be the same.

"What...what's he going to do to me?" your wife asks you, nervous.

"What...whatever he wants," you swallow, as nervous as her. "I mean...he can't leave any marks, but..."

"I'm scared," she whispers.

"Should I undo this?" you ask, slight hope in your voice.

"No,," she said, her voice steadying herself, "I want to go through with it."

"I...I have to blindfold you before I go," you said. 

"I know," she whispers, "I know."


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Why does she cuckold you? Well...soft, her lover is twice as big as you are hard.


Is there anything better than your wife coming home at 3 in the morning, tipsy, sitting on your face so she can show you she was a very, very bad girl that night?

"Where's mommy," your little girl asked sitting down to dinner.

"Her...her special friend came over, they...they're upstairs," you reply.

"Her trainer?" she asks innocently? "Mommy says he helps her work out."

"Yes, he...he's her trainer," you answer, stomach fluttering. Trainer is a good word for it, since he is training her, training her to be his  cock hungry slut, training her to be his submissive whore, training her to be ridden hard.

"They must work out hard," she said, again the innocence of a child, "mommy makes a lot of noise when hes training her."

"Yes she does, sweetie, yes she does."


Well, cucky, at least he lets you have a turn with your wife.


In the beginning, it doesn't matter how eager your husband is to do this, it doesn't matter how reluctant he is or how scared he is. Quite the opposite, it's good if he finds it shameful and humiliating, that's much of the point of it all, much of the point of the task.

What matters is whether he'll do it, whether he'll submit. Whether he'll, when told to, kneel and suck your pussy while your lover fucks you.

The goal, at first, isn't to please him. It's to make him submit.


I knelt on the floor at the edge of the bed, naked save for the small, pink chastity cage locking me, my constant companion for these last several months. It was one of his rules, one we were both hesitant about, but ultimately agreed to. "While they don't want to admit it, cuckolds are happiest when caged," he said.

So I knelt there, watching, watched as he mounted her, watched as he fucked my wife, deep and hard. He didn't make love to her, he wasn't tender and kind. He fucked her. Oh, did he fuck her.

I knelt there, the small cage tight around my swollen penis, listened to his grunts, listened to her moans as he found that spot deep inside her, the spot that made her shake uncontrollably, made her bed for more.

I knelt there, watched him spill his seed into her, watched it drip from her soaked pussy.

I knelt there waiting, knowing my part started when his finished. 

"Now," he'd say, and without hesitation, without protest, I'd lean forward and lick them clean. First the cum on the bed, then anything that leaked from her, then his wet cock, finally her.

He'd dismount her, turn her over, hold her while I licked her to half a dozen small orgasms as I cleaned her thoroughly, licked her as she squeezed her pelvic muscles to force out every drop of cum she could.

Then I'd be dismissed for the night, sent to sleep in the guest room while they dozed. 


"Go home," he tells your wife, thrusting deeply into her.

"And tell him," he pushes in again.

"This pussy belongs to me now."


Every once in awhile, I wonder what it would be like to have sex like this as a man, 
to have her on her hand and knees, roughly fucking her from behind.

But to be honest, most of the time I just want to be her, not do her.


At your kids' school, she's known as that perky mom who will help with anything.

At home, she's your conservative wife, kind of prudish, a "lights off missionary kind of girl."

But for him, for her bull, she's a total slut, a woman who will do anything he demands.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

When he got home from work on Friday night, he was surprised to see his wife standing in the bedroom wearing just a black bra and panties, but more surprised to see her lover there with her.

"I...Meredith, I thought..."

She knew what her husband was thinking, knew what he'd planned that night, to make her dinner, open a bottle of wine, hoped to make love to her. He knew he'd been looking forward to it all week. Just as she had, just as she planned.

Instead he was going to have grab cold leftovers from the fridge, strip naked, go do down to the basement, and lock himself in the dog cage while her lover had his way with her, coming out only after he left, be it later that night or in the morning.

It was his rule, her lover's rule. She was his twice a month, his to do what he pleased with. The first Friday of each month, a planned, regular date.

And once a month when he wanted, when he could show up, unannounced, and lay claim to her for the night. Expect for their birthdays and anniversary, he could pick the date and time.

"I...I wouldn't wait up, honey, I think they're going to be awhile."

It's so sweet the first time a sissy sucks cock.

Monday, September 14, 2020


"I...he...he wanted me"

"Shhh, it's okay," your wife tells you, hugging you tightly, "tell me, he wanted you to do what?"

