Thursday, July 22, 2021


Standing in the corner, already ordered not to say a word, not to utter a sound, you watch as your wife's lover comes into the room, pours himself a drink, and sits in a chair. Moments later, your wife comes in, wearing a black cocktail dress, ready to go out for the evening with him.

He smiles. "Pretty, but overdressed," he says.

"I...I thought we were going to dinner at..."

"Take the dress off," he says, interrupting her.

You see her face, understand she feels chastised, but she obeys him, unzips her dress, let's it fall to the floor, and steps out of it. She's wearing just a garter belt, stockings, panties, and heels and you gasp at the sight of her, bite your lip, hope he didn't hear you.

But he's focused on your wife's body, at this moment, pays no attention to you. "On the table, slut," he says, "present yourself."

Your wife obeys instantly; she climbs on the table, kneels, leans over, arms out, pushes her ass into the air. It's a game, his demonstration that while she may be married to you, her body belongs to him, to use as he pleases, when he wants, how he wants.

You gasp again, it's been almost a year since you had sex with her, almost a year since you've slipped your penis inside her, almost a year since he claimed her. 

He heard you this time, you know it, he heard you and sets his drink down, stands, walks behind her. As he walks around her, her puts his hand on her naked back, runs it cover her panty covered ass, down between her legs. "Wet as usual," he says, looking back at you. 

You watch his hand, watch as he slips his fingers into her panties, effortlessly slips them inside her. He's not lying, you know, she's not just wet, she's soaked and in seconds is pushing against him, trying to push his fingers deeper inside her.

He fingers her for a minute, two, bringing her to the edge of orgasm, then stopping. He pulls his fingers from her, walks the rest of the way around the table, stops by her head, holds his fingers up to her mouth. They're covered with her pussy juice. He's demonstrating again, his power and control over her.

For years, she refused to kiss you after you went down on her, always telling you she hated the smell or taste of herself. But as soon as he presents his fingers to her, she opens her mouth, eagerly, enthusiastically, licks her pussy juices off them. "That's it, slut, taste yourself, go on, lick, there, lick, so eager, so proper."



Cross posted from my bdsmlr. I don't usually do "men on men" but this was simply too hot.

You walked in, saw your wife lying on the bed, naked, half covered by a clean, white cotton sheet. Her lover was sitting next to her, gently massaging her hair and shoulders. When she saw you, she looked away for a split second, obviously nervous. Her darting eyes gave everything away and you felt your stomach turn.

" wanted to see me, Sir?" you asked him, eyes down.

He said nothing at first, stood slowly. He was naked but for an almost sheer pair of briefs, his semi-erect cock clearly visible through the material. "Over here," he said, pointing at the ground a few inches in front of him.

You raised your eyes ever so slightly, saw your wife's eyes watching you. She said nothing, but was obviously fascinated by the dynamic of the two men in her life, fascinated to see the power dynamic between the two of you. 

He waited, patient still, seeming to have not a care in the world, confident, as if there was no question what would happen next.

Still not looking him in the eye, still taking the submissive attitude he knew you would, you walked to him, knelt down.

"Lick me," he said looking down at you. 

Again you saw your wife's eyes, for a second hoped she'd say something. Hoped she'd use her safe word, hoped she'd stop this. But she said nothing, didn't make a sound, didn't even breathe.

Swallowing, you opened your mouth slightly, leaned forward, kissed the head of his thick cock, licked up the throbbing shaft. You heard your wife gasp at the sight of her husband licking her lover's quickly hardening cock. You hoped it would be quick, once he made his point to her, to you, but it wasn't. He said nothing, just watched as you licked up and down his growing shaft, said nothing as you licked up and down the top and bottom of his erection. 

Finally, he reached down, you assumed to push you away, but he didn't. Instead he separated the front of his underwear so his erection pushed free just as your mouth was at the tip and he watched while you took the head of his cock in your mouth and licked.

Your wife gasped and you could only imagine what she thought seeing her husband suck her lover's cock. You could only imagine what she thought of you submitting like this, without protest, seemingly eagerly giving him a blowjob.

"Slowly," he said, "slowly. That's it, just like that." You took a deep breath, slowed down, "He's a natural," he said to your wife, "he's going to get very good at this."

"Mmmmmmm," your wife moaned. You shot another look her way, saw her hand between her legs, saw her masturbate.

"I told you you'd like it," he said to your wife, "I told you that you'd find it erotic to see him suck my cock."

"Oh, god," your wife moaned, shaking ever so slightly as she made herself cum.

"Okay," he finally said, pushing your head back slightly from his cock. "Enough for this time, you can go all the way later; right now, I want to take care of her."

"T...thank you, Sir," you said, sitting on your heels, watching as he looked at her. 

"This is the only time you do this clothed," he said, "from now on you do it like she does, naked.

