Thursday, December 31, 2020

"I know he's a sissy," your wife told her lover once, "but he's only into girls."

"We'll see about that," he laughed, knowing a few months in chastity and you'd beg him to let you ride a thick, black dildo, even in front of your wife.


"You know that whole condom ground rule," your wife said softly, looking at you as she straighten her stockings. 

"Y...yea," you looked up, stomach tightening.

"Well, he...he said...he said we're not following that anymore."

"J...Julie," you stammered.

"I know," she blushed, "I know, know how men like him are, they...they don't really take no as an answer, it's more like a challenge."

"I just...he wants to...inside you...I mean...we talked about this..."

"I know, honey, I know...he's know how he is."

"We...I need to think about his," you said, dizzy. "What?" you ask seeing her face.

"I...I kind of already said yes."

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


"My daughter said you've been begging to get out of the cage; how long has she kept you locked?"

"Two...two months."

"Two months, you poor thing, you must be dying for release."

"God yes,'s been..."



"I should talk to her. Is she considering unlocking you?"

"She...she's thinking about it. You'd really talk to her?"

"Of course? Two months, she must not realize what you're going through."

"I don't think she does; will you...will you talk to her soon?"

"I will. Before she does something rash like free you. Two months isn't nearly enough to break you."

It's kind of intimidating to see him pump more cum into your wife in one shot than you have in your entire marriage. Well, just all that more to lick clean.


Tired of your misbehaving ways, your wives decided change was in order and enrolled the two of you in a school for wayward husbands. 

Assuming you'd be reluctant to go, they drugged your drinks so they had time to get you ready to go.

The next year should be an interesting one.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Why doesn't he just cum in your wife like a normal guy would? Because he's marking her as his property as any alpha male would, leaving his cum, his scent all over her to remind you who she belongs to.


Your wife's boyfriend hates it when she has to travel for work and is gone on Saturday nights, their nights together, but it's not all bad, as he gets to spend some time with you and continue your training, to teach you your place in the household.


Monday, December 28, 2020

She said she'll hold your penis (but not stroke it) and lick your balls this one time, but hereafter, you only get to cum by playing with something in your ass, no more using your penis.




A sissy never forgets the first man that collared her.

He knew you fantasized about watching, fantasized about seeing your wife with another man.

So he told her to tell you a little white lie, told her to tell you he was a gentle lover, that sex with him was much like sex with you, just with a younger, bigger, more masculine man.

So when he let you watch, it was a shock the way he treated her.

There was no foreplay, no tenderness, no romance.

He walked into the room, literally ripped her dress off, and ordered her to climb onto a leather bench. "On the bench, slut, on your hand and knees," he said.

You watched your wife comply, watched her kneel facing you, watched him strip, saw his large, thick, hard cock bouncing up and down as he walked behind her. Without another word, he stroked the head of his cock on her obviously wet pussy; without warning he thrust his hips forward.

"Oh god," she moaned.

He started fucking her, fast and hard, fucking her like an animal. "Who does this pussy belong to, slut?" he demanded, pulling her hair, using it for leverage.

"You, Sir," she moaned as he fucked her, "it belongs to you."


Those moments, those fleeting moments, the dance your wife performs feeling her dominant lover's hand on her ass, knowing any second he'll raise it, spank her, hard, but not knowing when. The moment of anticipation, that moment is more exciting than the blow itself. 

So many thoughts in that moment, thoughts of how she ended up here in this hotel room wearing nothing but a leather and chain harness and her highest heels. A moment's thought of you, her loving husband, home with your child, loyally taking care of home and hearth while she's indisposed. 

Thoughts of what he's about to do to her in their hours together, how he'll use her, roughly, like chattel. Thoughts of the man who will spank her, use her, fuck her.

And thoughts of returning to you, who will welcome her tenderly, lovingly. Thoughts of her husband who will tend to her, gently kiss her red ass and pussy, apply lotion, hold her while she falls asleep.

Two people, one she serves and one she loves.


Tired of hearing how nervous you are, your wife's lover does the only sensible thing:

He gags you with her cum filled panties so you won't make too much noise as he fucks you.



Sissy Goal : Flat fronted panties.

"I don't know, Lieutenant, it just doesn't seem right that I have to wear a woman's uniform."

