Wednesday, November 25, 2020


" better put something on," he told his wife, "he...he's going to be here soon."

She smiled at her naïve husband. "Honey, we dated for three years, he's seen me naked a thousand times, not to mention all the times we...well you know."

He swallowed, as always conflicted when she mentioned sex with other men, feelings of jealousy mixed with uncontrollable erotic thoughts. "I...I know...I just...he's going to think..."

"What? That I miss sex with a strong, masculine man?"

"Angela," he gasped.

"You think I don't know what turns you on, honey?"

" wouldn't," he stammered.

"Guess you'll find out in an hour, won't you." 

Thursday, November 19, 2020


"Like the sheer panties, sweetie? You'll be able to suck his cum out of my pussy right through them when I get home and sit on your face tonight."

 #cuckold from Cuckolding & Women's Allure

Your wife wears stockings and a garter belt to work every day; do you honestly think this isn't fucking her strong, masculine boss?

And if you know, why don't you say something to her? Why don't you confront her?

Afraid she'll stop letting you go down on her at night?

Friday, November 6, 2020


"What? You don't like it?" your wife asks you modeling the dress she's wearing out to dinner with her boss that night. "You don't think I look good?"

"No, look great," you mumble staring at her breasts, 'it's just..."

"Just what?" she asks.

"What if...what if you run into someone we know, they'll think...they'll think you're his..."

"Date?" she smiled. "I am."

"No, yes, I mean, but...not just his date...they'll think..."

"That I'm his slut?" she finishes you're very thought. "Is that what you're worried about?"

"Yes," you sigh, glad she at least understands.

"I'm a married woman going to dinner at a high end restaurant on a Saturday night, they'll think I'm fucking him no matter what I wear. There's no reason to hide it, no reason to pretend."


"He likes to show me off, you know that, that's the whole point of dressing like this. I'm his slut and he wants me to know that, you to know that, and anyone that sees us to know that."

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Signed, sealed, and delivered

"Sir, please accept my wife's body; it belongs to you, her Master," he reads the note you wrote for him. "You may do with it whatever pleases him so long as it is legal and leaves no permanent marks."

"Signed, sealed, and delivered," she tells him.

"I won't be gentle," he says, folding the note carefully and putting it in his pocket.

"We...we know, Sir," she says nervously.

"I'm not going to hurt you just to hurt you," he says, "but I will hurt you."

"I...I know," she says feeling her pussy wetten.

"You're not his anymore, slut, not sexually. Emotionally, but not sexually."

"We know, Sir, we know."

The loving husband supports his wife's sexual needs.

Feminization and chastity are a sissy's best friends.


It's called the "Sissy Gay Test" and the marriage counsel you and your wife go to suggested it when your wife said she thought you'd never in a million years suck her lover's cock.

"How's it work," your wife asked, curious.

"Well, we lock a sissy in an empty room with four dildos suction cupped to the wall and start a stopwatch to see how quickly she has one in her mouth, one in each hand, and one in her sissy pussy. It's important she's in chastity and hasn't had a squirt in a good month."

"You really think she'll do that?" you wife asked, skeptical.

"Yep. One hundred percent success rate. It's going to be hard for her to keep telling you she doesn't like men once you've seen her working to please four cocks at once."


"To be honest, I think I prefer the pink small one," your girlfriend says evaluating the new chastity cages you've been modeling for her so she can decide which one to go with. "You agree?"

"It's so small," you look away, "there's like no room to grow at all."

She shrugs. "That's what I like about it, honey."

"I just...I mean...can't we talk about this?"

"We can talk all you want, honey, but I"m not changing my mind. I'll accept the engagement ring once you accept the cage."

"Why...why does it have to be pink?" you ask in defeat.

"It's the most emasculating," she smiles, "it makes me wet just thinking about your little penis, always soft and locked in a pretty pink cage."


It was a good job for your wife to take, Junior Account Executive for a privately held lingerie company.

But her Account Manager strictly enforced company policy on female staff wearing company lingerie.

First thing every morning, she was to disrobe, present herself in his office for inspection, posing for him, waiting for him to finish whatever he was doing.


Someone needs to be caged.


That's certainly one way to get her attention.

Monday, November 2, 2020

My New Book - Becoming Jessica's Sissy


Available now on Lulu and other channels in the near future.


When Taylor meets Jessica, he falls under her spell and goes through a journey of discovering his inner sissy, his submissive streak, and his desire to be humiliated by and serve his neighbor. Over the course of months, Jessica, who isn't about to give up dating men, claims Taylor first as her boyfriend then as her girlfriend, and teaches Taylor that's it's okay for shy, feminine boys to maybe like men more than he wants to admit.


"Do you have to go?" he asks your wife looking at her body, her smooth skin. His words ask a question but his tone is stronger.

"I...I didn't tell him I was spending the night," she says sipping her coffee, making no effort to move. "He'll worry."

"He'll assume," he responds, "it was time."

"We like to go to the farmer's market on Sunday mornings," she says.

He laughs. "How mundane, how domestic, yet how appropriate."

"We like things like that," she says, defending you.

"Of course you do," he says, nodding, "and I appreciate your emotional connection with him, I think it's important so we should get you home. But I'm not finished with you just yet." He removes the towel wrapped around his waist, exposing his hard, thick cock. Her knees get weak, the same reaction she has ever time she sees him naked. "Get over here," he says pointing at the floor.

She wants to say no but knows she won't. She didn't set it as a limit, just something she didn't like. Of course he seized on it immediately, took her reluctance for giving oral sex and made it all but a requirement for her. 

You always begged her, the biggest turnoff for her or any woman, a married man begging his wife for sexual favors.

He didn't beg. No please, just this once will you do it for a minute, like you do.

He ordered. "Suck my cock." "On your knees, slut." Or he just pointed.

And she did. Every time. Trying to deny she liked it, but melting inside at his command.


"Sissy play time is over, girls, Daddy is home and expects some attention."


It's not that you want to suck his cock, sissy, after all, your married to a beautiful woman you love and adore and you know she'll never see you the same if you do.

It's just that when presented with the opportunity, you can't help yourself, and quickly find yourself on your knees, eagerly licking, sucking, and worshiping his cock.

He'd promise not to tell your wife, but you both know better, for while he's done nothing to encourage and strengthen the emotional bond between you and her, he's all but broken the sexual bond.


That feeling when their wives are out on a date with their boyfriends and they are left home all alone, just to be frustrated because both are locked in their chastity cages.


Is it embarrassing when your wife texts you pictures of his flaccid cock and you realize he's longer and thicker soft than you are hard?

Or when you realize just how badly you want to share him with her?