Your wife gasped again, clearly enthralled at the power dynamic. " I do?" she asked.

"Like you do," he answered. "Naked. I'm the man of the house, I expect my slaves to be naked."

"But..." you said, trying not to, but glancing at your crotch.

"What's wrong?" your wife asked.

"Nothing," you lied.

"He's afraid you'll see how swollen his little penis gets sucking cock; he's afraid you'll see how much he enjoys it; he's afraid you'll see he gets more excited sucking cock than he does with you and you'll start to wonder."

"Wonder?" your wife asked.

"Wonder if he's gayer than he lets on."

"I..." you started to say, stopped.

"What?" he asked.

"N...nothing, Sir," you lied.

"If you don't like sucking cock," he said, "you may say so, but you may not lie about it."

You looked down, said nothing as they both watched you. Said nothing. 

"That's what I thought," he said, "that's what I thought. Go on, get undressed and you can do it again after I fuck her."

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


"I don't care if you're flat chested," he tells you, rubbing your smooth skin, "what I care about is that you're smooth, feminine, and obey, sissy."



"I...I got us something," my wife said, "here, let me show you."

She handed me the bag, I opened it, pulled out a large, realistic dildo, held it to look at it. 

"Oh my god," I whispered, staring at the dildo in my hand. 

"What do you think?" she asked. 

"'s so big," I said, laughing nervously, involuntarily looking between my legs where my panties covered a bump that erect was no more than four inches

"We talked about this, sweetie, this is how men are."

"I...I just...I never thought..."

"I know you were never big before you started the hormones," she said, "so you don't have a good frame of reference, but lots of men are this size. If we're going to practice this before we do it for real, you should be ready. Here, just like we saw in the videos we watched."

I watched as she took the dildo from me, held it at the base, slowly licked up and down the shaft. "A man won't complain if you just start sucking him, but if you take it slow, if you tease him first, he'll appreciate you're doing it not just to make him happy, but because you really like sucking cock."

I watched, mesmerized as she gave the dildo a long, lustful, blowjob, understanding for the first time how much she liked this. After several minutes, she looked at me just as I was licking my lips, smiled. "See," she said, "you want it as much as I do."

"M...maybe a little," I said.

She moved the dildo to my lips. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth slightly as the head made contact with my lips, took it in, shuddered.

"That's it," she whispered, licked the shaft with me. "Get him all excited, get him hard and anxious and let him know how badly you want to feel him inside you."


" he going to be here all night?" you ask your bride, afraid of her answer.

"That's up to him," she answers.

" didn't ask?"

"It's my wedding night," she says, "I'm not going to ask a man like him how long he plans on taking like he's got to pay by the hour. He'll take as long as he takes."

"I...I just meant...I wasn't sure to where to wait; the...the bar closes at 2."

"He'll be here longer than that, I'm sure," she says. "But I understand your concern. I asked my mother to babysit; she has a room a floor down and you can wait there with her."

"I...I'm supposed to wait in your mother's room? What am I supposed to tell her?"

"She knows, hon, that's why she volunteered."

"She knows???"

"Of course she knows," your bride said, "Who's idea do you think all this was?"

"But...she'll...she'll think I'm..."

"A cuckold? Please, hon, stop. You're a cuckold just like my father."

"'re father?"

"Who spent his wedding night with my grandmother while my mother was with her lover at the time."

Monday, July 19, 2021

It started, as many things do, innocently and accidently.

You were licking your wife's pussy while she used a dildo on herself, one of the common sexual activities you did with her, helping her orgasm before you entered her, since you rarely, if ever, made her cum with "regular" sex. You were too small and too quick, so your penis-in-vagina orgasm was the last thing, after she was satisfied.

While licking her one day, her dildo slipped from her pussy, and because of the angle, her next thrust went not back inside her, but instead, went between your lips. The dildo was literally soaked with her pussy juice and barely realizing what you were doing, you moaned softly as five inches of the eight inch cock went into your mouth, licked as much of her from it as you could.

Your wife saw what you did, saw that you didn't gasp in horror, but seemed to eagerly lick the fake cock. She said nothing, though, resumed fucking herself with the dildo while you licked her, soon spasmed in orgasm. And noticed you came faster than usual, which was saying something. 

But the next time you had sex, she arranged the pillows differently, propped herself up so she could see better, and this time, after the dildo was again soaked, purposefully missed her pussy and pushed the dildo into your mouth, slowly, leaving it in you as you licked it clean.

And this time, she did it again, pulled the dildo from your mouth, pushed it inside her to cover it with her juices, then pushed it into your mouth to clean. Again and again, leaving it your mouth longer with each thrust, letting you lick more and more of it.