"Private, ours is not to reason why..."

"I get that, but a woman's uniform?"

"That's what you were issued, that's what you wear. Hey, at least it fits, Private, you look good in it."


"I'm just saying..."

"You really thing I look good?"

"I'd do you, Private."



Sunday, December 27, 2020

Training a reluctant sissy to understand cock is the only thing, the everything in her life.


Saturday, December 26, 2020


"It's a lot more money to buy this dress than rent you a tuxedo," your mother shook her head, "but if you want to go to prom as a girl, well, I'm not going to stop you."


What Emily and I are missing during this stupid pandemic. 

At the glory hole, no man cares what's between your legs, sissy, so long as your mouth does its job.


Friday, December 25, 2020

"Listen, this isn't complicated, lower your pants and show me your panties and the cage," your mother-in-law said, anger creeping into her voice. "I told my daughter I'd check in on you when she was gone and I intend to keep my promises."

Merry Christmas


"Not quite what you expected, is it?" your wife whispers in your ear.

", but...but it's okay," you say, pressing back against her naked body, happy to feel her arms around you. "I thought...I mean...I assumed..."

She chuckles softly, remembering your eyes when you opened your Christmas present from him, an engraved card promising you a night with your wife free from your chastity cage. "You thought you were going to put it inside me."

"Yes," you sigh, "it's been more than a year."

"I know, love, I know. It's better this way, you know that."

"I...I just miss it sometimes."

"I know, love, I know. At least he didn't cuff our hands to collars," she says moving her hand between your legs, taking your penis in your hand. "It's still soft," she says, surprised.

" hasn't been out of the cage for over a year...and the hormones..."

"See, it is better this way, it's so much better."

Thursday, December 24, 2020


"Why...why are you taking a picture?" you asked your wife when she pulled out her phone.

"He wants proof that your caged, hon, you know how possessive he is."

"You're sending that to Robert???" you yelp, knowing exactly who 'he' means.

"Why not? He'll think it's cute. Plus it will put his mind at ease when he's out of town."


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The beauty of not knowing who your wife brought home because who he is isn't important. 

What matters, sissy, is how well you please him is. 

And how well you obey.



What's daddy going to do to you, sissy?

Anything he fucking wants. Anything.

All the years your wife said she didn't like giving blowjobs? 

Yea, she was kind of lying.


Tuesday, December 22, 2020


You sat quietly on the floor, watching your wife kneeling before her lover, giving him a wet, hungry blowjob, sucking his cock like it was the only thing in the world, the only thing in existence, the only thing that mattered to her. 

She'd given you a few blowjobs in your life, but nothing like this, when she did it to you, she was disinterested, distracted, like she was disgusted with what she was doing. 

Now, she was literally worshipping his cock while you watched.

You sat quietly, knowing the slightest peep would get you banned from the room, now and forever. So you sat quietly and watched, your own penis hard at the virtual porn show before you, the one staring your wife and her bull lover.

You didn't dare touch your erection, though, in fact you sat on your hands to avoid the temptation, knowing that too would get your banned. 

You watched as he started grunting, guided her head, fucked your wife's mouth. "That's it, slut," he growled, "that's it!" 

You could tell the moment he erupted, just the head was in her mouth and you could tell by her face the taste of his cum was on her tongue. She was careful, you watched it, watched her hold it in her mouth as he pulled his cock from her and cum shot from it, onto her face, her neck, her breasts, covered them.

The second he was done, the second he released her head, she lay on the bed, motioned for you to crawl to her, to come to her.

You did, kissed her, disgusted at what you were doing, ashamed how badly you wanted it. She opened her mouth when you did, her tongue pushed his first shot of cum into your mouth, the musky, salty, thick glob you quickly swallowed.

"Such a good boy," she whispered to you, looked at her lover, pleased you were complying with his demand, knowing it made him happy to see you submit like this when he was there.

"Now the rest," she said, ever so gently pushing your head down to her neck and breasts so you could patiently lick the rest of his mess, continue to debase yourself in his presence. 

"Honey, can I?' she asked him, not you, her eyes darting down to your erection.

"No," her lover answered to your dismay, "but I'm not cruel, he can himself...into your hands...if he cleans it up, too."