"He wanted me suck it."

"To give him a blowjob?" she asked, rubbing your back.

You nod. "I...he pulled it was...I was so big, I was afraid of it."

"Shhhh, men get so single minded when they're turned on."

"He just..."

"Pulled your mouth to it?"

"Yes," you wimper.

"There's no stopping a man when his blood is flowing. Did you? Did you suck him?"

"I...I did," you whisper.

"All the way to the end?"

"Yes, he...he finished."

"In your mouth? You swallowed?"

"Some of it...most of it...he held my head...there was so much."

"Shhhh, my baby's first blowjob."

"'re not mad?"

"Mad? No, sweetie, I'm not mad at all, that's what little girls do to their daddy."

"But...but I...I mean...I'm know..."

"My little cocksucker? My little sissy cocksucker?

"He...he called me..."

"I know, he said he was going to. I know it's a hard word to hear, I know it's humiliating, but you sucked a man's cock, honey."

"But I'm not...I mean..."

"Yes, love, yes you are...what else do you call a boy that sucks cock?"

She knows you're afraid, sissy, your wife knows it's a big step. 

She knows what you want, but how scared you are of it. 

She knows.

And she can help. She can help you come out of your shell.

Help you find your true self.

Help you.

It's simple. So simple.

Every day for an hour before, you'll sit at your computer, 
dressed in pretty lingerie, your penis locked safely in the cage. 

Every day you'll watch straight porn for an hour and think only one thing.

"I'm the girl in the video, I'm that girl."

Over and over.

"I'm the girl in the video...I'm that girl."

He had a simple rules for you and your wife.

When he came over, you two should be dressed in pretty lingerie, on your knees, waiting.

Your wife was to hold a crop in her hands, ready to offer it to him when he asked.

Neither of you was to speak, turn around, or look at him until he ordered you to do so.

You were both to follow his every command.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

You know her as the love of your life.

Your best friend.

The mother of your children.

The demure, shy, "lights out" kind of woman.

He knows her a bit differently.

What's his term for her?

Cock hungry slut?

Saturday, September 12, 2020

The first hour was pleasurable, hardly punishment.

The second hour was uncomfortable, mildly annoying..

It was the third hour that things changed.

The fourth...

The fifth...

Friday, September 11, 2020

He grabbed her, started fucking her hard, almost violent. 

"Wait," she moaned, "wait." She reached back, started to push him.

But he was beyond, grabbed one of her arms, pulled it to her ass.

Suddenly she cried out, on her own moved her other arm down, with both hands, pulled her ass apart, giving him full access to her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhh," she cried out.

"Jess," you started to say, meaning to stop them, meaning to finally protect your wife from him.

"God, Peter," she cried out, "that...that..."

You started to stand, enough was enough. He was hurting her, this was a mistake. "'re hurting her," you said, trying to stop him.

But she saw you, shook her head. "No, him...oh god...let him..."

The slapping sound filled the room, his skin hitting hers, the sucking sound of his cock filling her wet pussy. He pushed her onto her hands and knees, pulled her head up so she could see you. Your eyes met hers as she started shaking, violently, as waves of orgasm crashed through her.

He pushed into her one last hard thrust, held himself inside her as he ejaculated inside her, as his hot cum filled her. He stopped moving as he was cuming, but she kept wiggling her ass, making his cock move in her, her eyes never leaving you as she continued to cum.


Such A Sissy 2: My Advice
My advice is that you should find a woman who looks at you like my wife looks at me while she sucks her lover's cock....she's the one for you!!!

The two loves of her life...her husband and her lover.

Remember when you said you weren't into guys? When you said you weren't gay? When you said you didn't do the things they wanted you to do?

Yea...about that...


She feels it's important for her husband to learn to take all kinds of cock.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Locked in chastity, cleaning his wife after he cums in her.

Life is good.

Your wife: Sweetie, it's not gay if you don't actually suck him.

You:'re sure?

Her: I'm sure.

As the cum drips down her lips into your open mouth.

You: You sure this isn't gay?

Her: It's totally gay. And that's just the way I like you.

A sissy husband in her natural habitat. 

A cuckold husband's best view, kneeling back there, ready and eager to clean them both.

The "one finger cum"...disappointing for a man, the best thing in the world for a cuckold.

Never got a dirty, sloppy blow job from my wife. Not one, not ever.

Doesn't mean she doesn't like to give them.

Or hasn't.