Until the next time, when she got out a new dildo, one that had a smaller handle on the end, a handle she pushed inside her so the rest of the dildo stood erect. And instead of fucking herself with it first, she pushed you to the floor until you were kneeling before her, licking your lips. "Suck my cock," she said for the first of many times and watched, now standing above you, as you dropped to your knees, opened your mouth, and gave her the most sensual, erotic blowjob she'd ever seen.


The Visit Part 3

 From Part 2

"When could we start" my wife asked.

"Today, actually. We'll move her to a procedure room, of course, the whole thing only takes an hour."

My wife looked at me, trying to judge my feelings, but I was far too distracted by the doctor's hand on my balls and the swelling in my cage. "She said it hurts now, will a smaller cage hurt more?"

"Actually less," he said. "The smaller the cage, the less room to swell so the less the pain."

"Well then...okay," my wife said, "let's do it."


"Excellent," Dr. Crawford said. "We'll need to do some paperwork, discuss follow up visits, other goals. The nurse will take her down to the procedure room and get things set up, that takes about an hour, then the procedure itself.

"We appreciate it, Doctor," my wife said, "or at least I'm sure I do."

"Thank you," he said, "most wives do. So, Mrs. Parker, why don't you come with me down to my consult room; I'll have my billing person get you signing paperwork and then we'll discuss the procedures while Ramona takes her down and gets her prepped."

With that, I was left alone with the nurse whose scorn was obvious as she looked down on the lingerie clad sissy before her. I wore black today, black sheer bra with breastforms, black waist cincher (hardly needed anymore), black six strap garter belt, black nylon stockings, and black heels.

"Well let's go," the nurse said. I stood, reached for my clothes. "Leave them," she said in that medical tone, "we're just down the hall."

I swallowed, looked at the door, was about to ask again for a gown, but she opened the door and gave me a slight push into the hall. We walked down the hall like that. Fully dressed I was fairly feminine, generally could pass as a woman, but now, without even panties, my organ in steel chastity made it obvious what I was to the several people in the hall.

Luckily the walk was short, three rooms down, to the procedure room. The room had a pink OB-GYN exam table, another table covered with a sterile cloth, like an instrument table, and a couple of chairs. The nurse told me to get on the table; I swallowed hard but did as she asked. She arranged me so my legs were on stirrups and calf pads, which supported me, as my ass was over the table edge.

She sat on a chair to type at a computer, crossed her legs, and it was only then, as I stared at her nylon covered legs, exposed as her uniform hem rode up, that I realized how attractive she was. "Please, as if you're my type," she said, pulled down the hem of her dress, looked at me. "I date men, not caged sissies."

" don't approve," I said.

"Of feminizing and caging weak males? To the contrary," she said, standing, "I was the one who suggested to Dr. Crawford we offer the service. I find emasculate, weak males disgusting, but since they exist, why not help their significant others by making sure they never have a change to have sex like a male again, never orgasm like a male again. I find sissies like you revolting, but one at a time, I'm doing something about it. One at a time, I'm making sure sissies never sleep with women again."

She reached under the table, pulled up some leather belts. "This is a delicate procedure so you'll be restrained throughout." Without asking, she began wrapping the belts around me, first at my ankles and thighs, then around my waist. She told me to put my arms over my head, attached them to something in the headrest, then put a last belt around my chest, just above my bra. Each was tightened down and in a minute, I was immobilized. She arranged the stirrups so my legs were wide apart, my ass and groin exposed. 

" all this really necessary?" I asked.

She chuckled. "Yes, very much so," the nurse said with a sinister smile. "Faced with the reality of semi-permanent to permanent chastity, sissies often get scared. Wouldn't want you running off, would we? Now," she sat back at the computer, "remind me when you last had an erection."

"Six...six months ago."

"That's right, and the last male orgasm was the same, as I recall?"

"Y...yes," I swallowed. From the angle, I could see her legs again, a good amount of thigh, as if she was showing her legs on purpose to tease me.

"Did you know what would be the last of either?"

"," I said. 

"Most don't," she said as typed. "I like that, if you know, you might remember it better. This way it just fades away."t She turned back to me, took my caged penis in her hand. "You're wife is making good decisions, this cage is oversized and allows too much swelling."

"Uugghh," I moaned at her touch, suddenly imagining her unlocking me, touching me, letting me grow, stroking me, letting me cum. 

"See. Disgusting. Fucking disgusting. When we're done, we'll have you down to about an inch so your days of even swelling will be permanently over."

A small gasp escaped my mouth. "But..."

She laughed, an almost cruel laugh. "And that's why you're restrained," she said. "But that 'but' reminds me, I almost forgot." She went to the back of the table, picked something up. Before I could ask what she was going, she had it pressed against my lips with one hand, poked me on the side with the other, making me involuntarily open my mouth. In that vulnerable second, she pushed whatever it was into my mouth and buckled the leather strap it was on tightly behind my head.