I sighed, knew what I'd do, ashamed I'd do it. It was one thing to lick his cum clean when I was horny, but it was another to lick my own when I wasn't.

That look she gives you, that look that says you're in for a very long night.

That look that says, yes, the cage is coming off, but no, no you're not going to cum.

That look that says you're in for hours of teasing and denial.

Poor sissy, orgasms are for real men.

Monday, December 21, 2020

A bull should make it very clear to a couple that the wife's body belongs to him, and him alone.


Sunday, December 20, 2020

As an experienced bull, he knows his primary initial tasks is to establish a number of clear expectations for both you and your wife.

For example, she's expected to serve him sexually, how ever he wants, whenever he wants. She's not his wife, he doesn't beg for sex, negotiate for sex, or bargain for sex. He makes demands, she complies.

And you're expected to assume the quite, submissive role in his presence. If he demands a blowjob in your kitchen before taking her to dinner, you keep you keep quiet when she drops to her knees.

He's teaching you two a lesson, sex is his domain, not yours. Her body is his, not yours. 

While her heart, mind, and soul belong to you, her sexuality does not. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

That feeling your wife gets when she looks in the mirror and watches herself as she thrusts her dildo forward, fucking you, and she wonders once again why she was ever opposed to feminizing you.


Is it difficult seeing your wife's perfect ass covered just in pretty panties, framed by her garter straps, knowing only two things separates you from her sweet, sweet pussy: that little piece of delicate fabric. and her lover.

It all belongs to him, now that soft body, that round ass, that moist pussy. 

Her emotions, her heart, her tenderness, those are yours, but that body belongs to him.



Last night your wife was out late volunteering at your daughter's elementary school, helping organize the delivery for the annual Christmas poinsettia sale.

Tonight she's going to be out late because her last delivery was at her master's loft and he has some special holiday gifts for her.  

Thursday, December 17, 2020

"Honey, it's just overnight, I'll be home by lunch, I promise," your wife said softly when you complained about her spending the night.

"It's just...I don't seems different somehow."

"Well you can't expect him to keep renting hotel rooms and driving me home we're done, can you? That's kind of, I don't know, disrespectful. I assume he'd like to go to sleep when we're done. Men get so tired after sex."

"But going to his place? Spending the night? That...that's so..."

"Like boyfriend and girlfriend?" she asked.

"Yea," you swallowed.

"I kind of am his girlfriend, aren't I? I mean, he takes me out, we do things, we have regular dates. We screw. And if I'm his girlfriend, I think he has a right to expect I'll spend the night with him instead of rush home to my husband."

"But I...I like..." you stopped, didn't want to finish the thought.

"Is that what this is about? Me coming home and you doing naughty things? I know you don't like admitting to liking it, but is that what this is about?"

"," you lied.

"Honey, if I'm spending the night, I'm sure there's going to be morning sex. I'll still come home and let you do that thing you like to do."

"No, I..."

"There will be more of it," she teased you, "you know, from night and morning."


Doesn't every sissy fantasize about being on her hands and knees, her clit locked in a chastity cage, offering her virgin ass pussy to a man?

You think you like it now, sissy, just wait till you try the real thing.



"Can you come home early, I have a surprise for you," my wife tested me mid-Friday afternoon.

"What time? What kind of surprise?"

"A sexy one; be home at five," she responded.

Sexy? I stared at my phone, it had been some time since she'd flirted like that. It wasn't that we didn't have intimacy, we did, that wasn't the problem, just had been awhile since we did more than massages, cuddling, petting. 

I finished at work, drove home, stomach flipping, excited. The house was dark but for one light in the kitchen, two wine glasses were under the light, a note.

"Bring these and a bottle of wine, love," the note said in my wife's handwriting.

I smiled, god it had been too long. I smiled, hung up my coat, got a bottle of white wine, brought it and the two glasses to the only other light I saw, from the bedroom.

Amy was there, perched on a chair in the corner, wearing lingerie I'd never seen before. Black stockings held up by a red garter belt, a red bra under a sheer black top, a tiny skirt, high black heels.

"Holy shit, Amy," I swallowed, set the wine glasses and bottle down.

"Sweetie, I..."

" look...I mean..."

"Sweetie," she said, swallowing nervously.

