Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Amanda'a boyfriend invited her for a long getaway over Labor Day weekend, but she was reluctant to leave her husband home alone that long. "I really want to go, but Thursday to Tuesday, I don't know, Kevin," she told her lover, "that's a long time to leave him home alone. Overnight is bad enough, but that's almost a week. I'm not sure I can trust him that long."

Kevin laughed, thought that might be her reaction. But there was no way he was giving up that easy, not when the thought of having Amanda's tight body to himself for almost a week was in his mind. Five days of nice dinners, going out; five days of sex with her whenever he wanted. "What would you do if he was a pet instead of your husband. I mean, if you had a dog..."

Amanda laughed. "If we had a dog, which we don't, I could just board it for the weekend."

"So board him for the weekend."

"Kevin," Amanda sighed. "You're a pain sometimes."

"I'm serious, Amanda, just board him."

"Sure, I'll call up a kennel and see if they have room for a husband." 

"Would you...if one would take him."


"I'm serious," he said.

"Fine, fine, sure," Amanda said, “I’d take him…if a kennel too humans.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” Kevin said.

“You’re such a pain,” she said.

Amanda forgot all about the attempted plans for the next, thought nothing about them until Kevin asked her for her TSA number. “Why?” she asked him.

“For booking the flights for Labor Day weekend,” he said.

“Kevin, I told you I can’t leave him that long.”

“You said you’d board him, though.”

“Fine. And you found a dog kennel that takes people?”

“Nope, better,” he said.

“Better? What’s that mean?”

“I found a place that boards humans.”

“What?” Amanda laughed. “Stop.”

Kevin sent Amanda a link. “Jesus, Kevin,” Amanda said when she clicked on the link. “This…this is serious?”

“Totally,” he said.

Amanda looked around the site, it was a commercial dungeon specializing in female domination and other kinky things. Including, apparently, human boarding. 

“Click on the extended stay tab,” he told Amanda, “there’s a ‘husband boarding’ service.”

She found it, read it. 

Wives, need some time away with special man in your life but can’t trust your husband home alone? We offer boarding services for overnight and extended stays. 

Husbands boarded with us are under constant supervision at all times; safety is paramount to us. All our boarded husbands receive a proper diet and daily exercise. Enrollment in behavior classes is optional but strongly encouraged.

Understanding the need for sexual control, especially while a wife is with a lover, we enforce a strict ‘no masturbation/no orgasm’ or NOMO policy—we have not had an unauthorized orgasm in ten years.

“No orgasm policy,” Amanda giggled to Kevin.

“Keep reading,” he said. “The last part.”

Amanda found it at the end, “Clothing Policy.”

We appreciate not all wives feminize their cuckolds, we firmly believe a ‘no male clothing’ policy goes hand in hand with our NOMO policy. As a result, no male attire is allowed on the premises and we expect boarded husbands to wear our standard cuckold uniform of bra, panties, and sheer pantyhose at all times when staying with us. While this may be uncomfortable for some husbands, this is a mandatory requirement to board with us.

“Jesus, Kevin,” Amanda said. “You…you’re serious.”



Adam shifted uncomfortably in the cold leather chair in large waiting room. He was naked, tried not to look around at the other people with him. Kevin and his wife holding hands across from him on a small couch, gigging about their trip. Another couple doing the same sat opposite them, a man, naked like Adam in the chair across from him. Both he and the other man were red-faced at their nakedness and the situation, both shriveled from the cold and the humiliation. 

After a few minutes, double doors opened. Two women dressed in leather came out pushing a rolling cart with a blue padded mattress on top.

They separated, introduced themselves to the couples, ignored Kevin and the other man, filled out some paperwork.

That finished, the two women went to Kevin first, looked to Amanda. “We’ll start with him, get him attired and secured, do the other.”

Amanda squeezed Kevin’s hand, nodded. 

One of the women opened a drawer on the cart, took out a pink bra and panty set with lace edging and a package of nude pantyhose. “You’ve been feminized before?” she asked him.

Adam felt the others shift to him, watch. “Just…just panties,” Adam said, glancing quickly at Kevin. It had been Kevin’s idea 

“He wears them when I’m over,” Kevin said proudly, the other couple gave a knowing smile.

“Well start with these,” the woman handed them to Adam. “Tuck that little thing back when you pull them up.

Blushing, Adam took the panties from the woman, stepped into them, tucked his penis into the crotch and pushed his balls into his cavity.

“Good, you tuck,” she nodded.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Adam croaked.

The bra was next, then pantyhose. Then the two women took out a white garment full of straps. Adam recognized it as a type of straight jacket and they strapped him into it, cinching everything tight, especially the strap between his legs. One woman sat him on the table, had him lay back, looped rope around his legs just above the knees and and the ankles, six or seven passes, tied them together. Finally, his ankles were tied to the end of the table, ropes from the straight jacket secured him to the other end.

The women repeated every step with the other husband, secured him to the table, his head to Adam’s feet. The two husbands were close enough that their hose covered hips touched and rubbed as the women moved the table. To the horror of both, each woman produced a gag on a leather strap. The gag part was the bulbous head of a penis and both husbands were gagged before they could utter a word of protest.

“Those…those looked like…” Amanda said.

“Cocks?” One of the women said. “They’re cock gags. Just the head, just to get them acclimated for their lesson tomorrow.”

“Lesson?” Amanda asked.

The woman checked her paperwork. “Looks like both are enrolled in a cock sucking class tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll keep them gagged like this all weekend.”

“Kevin,” Adam heard Amanda laugh.

“I take it he hasn’t before,” one of the woman touched Adam’s nylon covered leg.

“No, he…he says he doesn’t want to,” Amanda said, one of the few areas she and Kevin disagreed on.

“We’ll recondition him,” she assured them all. “It’s just a matter of the right reward structure. 

Adam shrugged his arms back and forth, but he was secured tightly. He tried to protest through the gag, but just mumbled. 

“Kevin,” Amanda said again, looked at her husband with some pity in her eyes, but she was too excited about the weekend to say anything. 

“I can pull him from the session,” Kevin said, hoping it didn’t come to that, “but you said you were okay with it in principle.”

“Making him suck your cock? Sure, but…”

“Just leave him enrolled,” one of them suggested, “all husbands are reluctant at first, but it’s really a good skill for them to have.”

“I just don’t see him giving blowjobs,” Amanda said.

Adam’s eyes begged his wife, but she was looking at her lover. “I guess if you want, Kevin.”

“Both of you,” Kevin chuckled. “You know what I want.”

“Fine, fine,” she said, agreeing to Adam’s disappointment. “Well, we should get going.”

“We’ll take good care of him, we promise.”


  1. My wife never leaves me alone when she goes away for a weekend or longer with her boy friend. She has either her sister or mother come and stay with me and sometimes a good friend of hers.

  2. Please continue! Very hot!

  3. Great story ... leave it there ... or tell us how things go with Adam over the next 5 days ... or tell us how things go with Amanda and Kevin ... though we probably have a good idea there! (smile)

    Thanks sara!