I ran my tongue over what she'd put in my mouth. It was two or three inches long, thick. At first I couldn't place it but then I suddenly realized the shape and my eyes went wide. "Mmmmgggfff," I yelled out.

"Yes, it's a cock gag," she smiled a real smile for the first time. "A double purpose...keeps a sissy quiet and lets her practice at the same time."

"Prrrrcccc," I said, feeling a small line of drool. Practice?

"My goodness, drooling already? Maybe I should have used a larger one."

"Oooooo," I said. Nooooooo.

"Stop acting like that," she scolded me, "you clearly have a cock obsession. If you haven't had one yet, you better start practicing because at some point, it's going to be real."

She moved around to the front of the exam area, to the door, locked it. My eyes went wide; why would she lock the door? "This is my favorite part," she said, reaching behind her back, unzipping her dress, and stepping out of it. Under the dress, the nurse wore a white bra and panty set, and a matching garter belt. "See, that's what I love, the look in a sissy's eyes, hearing her mouth suck harder on the cock gag. Imagine it, sissy, seeing a pretty woman in lingerie makes you want...not the woman...but cock."

I was moaning softly, pulled at the bonds. 

"Here's the thing, sissy, your wife's already consulted with Dr. Crawford. Oh, she's with billing, of course, but the decision to permanently put you in chastity? She made that several weeks ago. Hope you remember that erection and orgasm you had six months ago, I hope it stays with you. I suppose you might have enjoyed it all that much more if you knew it was your last."

She moved between my legs, took my balls in her hand, massaged them. "See, the hornier a sissy gets, the more of her gross mess Dr. Crawford can milk out, and the easier it is for him to get your shrunken clit in a smaller cage without any risk you swell. That's the point, remember. No male orgasms, ever again. No erections ever again. Never, ever using this like a male. Never. Never."

I was swollen in the current cage, that was without doubt, and the nurse expertly massaged my balls making me swell more, swell to the limits of the cage.

"It's the beauty of permanent chastity, of orgasm denial. You'll be perpetually horny, you'll literally think about sex constantly, day and night. But at the same time, you'll know that but for monthly milkings, you'll never cum again. Never. The milkings will relieve the physical pressure but will provide no really physical pleasure. Just think, this will never swell again, never be inside a woman again."

My eyes were wide, trying to take stock.

"Don't think you'll never have sex again, I'm sure your wife will find uses for you. And as pretty as you are, get good enough with that mouth, you'll never lack for men you can please."


"I know, I know, you'll need to learn to take more than three inches, real men have six, seven, eight inch cocks, but having your mouth filled with cock will become second nature."

"Mmmmffff," I moaned softly as she massaged me.

"Of course, you shouldn't be staring at a pretty woman, should you? You shouldn't be staring at what you can't have."

I thought she was going to put her dress back on, but she didn't; instead she moved behind me again, picked something up, placed it over my eyes, darkening the room, and put noise cancelling headphones in my ears.. "Don't move," her voice came from the headphones, "I need to secure this and start it up. Suddenly, pictures appeared in front of me and I realized it was a VR headset and I was immersed in an immediate scene of a lingerie clad woman looking at me. "Hello, sweetie," she said, looking at me like she wanted to devour me. "Remember how I promised you a blowjob today?"

I moaned softly as the woman started to kneel, but the screen froze. "Wrong perspective," the nurse's voice came through the headset, "forgot to change it." Suddenly I wasn't seeing the scene from the man's point of view, but from the woman's. "Ahhh, that's better," the nurse said, massaging my balls again as her soft, seductive voice spoke in my ears over soft, hypnotic music, telling me to breath and relax, breath and relax and then talking again.

Her soft, sensual voice. "Do you know shy you're here, sissy, do you know why your wife brought you for treatment? To make sure you never use this again," she squeezed my balls, "to make sure you never swell again, to make sure you never orgasm again like a male, never, never. The only erections in your future will be those in front of your face, those you slowly take into your mouth, those of the men your wife has you serve."

I lost track of time, had no idea how many blowjobs I watched from the woman's perspective. Dozens, easily, each one ending with long spurts of cum. Throughout the entire time, the nurse carefully massaged me, periodically telling me I was no longer a male, that I was destined to be a cock sucking, sissy. That pleasing men was my sexual future. After each virtual blowjob, there was a short rest period before the next started, with each rest, I relaxed, but started sucking the gag when the next video started, increasing intensity until the end.

With each blowjob, my cage felt tighter as I swelled until I knew my balls were heavy with fluid, until I would have done anything to be released, to have the cage removed, my organ touched.

Finally, the nurse let go of me and said softly, "time to go get the doctor and your wife, sissy, time for your milking and cage reduction..."

Friday, July 16, 2021

Standing outside the glass shower holding two folded towels, you watch with a sinking feeling as your wife crouches down, taker her lover's hard, thick cock in her mouth, and begins giving him a long, slow, sensual blowjob. 