"She's quite the sight, isn't she/" I heard a familiar voice from behind me, one I hadn't heard in almost three months. I jumped, turned.

"M...Mark," I gasped, "what...what are you doing here, I...I thought you were in Dubai?"

"Mark, what are you doing here?" he repeated sternly, "three months and you forget all the rules?"

I said nothing for fifteen seconds, still stunned he was here, stunned he was in our bedroom, now, at this moment.

"Well?" he asked again with that ever present smirk.

", Sir," I stammered, lowered my head, the room still dizzy. "I...I'm pleased you could be here, Sir, is there anything I can get you/"

"A glass of wine," he nodded to the glasses and bottle, "once you're properly attired, of course."

I looked at my wife who'd said nothing, who just sat there watching the interplay between her husband and her dominant lover, who sat there and watched how easily he assumed the role of the alpha male in the house, how easily he picked up the reins of control after being gone for three months. "Y...yes, Sir."

Mark was dressed smartly, as usual, in a grey wool tailored suit cut for his muscular frame, an open collared dress shirt, perfect shoes. I, on the other hand, was over dressed. One of his rules was when he was at our home I was to be naked at all times. Naked, the differences between us was highlighted, especially to Amy, my thin, almost effeminate body; my small penis, hard, smaller than he was soft; nothing masculine; nothing.

I went to the closet; Mark stepped aside to let me pass. "I'm disappointed, you know the rules."

I didn't know he was going to be there, so, in my defense, I wasn't intentionally violating his rule. But that didn't matter to him. "I...I'm sorry, Sir," I said, knowing the impact that small apology would have on my wife, the impact of that act of submission.

He stopped me, grabbed my arm. "We'll discuss that later."

"Yes, Sir," I said, knowing what he meant by discuss, that punishment was sure to be dished out.

I returned to the room two minutes later, this time naked. It was cold in the closet, colder than the bedroom, so my penis was at it's smallest state and I saw him glance down. "Some things never change, do they? Have you been inside her since I left?"

", Sir, we...I mean..."

"He's asked, but I have not let him," Amy said from the chair.

Mark looked at my wife; I could see the hunger in his eyes. "Come here, pet," he said to my wife, "have a glass of wine with me."

I knew my task now, poured them each a glass of wine. I had so many questions, like why was he back already, how long was he staying, where was he staying, what were his intentions. He knew as well as I the questions running through my mind.

"Ten days," he said, reading my mind. 

"I...I moved some things to the spare room," Amy said, meaning the small, sparsely furnished bedroom in the basement as opposed to the second master that was our guest room. That answered several questions, that he'd be here the whole time, staying in our bedroom with my wife, while I was re-assigned to the basement.

"Thank...thank you, Sir," I said, knowing he expected some acknowledgment from me. The things would be minimal--toiletries, linens, the books I was reading. No clothing, nothing luxurious. In the hierarchy of this house, I was regulated to the bottom, to servant, if not slave.

Mark reached for my wife, put his arm around her possessively, his strong hand landed on her breast. "That's all for tonight," he dismissed me. "Amy and I have catching up to do."

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

What do you do when you open the door and see your wife enthusiastically sucking a man's cock?

Go down to the basement and give them some privacy, they're going to be awhile.


"What? I'm suddenly not allowed to have any guy friends," your girlfriend looks at you. "That's kind old fashioned, isn't it?

"I...I don't mind you having guy friends, but...but you look like you're getting dressed for a date."

"We're going to a nice restaurant and he's buying me an expensive dinner, I can at least look nice for him, can't I?"

"That's different than a date how?"

She shrugged. "You're being possessive again," she countered. "It's just dinner and maybe a drink at his place after."


"Nothing's going to happen," she assures you, knowing something is going to happen. Knowing you know it, too.

 I'd credit this if I could because this is fucking perfect.

A good wife sucks cock.

A really good wives bring a friend to help.

A naughty wife helps her friend suck her friend's husband's cock.

A really naughty wife does this while her husband is locked in chastity, watching.

The Hilton Presentation

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

He brings you into the windowless room in the basement to show her to you, to see your wife, the mother of your children. 

He has her dressed in hose, heels, and a skin hugging, spandex teddy. A spandex hood covers her face so she can't see, a ball gag is in her mouth so she can't speak, and she wears cuffs and a collar to bind her. He stripped her of her identity, her voice, her freedom, has her on all fours like an animal.