How many times have you fantasized about her doing this to you?

How many times have you asked her to do this to you?

And how many times have you heard her say, "I'm not really into that."

Sure, a few times she joylessly licked your erection, never longer than ten seconds or so. Even when you asked. Even when you begged. 

He didn't ask.

He didn't beg.

He simply looked at her and told her, "get in here and suck my cock."

Wordlessly she did, taking him in and our of her mouth, looking like it was the most enjoyable thing she'd ever done.

And all you could do is stand there and watch, no longer wondering what it would be like to have her give a blowjob, but sill never knowing what it felt like.


" your poker game? You want her tied up and half naked at your poker game?" I aske my wife's lover. 

"Yes," he said, sipping the drink I'd just gotten him.

"But...but there will be other men there."

"Fifteen or so," he said.

"We...we agreed...I mean..."

He nodded. "We did. They won't be allowed to touch her...directly."

"What's that mean?" I asked.

"The winner of a hand gets to use the wand on her."

"The wand!? For...for how long?"

"The next hand...few minutes..."

"No, I mean...the game..."

"Oh," he smiled. "We start at 8 and are usually done by midnight."

"Four hours?" I asked, eyes wide. I knew my wife loved the wand, but after four minutes she usually was cuming like crazy and begging him to stop."

"Give or take," he said.

"She...she'll be a dripping mess," I said, picturing fifteen different men holding the wand on her hour after hour, someone different every few minutes, none tiring of it.

"That's the plan," he said.


After my wife's lover left, she came into my room, opened the door softly. "You still awake?" she whispered.

I turned to her. "Yea, you know I can't sleep when he's here."

She smiled, walked to the bed. "You could hear us?"

"Yes," I said.

She got into bed next to me, slowly slid her hand down the front of my floral pajama pants. "Are you sore?" she asked. This was the first time I'd heard them have sex with the small chastity cage on; I knew she worried about it as I had literally no room to swell in this one.

"K...kind of," I said.

She moved her hand lower, into my satin panties. "You're wet," she said, "you were leaking."

"I...I couldn't help it," I said.

"It's been two months," she said, "I'll let you have a release if you want."

I moaned softly, she wasn't being fair and she knew it. She offered to release me once every other month; if I said yes, she'd unlock me and rub me until I squirted. But if I said no, she wouldn't offer for another two months. 

Why was it unfair? Because she knew what I wanted, she knew how badly I wanted her to let me lick her lover's cum from her. And she knew how after I squirted, I'd want nothing to do with that. It was a cruel choice. I could squirt or I could lick her pussy clean.

"," I heard myself say, "p....please, I...I'd rather..."

"You're such a good girl," she said pulling her hand from my panties. "You skipped last time, too, remember, so it will be six months...that's the longest you've ever gone."

"I...I know," I said, "I know."

See Karen's post here:

I decided to run with it.

"H...honey, what...what the hell?" I asked, walking into the bedroom and seeing my wife dressed from head to toe in black and red, holding a leather riding crop.

"Is that how you talk to your Mistress?" she asked, flicking the crop on the ground.

"What...what's gotten into you?" I asked, mouth open.

"I don't know, Sophia, what do you think?"


"That's your sissy name, isn't it?"

"S...sissy name?"

"Was that someone else's porn on your computer? Where those someone else's Sissy Academy assignments?"

"Wait, I...I can explain," I stammered.

"According to your Sissy Journal, it looks like you are on Chastity 101."

"Wait, I don't...I mean..."

"Why don't you pull your pants down and show me. I assume you're wearing it now."

"W...wearing what?"

"I am not," I said.

"Okay, guess I can throw away those two keys I found in your drawer." She started to stand.

"Wait," I yelped. "Where...where are they?"

"Safe and sound, Sophia, safe and sound where you'll never find them."

"You hid them?"

"You're not going to need them for some time," she said.

"You...I mean...honey..."

"I was looking at some of the other assignments you can take; I was particularly interested in the Sissy Maid class and the Introduction to Anal Sex. Apparently you can learn to cum just like a girl. Of course, I'd hate to have you skip Blowjob 101, so I ordered one of the dildos they sell. I paid for expedited shipping, it should be here tomorrow."


Thursday, July 15, 2021


"Wait, are you leaking?" my wife asked, looking closely at my chastity cage.

"No...I mean...I don't know...m...maybe...maybe a little."

"Yuck," she wrinkled her nose. "And you wonder why I keep that little thing locked up? Did you leak in your panties?" she asked.

"J...just a few drops."

"Yuck, that is disgusting."

"Please, Ma'am,'s been four months since you..."

"Oh, so this is my fault?"

"No, no," I quickly answered, "I...I just..."

"What did I say last month?"

"E...every time I leaked I got another month in the cage."

"And that's the second time this month, so we're up to...what...five months caged?"

I looked down. Five months? How was I supposed to stop from leaking for five months. How was I ever getting out of this trap?"


"You're staring," my wife said.

"I...I'm sorry," I said, lowering my eyes.

"We've talked about this," she said.

"I...I know," I said, "'s disrespectful. It' just look so pretty."

"It's not appreciating how I look," she said, "that's fine and understandable. It's the lustful look that's inappropriate. You know how he feels about that."

"I...I know," I said.

"When I dress for him, I dress for him," she said, "not for you."

"I know," I said again, "I...I'm sorry."

"What?" she asked, seeing my eyes.

" don't have to tell him," I said, knowing how foolish that sounded. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"No, you shouldn't have," she said. "We're not adding lying, are we?"

"," I said.

When he got there, I heard her open the door, let him in. "What did he do?" I heard him aske my wife, that amusement in his voice when he saw me standing in the corner, my nose pressed to the wall.

"He was glaring at me," she said, her tone almost afraid to admit it.

"Glaring angry?" he asked.

"No, no," she said, "lustfully."

"Lustful? We talked about this, didn't we?"

"Y...yes, Sir," I said. "C...cuckold don't look lustfully at their wives."

"Remind me how long he's been caged?" he asked my wife.

"Two weeks, since our last date," she said.

"It stays on another month," he said.

"No, please," I said before I could stop the words. 

"Three months, then, another month for each word."

I had to bite my lip knowing another word would add time. An argument of even a short sentence could add a year at a month per word. "Thank you, Sir," I said, after turning to face him. I saw my wife from the corner of my eye, her long, smooth legs, the rest of her skin. 

He went to her, put his arm around. As I always did, I marveled at what an attractive couple they were and felt lucky the only thing he wanted from her was her body, not her heart, which still belonged to me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


"Are you going to open that package of stockings and help me into them or just sit there and stare?" your wife asks you, looking at you in the mirror.

"," you mumble, hardly believing you're there, naked, watching your wife get dressed for her first date with someone else.

"You're dripping," she says looking at the tip of your erection, the drip of liquid leaking from you, "don't get that on my nylons."

"I...I won't," you say, holding the package away from your erection.

"I can't imagine anything more of a turnoff for a man than seeing someone else's cum on his date." You look down, face red, because nothing would be more exciting than seeing someone else's cum on your wife's body. "Sweetie, I...I'm sorry," she says, "I...I didn't know...that you..."

"'s okay," you answer quietly, ashamed at yourself.

"That turns you on, doesn't it?

"S...some," you admit.

"You won't be mad if I don't shower before I come home?"

"," you say softly. "No."

"Listen," his wife said, "when he's here, if you start, you can't stop, you get that, right?"

"I...I know," he says, eyes down, face already red.

"Okay, because if you offer to give a man a blowjob, you have to give him a blowjob. Men don't like to be teased."

"I know," he said, fidgeting with the hem of the satin dress he was wearing. "I...I just...I'm scared."

"You're practiced this every night for a month, hon, there's nothing to be scare of."

"It...he...he's real...and...and I'm afraid you'll know...I...I'm gay or something."

"So that's what this is about," his wife said gently.

"I'm know...your husband," he said, realizing how stupid it sounded for a fully feminized male to say something like that.

"You know I don't like it when you call yourself that," she said, eyes narrow. "You don't have to call yourself my wife if you don't want, but don't use that word anymore, not dressed like that."

"I...I'm sorry," he said.

"I told you I was okay with you doing this, didn't I? I told you I wanted to see you do this. Listen, honey, if we're not going to have sex like we used to, there's nothing wrong with you doing things with men."

" won't think it'"

"I suppose a little, but to be honest, so what?"

"What if know...what if he starts to..."

She laughed. "Cum? I hope he does, that means you did a good job. Now I know it won't be easy to swallow all of it the first time, but I'll help you through it. I'll be right there, holding your hand, telling you exactly what to do."

"You're sure?"

"Of course I'm sure, you get I want to see you do this, right?"

 "Is there something I can help you with?" a saleswoman asked, approaching the man in the lingerie store. 

"I...I'm looking for something for my wife," he said, nervous.

"What's her style?" the woman asked, used to helping nervous men shop for their wives.

"She...she's usually pretty conservative, but...but she wants something sexy, like...I don't know, a bra and panty set with...with a garter belt and stockings."

"Oh," the woman smiled, "you don't know her sizes, do you?"

"I...she wrote them down," the man said, handing the woman a piece of paper with numbers written in feminine handwriting.

"Perfect," the woman said. "We have many things to choose from; what's the occasion, that always helps. Anniversary?"

"I..." the man stammered, remembering his wife's last words. Be honest. ",'s a special night out...d...dinner...a night at a fancy hotel."

"Sounds wonderful," the woman said, heading to a drawer, happy to help the man with a special night with his wife. "Here, let's start with a bra."