"A different look for her, no?" he chuckles.

"A...Amy," you gasp, not quite believing it's your prim, proper wife.

He laughs, knows what you're thinking: this is your wife? She wants this? He walks to a table, you watch him, he picks up a two foot long riding crop, adjusts the keeper into his hand, goes back to your wife, strokes her ass and between her legs with the business end of the crop.

"He doesn't believe this is what you want, slut, show him otherwise. Assume the punishment position."

You watch your wife move her face to the carpet, raise her ass, move it up and down the crop like she's pleasuring herself with it. You're memorized watching her all but masturbate against the crop, so focused on her raised ass, you barely see him flick his wrist, barely see the crop move back and forward, barely know what happened until you here the sharp crack of the leather on her pussy.

"Mmmgggfff," your wife yelps through the tight gag.

"The fascinating thing is how wet a pet gets from a good thrashing, how a simple cropping can make her so desperate for a good fucking." He smacked her again on her pussy and again. She gasped both times, but kept herself pressed on the crop as if begging for more.

"You see her as a devoted wife and mother, a cook, a housekeeper, decorator, friend. But that's not how I see her, to me she's a slave, a pet made for one thing."

Wack the crop hit her again, she jumped again, pressed against it again. "What this good for?" he asked, tapping her pussy with the crop.

"Aking ock," she said through her gag, drool dripping to the carpet.

He reached between her legs, undid the snaps of the crotch, ripped the hose. She was soaked, you saw, not just wet, not just excited, soaked. Completely soaked. "You may go," he dismissed you, "she has work to do and we'll be awhile."



You feel him peel off your panties, first exposing your shaved ass, then allowing your sissy penis to pop free. "Well no wonder your wife cuckolded you," he laughs, reaching between your legs and squeezing your four inch erection. "When was the last time he was inside you?" he looks over at your wife who is sitting quietly, smiling as she sips her glass of wine.

"Three years ago," she says quietly.

"Three years. God! Well, it's better this way, much better. We're still caging it, though, no reason a sissy should ever be free."

"He won't like that," she says, "we tried it for a few weeks last year and all he did was complain."

"Get the cage; bitch complains to me I'll spank this ass so hard she won't sit for a week."

You watch from your place on the floor where you've been kneeling, naked but for the small chastity cage he insisted you wear. You watch your wife stroke him, watch his thick, black cock swell larger and larger until it won't even fit in her gentle hand.

She's kissing him, giggling; he reaches over and squeezes her firm ass. She breaks the kiss, looks at you with her loving gaze, knows how you feel, how nervous you are, how reluctant.

"I think he's ready now," she smiles, playing with her lover's balls. "Come on," she nods to you.

You swallow, scared, so many emotions running through you, so many thoughts and concerns. "I...,' you stammer, knowing you're taking a step that cannot be undone.

"Shhhh, just like we talked about," she says gently, "it's okay."

Her lover grins; he's unquestionably straight, so this isn't about sex with him, it's about dominance and submission, it's about control, it's about planting an image in your wife's mind, that of her husband, on his knees, sucking big, black cock.

The cuckolding may have been your fantasy, your idea, but it was always with certain limits.

Limits he's pushed both of you to discard.

No more condoms, something you used to insist on.

No more sex for you, intimacy, but no more real sex with her.

No more "private" dates only, he's taken her to clubs several times.

No more conservative dressing when he's around, she's required to dress sexy, skimpy, even slutty around him.

All things he's done to establish his dominance, your submission. Without question her heart belongs to you but without question, her body, her sex belongs to him.

And now, the last limit you had, nothing sexual involving him.

It was this one that made him smile when the two of you discussed it. "Of course," he agreed, "nothing like that."

"Thank you," your wife had said, squeezing your hand, "I know it sounds like something silly to even bring up but we wanted to make sure."

"I like women," he assured you.

And he did. Almost as much as he liked breaking a couple, watching them cross each line. So after your talk, after you established ground rules, he immediately pushed to eliminate all of them. 

The first was condoms, they didn't last a month.

This was the last. He knew once your wife saw her sweet husband sucking his big, black cock, she'd never, ever see you as someone she wanted to have sex with. Wives just don't want to have sex with their husbands once they've seen them suck cock.