"Where are the two of you having dinner, if I may ask."

"I...we...I mean..."

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry, but it helps."

Be honest.

"We...I mean...we...we aren't having dinner."

The woman got a confused look on her face. "Oh, I must have misheard, I thought you said it was dinner and a fancy hotel."

"It is...I...I's..." 

Be honest.

"Dinner is at Chez Resoir...and...and a suite at the Ritz, but...she...she's not having dinner with me, she, I mean..." the man swallowed, his face red. 

Be honest.

" wife...she has a date with...with a man."

The clerk froze for a second or two, but her training immediately kicked in. "Well I think it's sweet you're shopping for her. Do they plan going right to the hotel after dinner."

"Y...yes," the man said quietly.

"And, pardon me for prying, but have they done this before?"

"T...they've had lunch but...but this is their, real date."

"So she'll want it to be special..."

"Y...yes," he said, staring at the floor.

"Well I suggest something like this," she set down the pearl strap bra in her hands, picked up a lace covered demi bra. "Perfect support at dinner but very sexy afterwards."

"This...this has a garter belt?" he asked. "She...she wants to know...stockings for him."

"Yes, a very feminine six-strap matching garter belt with either brief panties or a thong."

"She...she'll want a thong," he said, "but...but I...we...we need the other...other one...the a size larger."


"For me," he said, voice barely audible.

"Oh, my," the woman said, smiling. "Oh, my."

Sunday, July 11, 2021


Your wife's boss implemented a simple, but effective system for addressing her habitual tardiness. 

One whack for every minute she's late, regardless of her excuses.

Today, a wreck on the expressway caused her to be forty-five minutes late.

Saturday, July 10, 2021


I walked into the living room, saw my girlfriend and her mother sitting on the couch, holding hands. Her mother, who always dressed sexy, was more so. "H...honey?" I asked nervously.

"Hey, mom and I were talking and I kind of told her we were shopping for engagement rings." 

" did?" I asked, "I...I thought that was going to be a surprise?"

"She may have," her mother answered, "but I kind of suspected and asked her to talk to me before you proposed."


"So I could talk to the two of you about the chastity cage."

" told her about...about..."

"Calm down, Paul, I've always known about it. Where do you think she got the cage from?"


Her mother nodded. "Yes, me. Now, sweetie, if he proposes, you have my blessing, but I must insist on holding the key until the wedding."

"You what?" I asked, even though she wasn't talking to me.

"How long an engagement were you thinking?"

"I don't know, Mother, at least a year."

"Excellent," her mother gushed. "I think a potential groom needs at least that long in chastity before the wedding."

"A...a year?" I stammered; I hadn't worn the cage for more than a week so far.

"A year minimum," her mother looked at me, "longer is always better. There's nothing wrong with two."

"T...two years? We're both supposed to go without sex for two years?"

"You are," my girlfriend said with a smile.

"Then you would be, too," I said.

"Heavens no," her mother said. "She'll take a lover, of course. Mark, the man she dated before she met you would be ideal. I know they broke up because he didn't want to settle down, but she still says it was the best sex she ever had."

"It was," my girlfriend said, "he was know..."

"Masculine," her mother smiled. "I know, dear, I know. So it's settled then."

"S...settled? It's not settled for me. Honey, you don't have to listen to her."

"Oh now, Paul, let's not get off on the wrong foot," her mother said, "I already have the key. If I'm going to allow you to propose, you need to start being supportive. There's lot's to plan."

"I assumed you'd plan all the wedding stuff," I said, momentarily thrown off.

"Oh, we will, Paul, we will. We'll be very busy with wedding plans, so you're going to have to coordinate and plan her dating life for the next two years."

"P...plan her dating life?"

"Sure. Once she talks to Mark, you'll coordinate everything. He can schedule dates and activities through you, you can make sure she always has appropriate lingerie to wear, make sure her apartment is always clean in case he spends the night, things like that."

"What am I, her lady's maid?" I said, shocked.

"Well she'll decide after the wedding, I don't usually recommend feminization until after, but it's a good frame of reference. Sweetie, you always told me Mark had a thing for you in pretty lingerie, did you save anything?"

"No, mother, every time I wore things around Paul, he got all funny, so I got rid of it."

"Probably for the best. Paul, dear, after she talks to Mark, I want you to find out from him what kinds of things he likes to see her in and buy some things for her."

" some things?"

"You want her to look pretty for him, don't you?"


"What's wrong," your fiancée asked you, seeing the look on your face.

"'s sore," you said, swallowing hard as your penis swelled to the limits of the small, metal chastity cage that secured it.

"Oh," she blushed, "I...I'm sorry...I didn't think...I can put a robe on."

"No," you say, your voice a bit harsh, her covering up the last thing you want.

"Are you sure? I feel guilty, hon, this happens every time I walk around like this."

"I like seeing you like this," you assure her, "'re beautiful."

"But you're sore again," she said, "and it seems to be getting worse."

"It is getting worse," you admitted.

"See, I should cover up," she said, "I shouldn't walk around like this."

"Can't we...can't you just...take it off?"

"My bra and panties?" she asked.

"No...the...the cage."

She frowned. "Honey..."

"Please," you say gently, "I...even when you're fully dressed I've swollen...I can't...I mean..."

"Sweetie, you know he wouldn't let you be here alone with me if we took it off." Her lover had many rules, but only one was hard and fast - you were not allowed at her place, ever, without being locked in the chastity cage.

"We're getting married in two months," you answer, "I'm moving in with you in two months. Why do we have to wait? Why can't we take it off now?"

She looked down, a guilty look on her face. "Hon..."


"Hon, he...I mean...he said...well...I don't know how to say this...nothing is going to change after we're married."

"What's that mean? We're moving in together."

"Yea...I know...I mean...he'll still want you caged when you're alone with me."

"I have to keep wearing this when we're married?"

"When...whenever we're alone," she said.

"But I'll be your husband," you said.

"And he'll still be our bull," she said, "sweetie, he was always very clear, you can't be around me alone without being caged, even after we're married."

Friday, July 9, 2021


"Sweetie, I know it's our wedding night, and I agree, it should be special for us. But I asked him and he said no, that right after the ceremony, I'm to go up to his hotel room and wait for him."

"But...but it's our wedding night," I said, shocked.

"Literally exactly what I said to him."

"And what did he say?"


"What did he say?"

"He said..."


"He said he knows you assumed otherwise, but that he's the man in my life, not you, and that my first time having sex as a married woman was going to be with him."

"I thought I got the honeymoon with you," I frowned.

"You do, love, you do. You can pick me up in the lobby in the morning and for the next week while we're in Mexico, I'm all yours."

"M...morning?'re not coming to our room tonight?"

"It's my wedding night, I assume we'll be up most of the night."

I looked at her, frowned. Last time they spent the night together, she was so sore from having sex with him, she didn't let me do anything but lick her for a week. 

She knew what I was thinking, looked down. "Was it so bad spending a week licking me?" she asked.

"It wasn't our honeymoon."

"I know," she said, "We have our whole lives ahead of us, I'm sure if you ask him nicely when we get back, he'll let you do that eventually."

"I still have to ask after we're married?"

She nodded. "Nothing's going to change, love, nothing."

As he repeatedly smacked the head of his thick, erect cock against her clit, your wife began shaking, moaning in orgasm, pulling against the bonds that held her arms secure, over her head, to the bed. "Please, stop teasing me and fuck me," she begged him.

He grunted, continued to abuse her pussy, laughed. "I told you, slut, not till it begs."

You swallowed, hardly able to believe things progressed to this. You'd talked about a threesome with him, imagined both he and you making love to your wife. But he had other ideas and within an hour of broaching the subject, you were naked, tied to a chair, your wife's panties over your face, while he toyed with her. This was nothing like you had in mind, nothing at all. "I'm not going to make love to her with you," he'd told you, "I'm going to fuck her silly while you watch."

 "Please," she moaned, looking at you, "please beg him to fuck me."

You watched, horrified and mesmerized at the same time. You wanted to make love to her, not beg a man to fuck her. But you heard the words slip from your mouth. "P...please fuck her," you whispered.

"Tell it to beg louder, slut," he told your wife, "tell it to beg me to fuck its whore wife."

"Oh god," she moaned as he made her cum just from slapping her clit. " heard him, please beg him to fuck your whore wife."

"P...please fuck my wife," I said again.

He put the head of his cock inside her soaked pussy, just the head, splitting her, making her shake. "Whore wife," he told her, "tell it to beg me to fuck its whore wife."

"Whore wife," she said, trying but failing to force his cock into her, "beg him to fuck your whore wife."

"P...please fuck my whore wife," I said.

"Again, slut, tell it to beg again."

"B...beg him again," my wife moaned, "please, b...beg him again."

"Please fuck my whore wife," I said again and watched as he pushed himself forward, slowly, steadily, without break, pushed all ten inches of his thick cock inside my wife.

She started convulsing immediately, orgasming before he even started fucking her, orgasming simply from him pushing into her the first time. "'s too big," she said and tried to pull her arms down, couldn't, was trapped, helpless to do anything but lie back as he split her open. "To biggggggggg," she said, shaking on the second word as he filled her and made her cum again. "Oh goddddddddddddddddddd!"

I watched, stared, watched how a man fucked a woman, how he was relentless, pushing into her, fucking her, how he wanted. Not asking how it felt for her, just taking her, raw, animalistic sex, fucking her hard and fast until she was a quivering mess, unable to do anything but take it until he finished.