And he knew you, once you were on your knees taking him in your mouth, would forever be the beta.


Playfully, you asked your wife, “who is fucking you?” and she immediately said, “my boss, he is fucking me in front of you, his cock is so big and I’m moaning more intensely than ever, close to come. You are watching, honey, playing with your penis as you watch.” And before long her wishes came true.

I love the site and creativity and wanted to expand on the post putting my spin on it.

It started as his fantasy but it will be come their reality.

"Oh, god,'s..." your wife exclaimed as you pushed the new dildo into her soaked pussy.

"It's what?" you ask, hoping she says it, silently willing her to say it.

"It's's so much bigger than..." she gasps, pushing back to meet your thrusts.

"Than what?" you ask softly, kissing her neck, continuing to fuck her with the dildo.

"Honey," she moans.

"Than what?" you ask, thrusting, rocking with her.

"Than...than you,'s like..." she moans in shallow breaths.

"Like someone else is taking you? Like he ripped your dress off, bent you over the counter, and just took you."

"Oh, god, please," she begs, starting to shake,

"Like he doesn't care if your married, like all he cares about is pushing his cock deep inside you."

"Honey," she moans, weakly trying stop you, but her pussy is having none of it, her pussy keeps pushing back, taking more of the cock inside her.


"Who?" she asks.

"Who's fucking you?"

"Honey," she gasps, realizing what you're asking.

"Who, Allison? Who do you fantasize bending you over? Who do you fantasize taking you? Who do you fantasize fucking you? Who?"

"Honey," she moans softly.

"Who?" you ask, fucking her with the dildo, "say a name. Who?"



"M...Mark," she gasps, naming her boss.

Your jaw drops, the time she's spent with her boss is what started all these fantasies. She's in medical sales, so always dresses feminine, pretty, even sexy. He boss is new to the territory, nine months now, so has been spending day after day with each member of his sales team, day after day with your wife, including several overnight sales calls. 

" you want me to stop?" you stammer, still surprised at the turn of events.

"I...I'm married," she says, talking to you, talking to him, reality, fantasy.

"Then why are you wearing short skirts, Allison? Why are you wearing pretty lingerie? Why are you flirting."

"I...I don't know," she says, her whole body shaking now as you fuck her longer and harder with the dildo than you ever did yourself.

"Because you wanted this, because you wanted to be bent over and taken," you say, not sure how you forced the words out of your mouth. "Because you want to feel a man inside you, ravaging you. Because he doesn't do this to you, doesn't give you what you fantasize about."

"Oh, god, yes," your wife moans, "please, Mark, fuck me, please, harder."

"I...I don't want to hurt you," you answer, afraid to take it too far.

"Harder, Mark, please, harder, just...just take me...harderrrrrrrrr," she yells, shaking uncontrollably, her orgasm longer and harder than anything you've ever seen.

Your wife has two rules after a date:

1. You lick every drop of her bull's cum from her pussy.

2. If you cum, it's six months in chastyt. 


Monday, December 14, 2020

"Shhh, it's okay," your wife tells you, gently turning your face to her lover's cock, knowing he's about to cum, knowing you need to open your mouth now or you'll miss it.

"I...I just..." you whisper, meeting her eyes, even as you feel him hold you to the bed.

"I know," she says, "I know. But it doesn't matter."

What's she know? That you say you have no desire to do this, no desire to let her lover put his cock in your mouth. No desire to let him cum in your mouth. No desire to swallow.

But she knows her lover insisted, it wasn't a request, it was a command.

And as much as she loves you, and she does very much, what her lover commands her lover gets.

But she also knows you'll do it. No matter how much you say it disgusts you, you'll do it.

"Open, sweetie, open," she says, "open and take it, open."


Your wife didn't ask for a happy ending, she's not quite 
the kind of woman who goes for that type of thing.

But her new massage therapist just has a way getting women to beg 
for something they never knew they wanted.


Sunday, December 13, 2020


That warm feeling a wife gets when her lover is as turned on by her sissy husband as he is with her.

"For claiming to not like guys, sissy, you sure are an eager cock sucker," he laughs, holding your head back to slow you down. "Careful now, we've got all night."